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majorsmurf Dec 11 2013 says:

Thanks for your help but ive finally put together a game review instead of a playthrough: so yeh meow

+2 votes   game: Plataforma
majorsmurf Dec 9 2013 says:

This is a very nice and simple plataformer game which i would love to record and put up on my channel but there is a couple of problems:

1) character sprite disappears when recording with fraps.
2) using another recording software wont let me press esc or enter which is wierd.

Ofcourse these aint big problems but i would to show other people this game and spread the love.

Thanks for a great game


+2 votes   game: Plataforma
majorsmurf Jun 28 2013 says:

To anyone who wants a little gameplay on this game than i did a video (sorry headaches make it very difficult to record xD)

My opinion

A game that is so retro makes me think ive gone back in time. everyone should give this game ago but be warned retro games are always the worst as you can get stuck playing it for hours and no-one wants that.

Any negatives, not that i can see but than again i do wear glasses so i might be going blind. I just wish battlefield 4 will be this colourful. (should have put this on the review section but ive started typing so im not starting again)

+1 vote   game: HYPERSUPER CANNON
majorsmurf Jun 24 2013 replied:

well it seems to have fixed the issue. so anyone who has got an outdated driver. Update it. but i recommend setting a back up first incase the new driver breaks anything. any driver from 2010 and below will have this affect of making this game look super quick and very hard to play xD. if you dont know how to update your driver. heres a quick guide seeing as how im an IT student i know what im talking about.

1) right click on desktop and click screen resolution
2) when that boots up click advanced settings
3) click adaptor and click properties (need admin rights to go any further)
4) click driver in top bar and in there is an option for updating driver.

(there may not be an update for your driver depending on how old your computer is, if you don't think updating your driver is important my laptop has now gained a huge performance improvement on all games and graphic applications. ive gained about 50fps boast for minecraft :D )

sorry Grimic but thought it best to post this to stop the spamming for you :)

+2 votes   game: HYPERSUPER CANNON
majorsmurf Jun 22 2013 replied:

ive sent the log file to your desura account so hopefully youve recieved it if not blame a random person on the internet :).

+2 votes   game: Projekt W - Phase 2
majorsmurf Jun 21 2013 replied:

hi you asked for what graphics card: Intel HD graphics (intergrated graphics card for laptops).
Graphics driver version (not the latest version) so maybe updating the drive may affect it but i doubt it. provided by intel.

I enjoy a challenge but this is slightly to challenging for me atm xD. hopefully you can find fix but once its fixed, im sure i will have alot of fun :).

+1 vote   game: HYPERSUPER CANNON
majorsmurf Jun 21 2013 says:

Hi ive had the same problem with the game not loading. It crashes as soon as i press launch. I see the icon in the bottom but windows detects a problem with the game and closes it. i have the log file if you want me to send it you. But ive had this issue on another game where it doesnt like 64-bit operatin systems. Could this be the case with this one? but from ive seen and heard i believe this is one of the best strategy game ever, i would put my money saying its better than civilazation 5. i truly mean it. Im doing game development next year and these kind of games really give me good ideas to make my own. Mine wont be as good as yours though. please create more games and make some money for yourself as i would love to see what you can do in 5 years time.

+3 votes   game: Projekt W - Phase 2
majorsmurf Jun 6 2013 says:

my desura download isnt working, after it has finished downloading the UDK and directx 9.0c parts for the game, loading screen booted up and than it crashed saying that windows has detected a problem. this program will close and windows will inform you of any updates. it than goes on to ask me to re-install which doesnt work so im stuck in a loop at the moment.

+3 votes   game: Minimal Theory
majorsmurf Feb 4 2013 says:

desura one is still broken everytime i try to register it disconnects me from server

-2 votes   game: atWar
majorsmurf Oct 16 2012 says:

i really hope that they make this game co-op. the games must have took 4ever with all the artwork and detail they put in. GOOD JOB!!! :D

+3 votes   game: Qbeh
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