Art student liking to play some mods once in a while ... if your mod is worth it. I like to draw some stuff for mods when I think about it but never been showing anything. I leave some comments too when I feel that it's needed. If you see a Lutra on a source game, it's surely me.

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Concept Artists

1. Concept Artists

Arts & Literature group with 329 members, open to all members

This group was created for the purpose of gathering concept artists who love working with mods and those who look forward to joining one.

Lego lover

2. Lego lover

Hobbies & Interests group with 151 members, open to all members

All those who like lego and really make the pack of a punch join this group! Lego is a old company but still the lego company makes more products! its...

Half Life 2 Mod Critics

3. Half Life 2 Mod Critics

Other group with 13 members, open to all members

This is a group for those of us that enjoy leaving comments and reviews for HL2 mods. We encourage you to leave comments, images, or even videos on how...

The True Sith

4. The True Sith

Fans & Clans group with 20 members, open to all members

A group for the dark siders of the fictional universe of star wars.

2ND Generation Gamers

5. 2ND Generation Gamers

Hardware & Tech group with 84 members, open to all members

This is a group for all the old school gamers from the time of the 2nd gen consoles, like the atari 2600, atari 5200, sega sg-1000, coleco vision etc...

Metal Gear Solid Fans

6. Metal Gear Solid Fans

Hobbies & Interests group with 112 members, open to all members

This group is exactly what it says on the tin. You like MGS? Then this place is intended for you.

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