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9 Review

Mod Review on Apr 17th, 2014 - 5 people agree 3 people don't


- Scary
- Great level design
- Good scripting
- Intresting story


- I was expecting more "regular" monster encounters
- Annoying bug (read conclusion)
- Framedrop at the elevator
- Very short when you know what to do


You wanted it to be very scary and you suceeded. I was expecting more regular monster encounters though. The only few times the monster spawned, all he did was pretty much just walking by or killed me instantly.

I managed to glitch through the map by jumping on a table with a lot of bottles on it near a bar. When I died, I respawned under the map and kept dying. I had to start all over again.

When I went into the elevator for the first time, something nearby broke for what ever reason and it was laggy as hell for around 10 seconds.


It was a really great mod in whole though. Highly recommended.

9/10 - Awesome

Dungeon Survival
2 Review

Mod Review on Apr 5th, 2014 - 2 people agree 1 person doesn't


- The idea
- Level design is okay


- No scripting at all
- Boring gameplay
- No challange
- It's simply not good (read conclusion)


I like the idea of "survival", but come on man...

No scripting at all (monsters are standing still, making it very easy to simply crawl to the next room without any challange).

There is no way to escape and nothing happens unless you make the monsters chase you, and even then it's easy to avoid them.

"Can you survive?" Yeah, it's not that hard. All I have to do is being silent in the start room or crawl around the map...

Good idea, but it's not working. Plain and simple.

2/10 - Very bad

The Call From Another Dimension2: Herman's Revenge
9 Review

Mod Review on Apr 5th, 2014 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't


- Very good level design
- Intresting story
- Good scripting
- Scary
- Custom music


- A few glitches
- Voice acting was good, but he didn't sound very emotional
- Some puzzles were confusing/hard

What to fix:

There are a few glitches here and there, like a big texture glitch while using the elevator.

When I was in the sewer, it took me a very long time untill I found the hammer (which in my opinion was placed very randomly). I tried to use a brick on the padlock first with sucess. The padlock broke, but the gate was still locked and stayed that way untill I re-played the map and used the hammer on the padlock instead.

The voice acting is great BUT there is little to no emotion in the protagonist voice. It was like: Oh no.. my brother died... oh well.


I rated the first part 9/10. To be honest, the first part is better in some ways, but you improved the design and this part felt longer and a bit more complex.

I think Boss-DOS has some good points in his review, but this was definitely enjoyable for me.

9/10 - Awesome

Destiny Rebellion (Amnesia)
10 Review

Mod Review on Apr 2nd, 2014 - 4 people agree


- Amazingly creative maps and story
- Fun and scary at the same time
- A "friend"
- Very long story
- A lot of new custom items
- Climbing on egdes feature


- The "climbing on egdes" idea is brilliant, but spam it and you are flying like a bird
- A few areas where I could glitch out. The swamp, for example, did not have enough blockboxes


This is the funiest story I have ever played! It isn't the most touching story I have ever played, but it was hilarious and scary at the same time (not sure how it is possible to mix scary and fun, but you did it).

It did have some areas where I could glitch through the ground or jump out of the map, but there are too many positive things to vote it down because of a couple of glitches.

Highly recommended to all players, new or veteran.

10/10 - Masterpiece

The Mystery of the Mansion
7 Review

Mod Review on Apr 2nd, 2014 - 2 people agree 1 person doesn't


- Very well made scares
- Good scripting
- Decent level design


- A few gitches in the levels
- Not enough story
- Ending was scary and good, but a bit confusing


It's a great mod with awesome scares and average level design, but it's missing a good story line. No story line/lack of it is most of the times making a mod pretty boring, but the scares were unique and the maps/scripting pretty intresting.

7/10 - Good

To the woods
5 Review

Mod Review on Apr 2nd, 2014 - 2 people agree 1 person doesn't


- Some creativity
- Level design is decent


- Extremly short
- Due to it's extrem shortness, there isn't much scripting, mapping or gameplay
- Not much challange
- Not very scary
- The lever makes the screen shake so much so I was litteraly outside the map for a couple of seconds


The biggest issue is the fact that it's way too short. The story isn't that bad, but because it's only 5-10 minutes long, it isn't much to see. You have potential though and can surely make something good if you spend more time on it.

