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MajorFoley Apr 12 2015, 6:07am says:

This looks and feels Excellent especially some of the remakes of the tracks.
I do have 2 complaints though im pretty sure as the mod gets worked on they'll be fixed.

1. Is the damage the enemies do feels underwhelming
2. In map03 of doom 2 where the armor is located at the start you can fall through the water and can't get out.

+1 vote   download: Doom Reborn Pre-Beta Version 1.2
MajorFoley Apr 5 2015, 5:05am says:

This is definitely an awesome mod even if its only a demo!

A few small tips for newcomers to the demo mod.

- SHOOT THE HEAD I cannot stress this enough if you shoot at the body your going to waste a lot of ammo, a good strategy is to shoot 4-5 bullets to the head and then slash them with the knife, its easy on here than the original game because you can also jump around

- You can move around more freely than the original game so jump around.

- Unlike the original game zombies CAN walk through doors if you don't shut them behind you so make sure to do that.

- This mod also uses ink ribbons and typewriters to save, try to save at crucial moments if possible

- As this is a demo some parts of the game aren't included (I don't remember who's path this game follows) but just make sure to search everywhere.

+3 votes   download: Resident Evil 2: Source Demo V. 11
MajorFoley Jan 12 2014, 5:04am says:

Hey guys i was wondering if its possible to delete the account i just made on your page? mainly because i would like to sign in with my steam account (although the steampage that does come up is in another language)

+1 vote   mod: BrainBread 2
MajorFoley Nov 4 2013, 12:23pm says:

i think its a perfect shotgun :D

+1 vote   media: Remington Textured
MajorFoley Oct 18 2013, 5:53pm says:

I didnt mind this, although they did seem to add a couple of changes like a bat at the very start of the first level and the corsshair is ridiculously screwed for me when i load it on 1920x1080 but im looking forward to more releases

+1 vote   game: BloodCM
MajorFoley Feb 26 2013, 3:55am says:

that official brainbread:source community link is broken by the way

+1 vote   news: Community, FaceBook & old maps?
MajorFoley Sep 15 2012, 9:34am replied:

this definitely works

0 votes   download: Black Mesa Part
MajorFoley Jan 3 2011, 6:17pm says:

thats sad... i was really looking forward to this...

+1 vote   download: Zelda World 1.9 Alpha (OUT OF DATE)
MajorFoley Jun 1 2010, 3:48am says:

hold on though when you try to get to the site it comes up with developers access it might not be in development now but it may come later. the best we can do is hope

+2 votes   mod: BrainBread 2
MajorFoley Apr 3 2010, 1:47am says:

zednemAzus most of us here agree that cod multi player sucks simple after what they've done the matchmaking systems horrible the 18 capped limit is horrible and the fact that there is no dedicated servers and mods for the game totally devastated the PC community and now there making the PC PAY for map packs PAY for them what kind of person would tolerate that kind of injustice. I for one loved this joke lol and how they lined out all the faults like someone else previously commented before me

+1 vote   news: FANet: Drops Dedicated Server Support
MajorFoley May 29 2009, 3:19am says:

pre ordered right now i CANNOT WAIT i loved ns1 id always play hours on end with a friend on it even if it wasnt ns maps it was sooooo sweetttttt
anyways i think ns 2 is gonna have ns only maps but the benefit you can have your own scenarios excellent :D

+1 vote   media: NS2 teaser trailer
MajorFoley May 28 2009, 2:57am replied:

mate on the comment you have to buy 2 i think all you gotta do is preorder one :D if the box includes a cdkey or something like that you can put the key in the activate game in steam and then it registers to your account maybe i can try that when i pre order special btw does this ship around the world or just America cos i live in aus

0 votes   news: NS2 teaser trailer, new website and pre-orders!
MajorFoley Apr 10 2009, 10:19pm says:

mate natural selection 1 is so damn fun especially ns maps. I cant wait for the 2nd game even though you might have to buy it to come out im gonna buy it. Its gonna be so much fun

+1 vote   game: Natural Selection 2
MajorFoley Jan 7 2009, 6:39am replied:

lol at exils comment i cant wait for the next version of the mod

-1 votes   media: HL2:Wars WIP Jan 09 Update
MajorFoley Jan 4 2009, 12:00am says:

for some reason i half think this mod is dead and half think this mod isn't dead because if you go back to there site its got some developers access it could be for there site there gonna work on or it could be a new site that is going up

0 votes   mod: BrainBread 2
MajorFoley Nov 12 2008, 1:11am replied:

are there any australian servers yet?

+1 vote   download: Iron Grip: Warlord Demo
MajorFoley Nov 5 2008, 4:24am says:

lol i like the first and 3rd comments but this is really a good feature thanks moddb

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