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8 Review

Mod Review on Oct 24th, 2013 - 3 people agree


- Creativity
- Great level design
- Decent story
- Challenging puzzles


- A lot of glitches in the cellar map
- Ending was not as hard as it sounded like
- The final sequence was honestly pretty lame
- Voice acting


Crates and other objects glitches through the wall on the second floor in the cellar map and the brute got stuck at a door frame twice, but other than that, very intresting and scary map. Awesome steam puzzle!

Dramatic music at the end, but the grunts were easy to avoid.
And the ending sequence (when you use the knife on the man) was not only hard to find, but it was pretty lame. It took me like 5 minuts to find it and nothing happened. It should be a "bad ending" if you don't find it in time. The voice acting was also pretty bad and sounded like something forced by a guy with almost no emotions at all.


Except for all that, I really enjoyed playing this! Very creative puzzles, lovely level design and a decent story. I think you did a great work with this.

8/10 - Very good

Mysterious Mansion
8 Review

Mod Review on Oct 22nd, 2013 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't
This review may contain spoilers


- Creativity
- Nice level design
- Variation of quests
- Not a cliche story
- Suitor scared the crap out of me
- Voice acting (almost nothing but it's still voice acting)


- Lack of story
- Lack of details
- The ending
- Chemical quest
- Horrible grammar


The story is intresting, but feels unfinished. I still don't know who the intruder were, what happened to the husband, the people involved with the torture and what purpose the Brute served. The grunt had a reason to spawn as well as the suitor. The Brute on the other hand only spawned once and served no purpose at all in my opinion.

Ending felt rushed and looks like a bad attempt to copy the original "Daniel/Revench" ending from the original game. There's also no music at the end.

In short, it's a good start, but the story feels unfinished and not well made.


You have very few details such as particles, sound effects etc. And the fountain in the underground castle part doesn't have a "liquid" under it, so it doesn't sound like you are jumping in the water.


The chemical quest worked great, but how does the character know which chemicals he need to find when all the note says is "You need 4 chemicals". What chemicals? ^^

When I activated it, I ran to a room quite far away from the explosion. Still got badly injured. Seriously? -.-


Aside from all that, I really enjoyed it! You did a great job with it, and the suitor scared the crap out of me!

8/10 - Very good

Drinking Game
7 Review

Mod Review on Oct 8th, 2013 - 1 person agrees 2 people don't


- Good scripted
- Creativity
- Fun idea
- Cellar scared the crap out of me


- Death is final, everything can be saved (see what I did there? Lol)
- Simple
- Very short (mini game I know, but it's still too short for my taste)


Death means gameover, although we can save and exit at anytime, so dying doesn't mean we have to try again, we can load the game from the moment before we died (if you save the game right before entering the next area).

I like the idea, I like the creativity, the monster in the cellar gave me a heartattack, but it's so short. It's not perfect, but it could be much worse. Good job.

7/10 - Good

Final Light
6 Review

Mod Review on Oct 3rd, 2013 - 1 person agrees 2 people don't


- Huge creativity
- New monsters
- Some custom items
- Scary


- Short
- Cliche and predictable story line
- The ending felt rushed
- A lot of flaws and bugs


It's a decent story despite the fact that it has so many flaws in it.
For example, people have said that it's only possible to enter the well once. That means, if you miss the item you need, then you're stuck. I also notice that I couln't climb down, only up so when I fell down the well and looked up, I could see beneath the map.

The ladder in the prison map had to be lowered even though I could easily reach it. I though it was bugged and made my way up there with the crates untill I found the button that lowered it behind the shelf.

I like the A,B,C,D bottle quest, although I throwed them at the lab door so I didn't have to go with them one by one from one room to the next. The angel statue decided to move right on one of the bottles. I was forced to restart from previously saved game.

The statue monster could not reach me thanks to the statue. Should also be fixed.


A good and scary story. Not recommended to people with low experience, or people that easily get heartattacks but otherwise perfectly fine. It just needs an update and hopefully be longer next time. Some more story would be great to.

6/10 - Decent

Amnesia custom story: Dark Souls Part 2
5 Review

Mod Review on Sep 30th, 2013


- Nice ideas
- Not a cliche story line
- Never used before quests


- Huge bugs
- Almost no scares and the few this story offered are lame
- Almost zero hints/notes/mementos etc
- The story doesn't have many twists and is very predictable
- A few logical failures


- This story offers intresting levels with a not so cliche story line. It just doesn't perform very well.

- The story is full of bugs and logical fails. Like if you forget an item and moves on without it, you are stuck and forced to load from a previously saved game. I'm glad I found that auto save area. It only appeared once through out the whole story though. A disappointment.

One of the outside parts doesn't have any block boxes so I could climb in the trees and jump out from the map.

The last key was called "silver key", but it was a bronze key lol.. (one of the "logical failures").

- No cheap scares ey? Well, the only scares I encountered included naked guys flying into doors, hanging around in a closet or people banging on doors.

- The story was, as I said, not a cliche for once. With cliche I mean "You are trapped in unkown castle, get out". It was, however, very predictable and had almost no twists at all. In other words, nothing really happened while I played.


I think it's an okay story line and you have a lot of potential, but it needs to be polished... a lot.

5/10 - Average

8 Review

Mod Review on Sep 18th, 2013 - 4 people agree
This review may contain spoilers


- Awesome new ideas! (Paiting for example)
- Voice acting
- Well made scares
- Creative quests


- Short (although it said in the credits that more is coming)
- The ending
- A few level mistakes (a gap between planes, missing/invisible tables)
- None of the monster encounters were hard to avoid
- The cure quest


The plot is twisted and I honestly liked it. You have a huge level of creativity and I enjoyed playing this story a lot. But, like most stories, some things can be improved.

