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7 Review

Mod Review on Nov 29th, 2014 - 2 people agree


- Flawless voice acting
- Emotional story
- Creativity
- Custom music (and pretty good to)


- Very short (took less than half an hour to finish)
- Not very clear what to do, lacks mementos
- Level design is pretty average


Krypton141 sums up this story perfectly. The voice acting is very good. Sounds like something out of a movie.

The story is good, but way too short. I really feel like you could have added more events, or made the events you have a little longer. It took me less than half an hour to complete it. It usually takes around that time to get immersed, and before enemies usually shows up in the longer, well made stories.

Level design is way too average. Nothing special about it at all, but the custom, never used in a story before music really weight it all up.

If you make a new story in the future, add more details to your levels and make the story a little longer and I will absolutely play it.

7/10 - Good

Sick Mind - Part 2
2 Review

Mod Review on Nov 18th, 2014 - 2 people agree


- Level design is relatively glitch free (texture glitches)
- You added music


- Story is almost non existing
- Minimum scripting in each map
- Music is incredibly repetitive
- Some glitches (gameplay glitches)
- No creativity at all, maps are bland and simple
- 95% key quests

What to improve:


The only story line in the whole mod are notes from an unkown person, and even those are pointless and doesn't explain what's going on. Maybe the story would make a bit more sense if I played the first part first, but the first part is nowhere to be found.

You should, if you want to make a new mod, make a story. A story that isn't a cliché "you are kidnapped and must get out". It looks like you couldn't figure anything out and made up a few notes with 1-4 lines at most to make it look like you at least did put some effort to it. Having no story or almost no story at all doesn't make the player very motivated to keep playing your mod.


Good thing you add music, but you picked music that is usually used when you complete puzzles, during events or when you enter a new area. Songs that are less than twenty seconds long makes it very repetitve and annoying to listen to.


Level design is so bland and empty and 95% of the quests in the story are key quests. On top of that, you use a minimum amount of script. I looked it up and each script folder is 3kb or less. Some of my map scripts can be way over 30kb.

I don't demand it to be that large, but I would like to see at least some more scripting than 3kb per map or less. Add some effects, more scares and monster encounters, more quests, etc.

Also, try to mess around with the levels, add decals, decorations (carpets, pillars, plants, statues, anything to fill up the empty parts) and don't make the rooms bigger than they need to be.


I have two glitches in mind. First one is in the second map. It looks like the brute doesn't have any path nodes to follow because it walked around wierdly or was standing at walls (because it doesn't figure out it can go out from the room through the door). Perhaps you were lazy, but it may be a glitch as well since other monsters have paths to follow.

Second glitch was at the bookshelf in the cellar I was supposed to move by interacting with it. You may need to move it a tiny bit higher up becaue it got stuck a few times on the floor. It took a couple of attempts even after I removed all books and other items from it.


I don't think this is much better than the previous story I played "Wanted", but at least that story actually had a story, even if it made no sense.

I can't recommend this story in it's current state. It's way to bland and doesn't offer anything new on the table.

2/10 - Very bad

Wanted - an Amnesia custom story
3 Review

Mod Review on Nov 16th, 2014

This story makes no sense whatsoever and I will explain why further down.


"You are Aidan, an electrician"

1: Electricity does not exist in the storys timeline
2: His job doesn't change the story in any way shape or form. He could have been anything and the story would still be the same
3: He goes back to his apartment and sees police cars, and decides to leave the estate? What?

The story wasn't too wierd untill I went to the cellar, on the second floor. The door locked itself and Aidan instantly assumes that someone else must have locked it even though no one else is in the castle.

I found a sparekey and a key to the prison.

I go to the prison, see that every door except one is blocked by walls and enters the only room that isn't blocked, picks up a key and leaves the map.

I use the key I found on the entrance door. It breaks and I decided to try to unlock the door with the sparekey instead and it worked. Why not use the sparekey to begin with, instead of going to the prison first?! And who the **** have a prison inside an apartment building?!

I go outside and instead of just running away, decides to go to the hospital, steal a crowbar, magically unlock a office door like a regular key, get scared by body parts inside a closet before opening it, finds a secret tunnel, enter a room with 3 pictures and a door, nothing else, enters the door and climbs up a well without a ladder (by the way, the area around the well is so terrible glitchy it's probably the ugliest thing I've seen in a story ever) and goes back to the estate...

