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Report abuse #1: EA and Gamespy

2 comments by Sgt_Jenci21 on May 14th, 2014

So I decided to start a blog.

Firsty I want to talk about EA.

They are closing down almost all Command and Conquer, Pre-Codfield 3 and other services. Now seriously, why they do this? They have earned countless money and money and money and they "decide" to simply left the games that are over 9000 times better than Codfield 3 and Infantryfield 4.

Now let's see this:

EA wrote:The decisions to retire older EA games are never easy. The development teams and operational staff pour their hearts into these games almost as much as the customers playing them and it is hard to see one retired.

That's a lie. The developers who cared about community got kicked. Why? Because EA and DICE are greedy. They easily decided to close all the support.

EA wrote:We hope you have gotten many hours of enjoyment out of the games and we appreciate that you're choosing to play with EA.

Another lie. I think everybody "choosed to play with DICE" and not EA. And EA don't appreciate that we played Pre-Codfield 3 games.

But, top of all the saddest thing is closing Battlefield 2's multiplayer support. That means we can only play mods alone or LAN. Seems like EA didn't think (because they are brainless) that will be many people still playing this game 9 years later.
Star Wars Battlefront 2 is also a sad thing... Damn you, EA!

And why EA doesn't change multiplayer server? The answer is the same and obvious again: they are greedy.

But that's it, and I hope I woke up all the Battlefield fanboys.

Let's talk about Gamespy too.

Firstly they said:

Gamespy wrote:Just to be clear, we're not being shut down because PC gaming isn't a big, important, and growing thing -- because it is. That's not even debatable. It's not even because the GameSpy staff did a bad job of talking about it.

And then:

Gamespy wrote:Hell, from where I'm sitting we did an awesome job, particularly in covering the technical quality of PC versions of cross-platform games

What are they talking about then?

Gamespy wrote:Why is this closure happening, then? It's a business thing, and like most business things it's not easy to explain or understand unless you spend all day crunching numbers and paying bills. Which I don't. So here's the simple version that even I can comprehend: Ziff Davis wants to run an efficient, focused company, and managing several different sites that all cover videogames isn't exactly the model of efficiency.

Business thing? Browse trough numbers? Sure... Lie.
Ziff Faggis owns "PCMag"...

Gamespy wrote:Even though GameSpy had its own unique voice that was separate and distinct from those of our sister sites, and there has always been value in that, it's hard to argue with that logic. Even if it does totally suck.

They are lying to themselves.

Sorry for any grammatical errors. That's my first blog that I wrote somewhere. The gamespy thing was added for the 3rd edit

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