It's very short and the ending is way too easy. A note said the orb is further away than expected, but yet I found it in no-time.
I was expecting some sort of "you must find a way to destroy the orb" with some chase scenes or what ever. I touched it, clicked on the door and it was over. No challange.

Everything else is pretty simple as well. The monster encounters were easy to avoid. I admit, the grunt at the door event got me, but he didn't hit me even once.

I liked the "find me a cure" quest with the guy behind the wall, but the quest was basicly served on a silver plate! Blood and mushrooms right next to each others in one room and the only thing I had to do was boiling the blood. Once again, zero challange.

I found one gap between a couple of planes, although nothing serious and barley visible. When you get the key from the "cure guy" and enters the camp, however, at the gate you need the cards and cogwheel for, there's a lot of floating items. Probably missing table entities.

Great start! This sick twisted plot will hopefully continue in the future.

8/10 - Very good

Last Battle return
4 Review

Mod Review on Sep 17th, 2013 - 4 people agree


- Improvements from Last Battle
- Level design is decent
- Some decent scares
- Music


- Most scares are too cheap and bad
- A lot of mapping mistakes (texture glitches mostly)
- Predictable monster encounters
- Flying naked guy

- Only key quests
- Horrible lightning
- Your grammar is so horrible so my head exploaded
- Last "monster" in dining hall
- Bad story


I rated Last Battle 3/10. This one is better than your first story, but it's still a long way to go.

The story doesn't make any sense, and that's the worst thing about about this CS.

First of all, why did the monster leave a key in the cell? How retarded is he? It's also never explained why he kidnapped my family two years ago and now did the same with me.

The level design is sometimes nice, sometimes very bad. Same goes with the monster encounters and scares. Sometimes well placed, sometimes predictable and unlogical.

The last monster (the girl) spawned only once in the whole story in the dining hall (only girl in the story spawns IN A KITCHEN, yeah, go figure) and it doesn't have attack animations so she did no harm to me.

You need to be more creative! Use something more than just key quests! Make a deeper story, and for crying out loud, let someone help you with your grammar. Or correct it online. Even google is better than you with English :/.

4/10 - Okay

Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs
6 Review

Game Review on Sep 10th, 2013 - 8 people agree 7 people don't

I have a lot of experience with Amnesia The Dark Decent and was elated to play A Machine for Pigs. To be honest, I'm not really sure why the game is called "Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs" as I saw almost nothing Amnesia related. They used some models and a few textures from the main game but that was it basicly. I did not have an inventory, I did not have to worry about my sanity, health nor oil, I could not use tinderboxes and could barley interact with anything at all.

I tried to immerse myself, but failed pretty badly. It offers low to no challange at all. The puzzles were easy and did not require much intelligence to complete. 80% of the quests did include items I had to find or valves I had to turn, as I didn't have an inventory and the original Amnesia quests was a lost call.

The enemies were way to easy to avoid, as half of them spawned in corridors and could easily be spotted by simply sneak behind a wall or a pillar. Not to mention the lantern that warned me when a monster was nearby by constant flickering.

The pig enemie was glitchy and I was able to go right through the enemie model. While I did, he was unable to hit me.

The water monster was also way too easy to avoid as I rarley had to cross the water. Only time I was in close combat with him was when the game developers forced me down the water against my will.

The levels felt very repetitive and offered a low varation. The storyline was actually decently good, and I'm glad for that. I'm not sure if I could find motivation to continue this game otherwise.


They did a great work with the plot and the voice acting was super. It just faild to deliver a good Amnesia experience, if you can call this Amnesia. I was not pleased with this. I did except much more from an extension to a really awesome game they created for over two years ago.

6/10 - Decent

The Four Horsemen
10 Review

Mod Review on Sep 6th, 2013 - 6 people agree 2 people don't


- High level of creativity
- Advanced, yet not too hard puzzles
- Amazing level design! It's obvious that you took your time with it
- Story line is so unique as it can be
- Best voice acting I've ever heard in Amnesia! Huge cred to the voice actors


- Suitor only spawned once and disappeared quickly. I saw no purpose with him
- Pretty few actual encounters (the grunt was walking around like 12 times and only attacked 1-2 times at most)
- The ending was way too easy, especially compared to the rest of the story. I did not understand what the Alexander voice acting did there. Was that a horseman?


I play a lot of stories, some of them are bad and some are decent. I ask myself "would I pay to play this story as a DLC?" And my answer is always No. But this time I could actually say "Yeah, I would pay to play this story".

There are a few minor things, like the ending, that could be a bit better, but it's close to perfection. The story is unique and refreshing, the level design is beutiful and the voice acting is the best I've ever heard in Amnesia.

Highly recommended.

10/10 - Masterpiece

I hope this is a dream update
4 Review

Mod Review on Sep 5th, 2013 - 1 person agrees


- Scared the crap out of me
- For a new mapper, it's an okay story in whole
- Okay scripting (working monster path nodes, quests etc)
- I liked the ending actually (not the cliche "you escaped congratulations")


- Level design is not horrible but need a lot of work
- Lack details
- Story could be better as well
- Short


Is the story stupid? Yeah.. kinda. Is it the worst story I have ever seen? No absolutely not. For a first story, it's actually okay.

Level design is okay, but you need to fix texture glitches, add more details, make sure items are not floating in the air and so on.

It only contain jumpscares but the scare in the torture area scared the crap out of me! You did that one really well! But next time, make some regular scares as well, not just jumpscares. At least you didn't spam with flying naked guys...

I see potential in you. Take your time on your next project, don't rush with it and practise a bit more.

4/10 - Okay