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Fallout: Enclave

Mod review - 2 agree

(Updated the existing review with new info in parentheses.)


This mod is challenging and provides better gameplay than Tactics.

This mod adds new weapons and vehicles in addition to adding new locations to the East Coast not seen in Fallout 1 or Fallout 2.

If you love the Enclave, then you will definitely love this mod since you are set after the events of Fallout 2 in a war against the NCR and the Brotherhood to establish control of the East Coast once again.


There is a nasty bug that keeps making double PCs every time it goes over 1000kb. Maybe that is just an engine bug, but annoying nevertheless and has prevented me from passing the Base Upgrade Mission. (EDIT: Now its at 740kb in 3.3, but I figured the cloned PCs vanish after completing the mission.)

Random encounters seem to be out the *** as I can't even walk a centimeter on the world map without some creatures/humans attacking my party. I remember playing the base game and it was a completely different story. (EDIT: FTBooster slightly fixes this for me, but encounters still seem too often for a party who is flying a vertibird.)

It causes extreme lag when I use vehicles in combat but fortunately it can be easily fixed at the cost of visual quality. (EDIT: Disabling anti-aliasing tiles and characters completely improves performance in 3.3 along with FTBooster.)


Star Wars Conquest

Mod review

The mod is excellent and accurate to the Star Wars Universe. The team has not only just manage to make a fantastic mod for Mount and Blade, but has pushed the limits by adding unique and intricate atmospheres into the game as well as completely redesigning the whole game beyond my expectations. It is an honor to play and experience this mod and it is only at the development stages.

In other words: A W E S O M E

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