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Ruuria: Jungle Ruins released

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Ruuria: Jungle Ruins & Geonosis: Freight Dock

for Star Wars Battlefront 2

I'm proud to present my newest maps: Ruuria - Jungle Ruins and Geonosis - Freight Dock.
The maps come complete with radar map, loading screen and a fully functional AI.
Ruuria features conquest and XL mode for both eras (GC and GCW), Geonosis features conquest and 2-flag CTF for both eras.

Geonosis: Freight Dock

Ruuria: Jungle Ruins

Super Size Map takes shape

MapperLocutus Blog 0 comments

The map:
I've been working for weeks on my Super Size Map fpr Empire at War - Forces of Corruption and I think a was able to complete nearly 20%. That sounds pathetic you may say but the map is that friggin huge that 20% are a lot. Here a little screen to give you a first impression, more in the images section:
Super Size Map

Maybe that map will be included in a mini mod but first I'm concentrateing on finishing the map itself. Due to the fact that I'm working on a lot of other projects at the same time it will take some time until the map is ready to be released.

Mapping Tutorial:
Finally, it's done!!!
This tutorial is designed as a little program which explains you all the basics that are important for any beginners who have no experience in mapping by a step-by-step guidance to your first map. But also more experienced mappers can learn something - in fact it explains more than just how to create skirmish maps. You can chose your language between ENGLISH and GERMAN!

PS: If there are any questions about mapping or the program itself don't hesitate to ask.

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