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Makron147 Apr 18 2014, 1:13pm replied:

Exactly ;) They are Nikonov's.

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Makron147 Mar 28 2014, 12:18pm says:

В Совиет Украине были звезды на бортах вместо крестов, и серп и молот вместо трезубца. вот это вместо желто-синего, а вот это: вместо финского флага. В остальном, корабль крут!

0 votes     media: (Soviet-Ukraine) Satellite Ship "Yuri Gagarin"
Makron147 Feb 24 2014, 11:01am replied:

Thank you for the interest to our mod.
Well, I cant reveal all secrets at the moment. We will try to make EU as much unique, as possible, both relative to the other factions in Afterburn and to EU faction in the other mods.

Just one thing I could tell: EU will rely on barelled artillery, and number of units with missile weaponry will be minimised.

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Makron147 Feb 24 2014, 10:51am replied:

If you are watching news on TV, you'll see that EU slowly transforms into some kind of reich, and it could occur regardless of the fact of USSR existense. Moreover, if Soviet Union will rise again, many people will see the alternative to way which european polititians lead their people.

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Makron147 Feb 24 2014, 10:45am replied:

Подумаю об этом.

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Makron147 Feb 24 2014, 10:43am replied:

No. SOviet units have aproximately, medium health. While weapons have damage more than medium. Glass cannon conception fits GLA more :)

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Makron147 Feb 23 2014, 1:25pm replied:

It's AK-12.

+2 votes     media: Soviet Motostrelok
Makron147 Feb 11 2014, 6:44am says:

1. It seems that image is a bit corrupted.
2. ZU-23/2 is too small, or pickup is too large.

+1 vote     media: Syrian_Technical
Makron147 Jan 4 2014, 12:27pm says:

Какая прелесть! На божью коровку похож :)

+3 votes     media: Ordos Harvester
Makron147 Dec 3 2013, 4:23am replied:

Excuse me? Write in English or in Russian please.

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Makron147 Nov 1 2013, 1:28am replied:

Когда все будет готово для альфы/беты :)

+1 vote     mod: Generals - Afterburn
Makron147 Oct 15 2013, 10:37am says:

You can add shapes to the fuel tanks. It's quite significant element, so they could be made from 8-shaped cylinder. Headlights also needed. 3d rollers would look better, than flat bainting on the sides. They could be made from 6-shaped cylinder. If properly textured, they would look well.
Also, I advice to you not to use camo. Generals render makes it look bad ingame.
Sorry my bad english.

+1 vote     media: T-80U (Work in Progress) Read Description
Makron147 Oct 14 2013, 8:35am replied:

Мод никогда не стоит на месте :)

+1 vote     mod: Generals - Afterburn
Makron147 Oct 14 2013, 8:34am replied:

Well, it's device for refuelling in the air, it can be unmounted.

+2 votes     media: Tu-95 MS
Makron147 Oct 13 2013, 1:26pm replied:

Yes, we are alive :)

+1 vote     mod: Generals - Afterburn
Makron147 Sep 24 2013, 10:21am says:

заметно, что дорога слишком узкая. Коли делаешь нехт-ген, пропорции хотя-бы наземной части стоит соблюсти ;)

+4 votes     media: Coalition-SV ingame
Makron147 Sep 22 2013, 5:23am says:

Круто! Продолжай в том же духе! Только коли это отдельная игра, лучше не используй текстуры других игр, тебя копирасты с говном сожрут.

+1 vote     media: USA Supply Center (Unity 3D)
Makron147 Aug 29 2013, 10:28am says:

Удалить кебаб?) А неплохо смотрится. Когда порадуешь батальными сценами?)

+4 votes     media: Latest build
Makron147 Aug 25 2013, 9:41am replied:

Wikileaks proved that U.S. secrets are possible to steal :D

P.S. Heli has too much polygons as the ZTZ-96. And the same problem with details on the texture. All geometrical details won't be seen in game. Better to show smal relief on texture, it'll make model look more detailed in game.
(Sorry my bad english, but hope you understand me).

+2 votes     media: 武直10 CHINA Armed forces Helicopter
Makron147 Aug 22 2013, 2:07am says:

1. Too much polygons. For mass produced unit, it shouldn't be more than 2000. This tank has quite simple geometry, it can be made in 1400-1500 polygons.
2. Details on texture can not be seen even on render. Needs more contrast. Ingame it'll look like green slick.

+2 votes     media: 96式主战坦克
Makron147 Aug 21 2013, 1:46pm replied:


+2 votes     media: Proleterians of all countries unite!
Makron147 Aug 17 2013, 10:18am says:

Nice model! But why barrels are so fat? I thought pgz-95 has 4 23mm guns.

+2 votes     media: China PGZ-04
Makron147 Aug 16 2013, 7:14am replied:

Pantsyr has modigications with different chassis, so this one is just Pantsyr on tracked chassis.

+2 votes     media: Russian Tunguska
Makron147 Jul 28 2013, 1:58pm replied:

Ничего не могу обещать, следи за новостями!

+1 vote     mod: Generals - Afterburn
Makron147 Jul 28 2013, 12:39pm replied:

Не знаю, время покажет.

+1 vote     mod: Generals - Afterburn
Makron147 Jul 28 2013, 10:19am replied:

For now - no. Later - will think.

+1 vote     media: Resource recycler
Makron147 Jul 13 2013, 12:28pm replied:

Так, а вот теперь непонятно, какое отношение он имеет к Украине? Ошкош - американский грузовик.

+2 votes     media: EEA Multiple Cradle Launcher (MCL)
Makron147 Jul 12 2013, 3:24am says:

О, вот это - крутая модель и текстура. Молодец, Иван!
Только на кабине чуток поконтрастнее детали сделай.

Шасси я так понимаю, КрАЗ?

+1 vote     media: EEA Multiple Cradle Launcher (MCL)
Makron147 Jul 3 2013, 7:45am says:

Nice update, Dcesarec, but why battlemasters' barrels are so boxy? They would look much better if you make them hexagonal or octagonal.
Also, therewill be bug with barrel passing through fuel tanks, to fix it, just move fuel tanks to the very back of the tank and put them lower. Or just replace that red box on the back with fuel tanks.

+1 vote     mod: Contra
Makron147 Jun 30 2013, 4:07am replied:

SAM Stilet, which hasn't got camo looks waaay much better.

+1 vote     media: BTR 4E
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