Me? Nobody important. Why are you here? I don't care, so you shouldn't. It's unhealthy. At any rate, I'm online most of the time trying to find alternatives to Half-Life 2. If any body's interested in making a DarkRP-Like Mod for HL1, Notify me. I'm yours. Not interested? Get lost.

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Magnussen May 4 2008, 1:59am says:

Refrain from overusing the clean suit sci's. Clean suits should only be in high-toxics or high-hazard areas. The security guard is clearly NOT cleansuited, so either 1)this scientist is germophobic, 2) this scientist forgot to check in his cleansuit, or 3) this security guard is blatantly violating OSHA standards.

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Magnussen May 4 2008, 1:56am says:

These textures are a bit too realistic for the surrounding. When using third party textures, remember this mantra: CONSISTENCY OVER QUALITY.

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Magnussen Apr 21 2008, 6:42pm says:

That looks too much like an AK47/Cmk4 with an enlarged barrel

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Magnussen Apr 17 2008, 4:34pm replied:

This looks to be a great puzzle mod.
My services are yours in the department of proofreading, alpha testing, and for all around advice. I'm an FPS Junkie, so I know what the crowd wants. When it comes to gaming, remember one thing: Instant Gratification. If it's not interesting right off the bat, the players will grow bored, and eventually angry.

Best of luck. Contact me via PM if you need any assistance.
--Dr. Magnussen

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Magnussen Apr 17 2008, 4:28pm replied:

Remember; you made the level, you know what to do.
You may want to include a time-based or button based Hint System

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Magnussen Apr 14 2008, 11:37pm says:

I love it.
Now, if there was a way to modify the engine to use more sounds, it would be more entertaining than just replacing the originals.

+1 vote   news: SSH:MM:WTF Beta 1 Released
Magnussen Apr 14 2008, 11:27pm says:

BAD. ***.
Watched. This is what we need to do with ALL our old games... Breathe new life into them. Viva la old school!

+2 votes   media: Early alpha scenes
Magnussen Apr 14 2008, 6:27pm says:

This looks to be THE best Horror Mod for Half-Life since Afraid Of Monsters: Director's Cut. You're right, the engine's outdated, but this provides an answer for a conundrum: My computer can't run Half-Life 2, but Half-Life is too dated to be interesting. What do I do now? You have solved a very old problem for us poor guys. