My old game has been deleted because of a computer failure. Now I am currently looking into the unity engine for a better and funner version of my game. If you know a thing or two about unity you can always help me bye giving some info, or leading me to a tutorial, right now i am learning the basics such as importing models, making weapons , making maps, etc... Also, i am trying to make a mod for l4d. Its going to be a realism mod, anybody who has the knowledge of putting iron sights in the game can pm me please.

3 comments by Marffy on Jul 10th, 2010

This is my little blog about iron-sights in video games. My complaint: why can't publisher put iron-sights in there games? They make games so much funner and realistic. Even in the most unrealistic games there should be sights. Iron-sights can make any game so much funner. I know that it takes just a little more time to animate everything and set up the positions for the weapons but it is still totally worth it. So, if you are currently in the process of making a FPS mod/game or are planning on it please just do the simple task of putting iron-sights in the game and i will for surely try it.

to the people who actually read this: i wrote a blog just to say i did.

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