This time however, I go to a different area of the estate only to find a hole in the ceiling I climb up to using a rope I found lying on the ground. The one and only monster in the whole story spawns but is too slow to do any harm at all, I leave the estate yet again and the story is over.



The story makes no sense at all and the level design is below average. You have a long way to go before you can make a good story.

Work more on the story and make it more logical and practice more with the level design.

What saved you from a 1/10 is the fact that you don't have a **** load of lame jumpscares like many mediocre stories have, don't use the names "Daniel and Alexander" and you don't have glitches everywhere with a few exceptions, like the part with the well, but it was okay otherwise.

3/10 - Bad

MANA - full conversion mod
9 Review

Mod Review on Nov 6th, 2014


- Creativity
- Love the anime artstyle for the character
- A lot of new content


- Level design, besides having a lot of custom stuff, is too basic
- The store felt slightly pointless, as it was so near the end anyway
- Very short
- Story was quite basic as well


You never disapoint me! This story is Another great mod. I really enjoyed it. The level design and story was a bit too basic, but the gameplay, creativity, custom content and the level of fun weight it up a lot.

9/10 - Awesome

Doorways: The Underworld
5 Review

Game Review on Sep 22nd, 2014 - 1 person agrees 2 people don't
This review may contain spoilers


- Scary moments
- Intresting story
- Creative features


- The story line is too obvious
- Repetitive gameplay
- Bad graphics
- Short

I thought the first two chapters were decent. I didn't love them, but it was a pretty nice experience. I saw the pictures and trailers and though that this chapter looked even better and was excited to finally see some real monsters in the game. But in the end, it feels like the developers took a step back.

The gameplay is painfully repedtitive. It looks like you used the same engine they used for Penumbra. Don't get me wrong, Penumbra is a great game, but I expect better graphics in the year of 2014.

Almost every area in every map looks exactly the same. It looks like you made one tunnel and then copied it over and over again.

I liked the amulet feature, but all the other quests are also way too repedtitive. First map - find keys. Second map - find more keys and some valves. Next area in the second map - find more keys and more valves. Third map - find a key.

The monsters are not balanced very well. The first monster is super fast and kills you in one hit. And to top the cake, you have very few hiding spots and you can't crawl behind him or hide in a different hallway because he can sense you and have eyes on the side of his skull (or at least that's how it seems like), while the second monster is too easy to avoid and looks like a mutated hulk. Silly and not slightly scary.

The story wasn't bad, in fact, I like these kind of stories, but it was kinda there already. I play some games twice, and still don't know everything about them because the story is so complex. I read three notes and knew exactly what the story was about and what to expect. You leave almost nothing for the player to explore.


If you are looking for a scary game, this might be good for you. I don't recommend it though if you want a deep story or good gameplay. It doesn't have any of those.

5/10 - Decent

Oblivion II: Die To Live
4 Review

Mod Review on Sep 5th, 2014 - 1 person agrees
This review may contain spoilers


- Some creativity
- Custom music


- Bad level design
- Very confusing
- Game crashes everytime I click on "continue" for some reason
- The walking speed in some maps (annoying and boring in lenght)


I was disappointed while playing this story.

You uploaded the first part over two years ago, and the level design is just as bad, if not worse? How is that even possible?

No work on the lightning at all, most of the maps have glitches and holes everywhere, floating trees, almost no sound effects at all etc. It looks like it was made by a pewdiepie fanboy basically.

I actually played the first part but I didn't understand what the story was about at all actually, except the part about the main protaganist.

The puzzles are very confusing, like when you have to get in through the window and the key that was lying under the stairs in the mansion map. No indication about them or anything else for that matter.

The game crashed everytime I clicked on "continue" after saving and exit. First time that ever happens in a custom story.


The story was okay, you used custom music and the ending was pretty nice, but the level design is under average and the puzzles and gameplay in general is frustrating.

4/10 - Okay

Rift: The Horror of 145
7 Review

Mod Review on Sep 3rd, 2014 - 1 person agrees


- Creative storyline
- Pretty long story
- Challange
- Many endings


- Not many effects of any kind
- Not very scary
- Really confusing, not enough indication where the items are
- A lot of rooms are pointless (nothing to find in them)
- Level design is pretty bland in some areas
- A few flaws

What to improve:

Some maps are very well made, beutiful and creepy, but some maps are bland and plain boring and pointless. A lot of the maps are much bigger than they needs to be.