5/10 - Average

Event Horizon
1 Review

Mod Review on Mar 18th, 2014 - 8 people agree 3 people don't

- Horrible level design (walls are not correctly connected, glitches everywhere)
- Boring and badly written story
- Not scary in the slightest
- No challange

I would perhaps have given you at least 2/10, but you're not even trying. How do I know you're not trying? Because you made two stories half a year ago, and you made absoutely no improvements in this one. You don't even know the basics, like correctly connecting walls with each other. Not even the dam basics and you think it's good enough to be uploaded?

If you are going to make a new story, learn how to actually make maps and scripts first. Watch tutorials or what ever, just don't upload maps you didn't spend more than a few minutes on.

And for the third time, TAKE screenshots WHILE IN GAME! NOT the level editor.

1/10 - Pointless, author did not even try.

In Dark
7 Review

Mod Review on Mar 14th, 2014 - 2 people agree 2 people don't


- Intresting story
- Decent level design
- Voice acting


- Ladder event
- Not much challange
- The music needs some work


This is exactly what we need, people which put alot of effort to the story. The music wasn't very great and the even when I had to throw up a ladder and place it above me so I can get across the hole, jesus christ, not only did it get stuck/fell down five times, I also had to rotate it in a perfect angle to get passed the invisible block boxes that were blocking more than it had to.

7/10 - Good

The Chemical Factory
3 Review

Mod Review on Mar 3rd, 2014 - 2 people agree 2 people don't


- Not a regular "you wake up in an unkown castle" story
- No lame jumpscares
- Music


- 95% key quests
- Plain, no details, boring and repeditive gameplay
- Short story and very smal maps
- Missing ceiling in the flooded map and the water texture made no sense
- Notes made no sense
- Lame and rushed ending

What to improve:


While the levels are relativly free from texture glitches, the maps in this story are very empty and have no details at all. It seems like you were lazy and placed a couple of barrels somewhere and then just copied them because they are all placed and rotated the same way everywhere.

The flooded map. First of all, it was extremly obvious that a water monster was coming, but what really got my attention where your texture selection and missing ceiling. Why does it look like it's a river? It's inside a house...

Both the archive and "chemical lab" were so extremly rushed and lame. The archive - wow, two bookshelfs and the same book copied like 7 times, magically floating on the water surface.

"Chemical lab" - no chemicals what so ever and the monsters left a button which could destroy the whole facility if you click on it (TV cartoons in a nutshell). You should also add pillars at the end of walls so we can't see through them.

Add more than just key quests, please. And the crowbar (during the crowbar quest) is placed at the wrong side of the door.


The first note is made by me, right? So, why did I write it and then picked it up? Makes no sense. The two notes in the mansion map made no sense either to be honest. Looked like an advanced puzzle. Turned out all I had to do was finding a key.


You though of a story and it wasn't bad for a first made CS, but I rate all stories the same way and to be honest, this one was boring and empty. I decided to give it a 3/10 anyway though because it's a good start and you have potential.

3/10 - Bad

Dark Saloon III -The end-
4 Review

Mod Review on Feb 28th, 2014 - 6 people agree 5 people don't

I have already asked you this twice on your previous parts, but I have to ask you again. Why do you waste your time on ******** stories like this?

You show so much creativity and the level design is actually generally good, but the story line is garbage and the scares are terrible. Even the scares are creative, but they are still lame and predictable jumpscares.

I rated part I and II 4/10. Both the level design and some of the quests are really well made (so well done you even inspire me), but you have not improved at all in the slightest otherwise.

PLEASE, if you are going to make a story in the future, STOP making lame jumpscare stories! Not only are they extremly overused, but they suck. If you just took your time to make the scares and story line good as well, I'm sure I would love it and rate it 8-9+.

4/10 - Okay