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Mod Review on Apr 25th, 2012

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Horde 2.0
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Mod Review on Dec 26th, 2011

this is the most frenetic and action intense 3rd person shooter i've ever played. It could be great if PC gamers cuold have the 3 titles. But unfortunately the posibilityle of the port from XBOX 360 to PC of GOW 2 and 3 nowadays is just a dream.

Thanks to this mod PC gaming will enyoy of the best part of GOW 2 and 3, i'm talking about HORDE mode, it is a very strategic game option for fun on single and multiplayer (i hope so).

Altough this mod is in alpha stages the first gameplays with it make me feel that we are important for some people that are working to give us the chance to enjoy this great game, at least a little.

Maybe this is not a complete review, it's just a few words that i wanted to say XD to all PC gamers that feel like me. The day that i have a complete version i promise that will do an extensive review.

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