Univ Pgh Grad BS Info/Comp Sci I am a programmer. Deep in my soul. I want to thank Borland Technologies for creating me in their lab. I stumbled onto moddb.com. And now after seeing all the love and excellent work that has been done I want to learn how it's being done. May you all be well, happy, peaceful and prosperous.

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mangomango999 Sep 15 2014, 7:45pm replied:

Yes, but we could call it "Cubey" and it could follow us around like a Baloonicorn in TF2. I like the ship's abilities but I'm not enamoured by the model. I don't want to sound ungrateful. I'm even watching the Captain Shack videos to listen and learn of the coming Cardassian Apocalypse (sponsored by Kanar, "It will be your drink of choice, in time."). However, as a true friend, I will tell you what I really think and not what you want to hear. See you in battle.

+1 vote     article: STA3 CTA DEV DIARY 12
mangomango999 Sep 14 2014, 11:41pm says:

I say thank you gents. Every time a particle effect reduces it's memory footprint an angel gets it's wings. :)

+1 vote     article: TSOP for Rebellion is DEAD,... but.....
mangomango999 Sep 9 2014, 4:55pm says:

You, men, you happy men, you band of brothers, I salute you.

+2 votes     media: Voyager came back...different....
mangomango999 Sep 9 2014, 4:41pm says:

You are spoiling us. No really. We are spoiled and demand to be punished. Yes, you must punish all of us!

+3 votes     media: Galorious Galors
mangomango999 Aug 25 2014, 10:39pm says:

I am not a Twit. Must I go? I fear the socials. Too many feels. But I will venture to this page. My dedication trumps this fear. The Borg will know fear too. Thanks Armada team.

+6 votes     media: We have a twitter
mangomango999 Aug 16 2014, 4:20pm says:

I imagine a gentlemens agreement.

+1 vote     media: Flip that Planet!
mangomango999 Aug 8 2014, 10:46pm says:

Give it to Capt Shack already. He needs it man. He's not looking so good. He's got Armada withdrawal.

+3 votes     media: The War is raging on
mangomango999 Jul 29 2014, 7:57pm says:

I'll wait. I like the random trade stations too much to give them up. It's a "feature" until then. :)

+3 votes     article: Small Hotfix for E4X and Interregnum
mangomango999 Jul 25 2014, 5:45pm says:

Goa I played the hell out of this mod. I'm loving it because it's based on your E4X. It is frustrating and fun. Your a mad genius. This mod goes up on my wall of fame alongside Sacrifice Of Angels 2. Thank you.

+2 votes     media: The Old Navy - Part II
mangomango999 Jul 15 2014, 6:15pm replied:

Now wait a minute, just how cute is this girl with the lawn dart sticking out of her skull? Perhaps a nice hat would cover it on Sunday strolls through the park. And if it hit her in the speech center of the brain maybe evenings might be a little quieter. I'm going to have to think about this. I don't want to make a hasty decision. :P

+2 votes     media: Romulan stormbird
mangomango999 Jul 10 2014, 12:28am replied:

I thought so. I saw that video of you and Capt Shack (and friends) playing SOGE. Lavo's work is awesome. I hope to see a Let's Play when you guys release your next version too.

+1 vote     media: Cardassian Darhe'el-class
mangomango999 Jul 10 2014, 12:19am says:

I built a couple models of this as a youngster. Does anyone build models anymore? That glue was dangerous.

+2 votes     media: Romulan stormbird
mangomango999 Jul 4 2014, 8:14pm replied:

Still, the bureaucracy has it's place. Let them sort them if they wish; we will be on to the next battle field. Just get me the money for the cruisers I need. I won't ask how you got it if you don't ask me for receipts.

+2 votes     article: The Hapes Consortium
mangomango999 Jun 26 2014, 10:39pm says:

I've said it before, when I play as the Borg I feel dirty inside.

+1 vote     media: Borg UIs
mangomango999 Jun 26 2014, 10:37pm says:

The Klingonese up in the right hand corner is a nice touch. I love the Klingon ships but when I play that race I feel under-powered vs the Borg.

+1 vote     media: KLI-UI Start
mangomango999 Jun 23 2014, 7:27pm says:

Can the wub wub defeat the Borg as well? I had a Crystalline Entity that was assimilated attacking me. Will the Borg be able to assimilate these?

+1 vote     media: Wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub
mangomango999 Jun 21 2014, 2:39pm says:

When do you sleep? And thank you for the pretty new things to play with.

+2 votes     article: The Interregnum begins and an E4X Update
mangomango999 Jun 17 2014, 4:35pm says:

It really is becoming a kind of torture watching the great game play elements parading around teasing us with their awesomeness.

Looking forward to it. :)

+2 votes     media: Factory Hub - Support
mangomango999 Jun 15 2014, 9:34pm says:

When the other Borg cubes catch up to you; just explain that you didn't actually destroy the cube, you merely redistributed the aggregates that had come together to give the illusion of a cube.

Then leave while they are debating the merits of your assertion.

Gets them every time. :)

+4 votes     media: Romulans vs. the Borg
mangomango999 Jun 14 2014, 2:04pm says:

a population Spock estimates at 1,771,561.5

+1 vote     media: Space station K7 careful! its full of tribbles!
mangomango999 May 28 2014, 5:39pm says:

Perfect for sending "Love Notes" to the Dominion. (wrapped in a photon torpedo for good luck) Ah to be young and in love... (fire full spread)

+16 votes     media: Border Inspection
mangomango999 May 27 2014, 6:58pm says:

Planet porn. (I didn't know how low we could go.)

0 votes     media: Beautiful planet from one of the soa2 maps
mangomango999 May 27 2014, 4:40pm says:

Stardock - hire these guys - buy the licensing rights - release a Star Trek version of Sins. How could this not workout for everybody involved?

They had over 50,000 downloads. And that's just from the community.

I know, just fanboy dreams. Sorry about that. :(

P.S. Then get the Star Wars guys together and do a Star Wars release. Oh, the pain. I want to live in the alternate universe where this is possible. (Note to self: call Stephen Hawking)

+2 votes     media: Intrepid Retexture
mangomango999 May 26 2014, 1:45pm replied:

Are you talking about the "Capt. Worf" show?

+1 vote     media: Last hurrah
mangomango999 May 26 2014, 1:44pm replied:

I like it with the queen. Gives it a homey feel.

+1 vote     media: GameOverLose BORG 1b
mangomango999 May 26 2014, 1:42pm says:

A most useful post for my conquest of the galaxy. Surrendering is only dishonorable if you are Klingon. So run home; I think I hear your mother calling you. Pathetic Federation .... blah . ... blah .. . . dogs! No, that would be an insult to dogs.

+2 votes     media: Klingon Victory Feast
mangomango999 May 25 2014, 8:19pm says:

This was nice but will anyone ever see it? Klingons do not lose!

+2 votes     media: Klingon Defeat
mangomango999 May 25 2014, 8:17pm says:

The Feds are going to be seeing this soon. Just sayin'...

+1 vote     media: GameOverLose BORG 1b
mangomango999 May 24 2014, 5:48pm says:

I didn't play Borg before (on account of how much I despise those bastards) but this is looking too beautiful to pass up. Damn you myfist0 you've turned me. I feel unclean...

+3 votes     media: Borg UI Fleet Research
mangomango999 May 19 2014, 2:44pm says:

Captain Shack why no early game play? I know you are lurking out there.

+4 votes     media: New Sovereign model
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