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5 Review

Game Review on Sep 22nd, 2014 - 1 person agrees 2 people don't
This review may contain spoilers


- Scary moments
- Intresting story
- Creative features


- The story line is too obvious
- Repetitive gameplay
- Bad graphics
- Short

I thought the first two chapters were decent. I didn't love them, but it was a pretty nice experience. I saw the pictures and trailers and though that this chapter looked even better and was excited to finally see some real monsters in the game. But in the end, it feels like the developers took a step back.

The gameplay is painfully repedtitive. It looks like you used the same engine they used for Penumbra. Don't get me wrong, Penumbra is a great game, but I expect better graphics in the year of 2014.

Almost every area in every map looks exactly the same. It looks like you made one tunnel and then copied it over and over again.

I liked the amulet feature, but all the other quests are also way too repedtitive. First map - find keys. Second map - find more keys and some valves. Next area in the second map - find more keys and more valves. Third map - find a key.

The monsters are not balanced very well. The first monster is super fast and kills you in one hit. And to top the cake, you have very few hiding spots and you can't crawl behind him or hide in a different hallway because he can sense you and have eyes on the side of his skull (or at least that's how it seems like), while the second monster is too easy to avoid and looks like a mutated hulk. Silly and not slightly scary.

The story wasn't bad, in fact, I like these kind of stories, but it was kinda there already. I play some games twice, and still don't know everything about them because the story is so complex. I read three notes and knew exactly what the story was about and what to expect. You leave almost nothing for the player to explore.


If you are looking for a scary game, this might be good for you. I don't recommend it though if you want a deep story or good gameplay. It doesn't have any of those.

5/10 - Decent

Nobody Knows
5 Review

Mod Review on Jun 9th, 2014 - 3 people agree 1 person doesn't


- Intresting and creative level design
- Some nice puzzles
- Challange


- Confusing as hell
- Story is extremely bland and poorly made
- A lot of events made no sense
- You don't have to merge anything


*Spoiler warning*

This mod is more frustrating than fun to play. The story is almost non-existence with zero character development whatsoever.

Who am I playing as? Why did I wake up in the middle of a cave? Who is the owner of the castle? Why did he torture people? What are the monsters doing there and why do they want me killed?

So many questions, none of them ever explained.

What to improve:

Make a deeper and more meaningful story. A story about a guy that likes to torture people isn't bad, but you didn't work much on it besides that. You explained a little bit why he did it in one note, but that was basicly it.

I went, in the first map, to a room and picked up a note. I turned out I had to then go back to the start area and a hidden path was suddenly revealed. That made no sense at all, and if it wasn't for your hints, I would have never found that out either.

I then crawled around a vent and decided to go forward. A cave in collapsed behind me and I was trapped. I died for no reason a few seconds later. Hint: "Be more careful".

A note said "I afraid that I'm starting to feel compassion for my victims." "I'm to afraid of what my master might do to me if I show I'm weak. This letter must not be found!" So why did he make that note to begin with? Keep that for yourself in your head if you are afraid of what the master (who ever that was) will do to you.


Level design is great for the most part and you show a lot of creativity, but it was so confusing I had to look in the hints or the level editor several times to figure out what to do because nothing in this story made any sense.

And you don't have to merge anything. Just place the folders in the story folder. It works fine.

5/10 - Average

To the woods
5 Review

Mod Review on Apr 2nd, 2014 - 2 people agree 1 person doesn't


- Some creativity
- Level design is decent


- Extremly short
- Due to it's extrem shortness, there isn't much scripting, mapping or gameplay
- Not much challange
- Not very scary
- The lever makes the screen shake so much so I was litteraly outside the map for a couple of seconds


The biggest issue is the fact that it's way too short. The story isn't that bad, but because it's only 5-10 minutes long, it isn't much to see. You have potential though and can surely make something good if you spend more time on it.

5/10 - Average

The Mansion of Krille
5 Review

Mod Review on Jan 20th, 2014 - 3 people agree


- Creativity
- A story
- A few custom musics and voice acting
- You made an intro


- Lack of ambient sounds and details
- Not very scary
- Lack of scripting
- A lot of level mistakes and glitches
- Really frustrating maze
- Bad ending

What to improve:

Level design:

I was expecting the level design to be better than this considering the fact that several people worked on it. It has a lot of mistakes, like not making chairs/beds/tables with static props on them into static props, a few floating items and a lamp on the second floor which moved around like crazy. And most importantly, add more details and effects.

Also, while making the explosives, where did I get the second glasjar from when I used the knife on the pig? And why did I have to mix it in a glasjar and then put it in a metal container?


While your scripting is working perfectly fine, it feels to me like you could add more scripted events. Can be anything from scary sound effects to dust falling down from the broken ceiling. You have a few scares, but most of them are monster encounters.


The story is different from other stories that's for sure, but everything else is average. Voice acting, scares, level design, it's nothing really unique about it. It's not good, but it's not bad either.