It was really frustrating to have one item missing and have no clue where it is and you have no choise but to either look in the editor/ask for help or look through every single map.

You could add a few more effects. Scares, particle effects etc.

The orb that required a payment could be pushed to the floor by other objects, like a chair and then be picked up.


I really enjoyed this story a lot untill I stopped finding items and had to run around in every single map in every single room, trying to find something useful.

It's a really nice story, but way too confusing.

7/10 - Good

The lightning shadow - Chapter 2
6 Review

Mod Review on Aug 15th, 2014
This review may contain spoilers


- Some scary moments
- Creativity
- Challange


- Really confusing sometimes
- Story is not very intresting
- Repeditive
- Very low character development
- Some help with the english translation would be good for you (terrible grammar)


I rated the first chapter 6/10, and frankly, this part is not better.
The story is not intresting and the level design, while a lot of areas are well made and very intresting, did not provide anything new on the table with a few exceptions.

*Spoiler alert*

The puzzles felt very confusing at times and the story provided little to no indications about what I was supposed to do.

Putting the bucket of tar on the pedestal to make a lever on the other side of the storage area to move makes no sense and the furnitures I had to move in the "rooms" map to spawn a key did not make sense either and I did not get a single hint about it to name a few.

The story provides some nice scares, challange and a lot of creativity, but the story is way too cliché and you need to both add more hints, but also need someone to help you out with the english translation.

6/10 - Decent

Number 7
8 Review

Mod Review on Aug 6th, 2014 - 2 people agree 3 people don't
This review may contain spoilers


- Really scary
- Intresting story
- Well made puzzles
- Custom music/entities etc


- Many flaws (Read further down)
- A random crash
- Death system would be better if it wasn't for the Save and exit
- Monster music was too loud and annoying at times
- The fight at the end of the story felt a little bit confusing

Personal things: (doesn't effect the score, but are still negative)

- I don't want to replace/merge any files when installing conversions
- I'm not a fan of mazes, and you made 3 of them in one story (too repeditive)


*Spoiler alert*

- If you move the levers wrong in the first mansion map, then hot steam will burn you and you will lose some health. Although, I managed to throw a barrel on the lever from a distance, made it move down and I was still hurt by the steam even though I wasn't close to it. Same if you move it while crouching.

- Some areas outside windows and the first orb room have "holes" in the ground. In other words, the planes were either too smal or not there at all.

- The orb piece stuck in the pipe could be picked up. Doing so caused the game to randomly crash after I completed the coal quest.

- The suitor chase scene was glitched for me. The character refused to stop looking at the door untill the last second. I barley managed to escape. Then, after almost reaching the elevator, the character turns around once again, a rock fell on the suitor but didn't kill him, the suitor attacked me and I died. Tried again, and it happened once more.

- Monsters got stuck sometimes. Suitor fell down to the coal quest area and could not get up. Brute got stuck at the stairs when he was chasing me. I tried to hide at the barrels and he just kept running on the stairs (invisible block boxes I suppose).


I really enjoyed this story despite all the flaws and bugs. The story was intresting and had a few plot twists, it was very scary and the levels are made in unique ways. Well done!

8/10 - Very good

Amnesia: Escape
3 Review

Mod Review on Jul 9th, 2014 - 2 people agree


- Voice acting
- No flying naked guys or lame jokes
- You know basic scripting
- Not many glitches compared to many other stories made by new authors


- Very short
- Voice acting is very quiet
- Cliché and unintresting story
- Lack of music and ambient sounds/particles
- Glitches, a few floating objects, stuff that should be static are dynamic


I agree with HumiliatoR, it's a bland and unintresting story.
The reason why I rate it 3/10 instead of lower is because I see a little potential in you. You didn't use lame flying nakes guy scares or made lame jokes only 7 year old kids think it is funny, and it was okay compared to what a lot of new mappers upload.

My suggestion to you is to both work longer on your next story, but also practise more before uploading a mod. It wasn't horrible for a first attempt, but it's bad compared to the average story.

3/10 - Bad