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Maribus @ travdark

I DL'd and run your mod and it is very enjoyable so far, but I have an issue. Due to a couple of glitches/bugs/other prob, I can't get very far into the dungeon. The door to one of the tombs at the very beginning(the row of them down a long hallway, it's the 3rd one) leads into an open black area. I can walk forever and all I see is black. If I don't happen to return the exact same path that I came, I can through the walls anywhere to get back into the dungeon. You can see the walls as you move toward them, but they are transparant and you can walk through them. This same thing also happens in the section of rooms where you fight all of the Orcs early on. I can't go any further and I really want to finish, ya know? *laughz* I am running regular TES Morrowind with no expansions. It has been patched with the newest one straight from Bethesda. I'm running a Dell 4700 series with a pent 4 2.8Ghz processor, 2 Gigs RAM, 666Mhz FSB, ATI Radeon 500X 256/128RAM video card and Legacy/SoundMAXIntergrated Digital sound. The game runs fine and the part of the mod I can play does as well. Any help, insight, and/or suggestions to get it up and running would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot

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