5/10 - Average

Dont Look Back
5 Review

Mod Review on Jan 1st, 2014 - 2 people agree 1 person doesn't
This review may contain spoilers


- Great scripting (one of the better I've seen for quite some time)
- You worked a lot with the scares
- Creativity


- The "difficult" puzzle is not as difficult as you say it is
- Twelve keys is way too many. You should at least delete them when they are no longer required
- At the "match the room" puzzle, the scares repeats themselfs over and over again
- The music in map 3 was actually extremly annoying and does not fit Amnesia enviroments

- The grunt that spawns behind you when you need to find the right key in order to exit the first level doesn't really do anything, and the puzzle itself is very easy

- Level design is nothing special
- Story is weak
- No intro
- Short


It's a story with very well made scripting and scares but the plot is very weak. To me, it feels like you began to work on a story line but after a while just gave up on it.

You have a big focus on the puzzles, which are very unique but simple (you said the it was going to be difficult. I randomly moved around the crates untill a text confirmed I did it correctly. That in my opinion is not hard) and the scares are pretty well made to. And lucky that, otherwise it wouldn't be twice as entertaining as this story is now.

Working more on the story line and improve the very basic level design must be done in order for me to rate it higher. Still a great start though. Looking forward to the next part.

5/10 - Average

The Attic
5 Review

Mod Review on Nov 14th, 2013 - 2 people agree 1 person doesn't


- Creativity
- Some events and effects no one else have used
- A story line


- 95% of all the scares are jumpscares
- The further you get in the story, the more confusing it gets
- It has a good story line, but there's not much story while playing
- No music and few effects
- Easy and rushed ending


It started pretty great but just went downhill from start to finish. Chapter one was decently good while chapter two was so full of jumpscares and lacked story so it was hard for me to find motivation to keep moving.

I don't know why this is so highly rated. Truth to be told, it's not that good. This is one of those stories when the authors made a great story line but lost all motivation for it and turned it into a jumpscare feast with repeditive maps and events. I expected much more from one of the most popular and highly rated stories we have for Amnesia.

5/10 - Average

Amnesia custom story: Dark Souls Part 2
5 Review

Mod Review on Sep 30th, 2013


- Nice ideas
- Not a cliche story line
- Never used before quests


- Huge bugs
- Almost no scares and the few this story offered are lame
- Almost zero hints/notes/mementos etc
- The story doesn't have many twists and is very predictable
- A few logical failures


- This story offers intresting levels with a not so cliche story line. It just doesn't perform very well.

- The story is full of bugs and logical fails. Like if you forget an item and moves on without it, you are stuck and forced to load from a previously saved game. I'm glad I found that auto save area. It only appeared once through out the whole story though. A disappointment.

One of the outside parts doesn't have any block boxes so I could climb in the trees and jump out from the map.

The last key was called "silver key", but it was a bronze key lol.. (one of the "logical failures").

- No cheap scares ey? Well, the only scares I encountered included naked guys flying into doors, hanging around in a closet or people banging on doors.

- The story was, as I said, not a cliche for once. With cliche I mean "You are trapped in unkown castle, get out". It was, however, very predictable and had almost no twists at all. In other words, nothing really happened while I played.


I think it's an okay story line and you have a lot of potential, but it needs to be polished... a lot.

5/10 - Average

An Unexpected Invitation
5 Review

Mod Review on Jul 1st, 2013 - 2 people agree 2 people don't

I don't know if some people didn't know that they must manually install the custom items and that's why there's so many issues in this story.

To the author: I actually understand if alot of people missed this or didn't care about it because we don't have to install it manually otherwise. Put all the folders in the custom story folder and it will work


- Brilliant idea for a story (not a cliche for once)
- For a first story, some areas are actually decently good
- I see great potential in you
- Someone else that is "alive" as a monster
- Music


- No blockboxes (can jump of the map almost everywhere)
- Too short
- Missing details, some bad lightning and lack of ambient sounds
- Should be voice acting in it, even if I have fantasy ^^
- Very few scares and monster attacks
- Pretty confusing sometimes, and it feels like the story isn't really complete


I really enjoyed this story despite how bad the level design is. It was something refreshing from the "you don't know where you are you must get out" cliche stories, and the music really made the story line even deeper.

The story was confusing sometimes and way too short. To me, it feels uncomplete and I do wish you add voice acting next time. But great job man! Improve your level design and make a new story like this one and it will be epic I'm sure! :)

5/10 Average

Dead Spirits
5 Review

Mod Review on Mar 25th, 2013 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

The story was not very good to be honest...
The story is boring, events, rooms, monsters etc are not well connected to each others and the level design have some holes in it (I got stuck a couple of times) and the ending was so god dam lame and rushed.

I kinda enjoyed the creativity of the levels as well as some of the quests like the cannon and it was a long story, but in overall, not very good at all.

5/10 - Average

Servant's Night II
5 Review

Mod Review on Mar 10th, 2013 - 1 person agrees

The story is not very consistent nor creative. It lacks details, puzzles are very easy and way to predictable, the monster encounters are either ridiculously hard or easy and the story itself is very short and not intresting at all. I also found a couple of bugs/wierd things.

The grunt in the cellar part suddenly disapeared when he reached the fallen shelf, and the center of that place (the 4 ways) does not have a death trigger under it. I feel down through the floor once and could not continue since I never saved the game and you don't include auto saves.

But the voice acting was okey, some of them, anyway. Alexanders voice acting could be better but otherwise good. The level design is very creative at some parts, but lacks details as mentioned and I must admit, the story scared me at times.

5/10 - Average

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