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Game Review on Feb 27th, 2012

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Nuclear Dawn
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Game Review on Jan 5th, 2012 - 2 people agree

I got to say, just played a few 1 hour + games on my freinds LAN station, and it's awsome! I was always a fan on gloom, tremulous, and Natural Selection, (with NS being my favorite ^^). My comp cant quite handle Natural Selection 2 yet, and even when it can, ill still be playing this, cause it scratches that itch that only good FPS/RTS hybrids can, where you feel like your actually in a war, AND you see the game world from the perspective of a soldier in any RTS game,...especially when the commander doesnt seem to give a damn about your lives >_<'. Anyone whos likes RTS, Tactical FPS, or even the hybrids, should give this game a chance when it goes on sale, sad there is no demo.

Research and Development
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Mod Review on Aug 9th, 2011


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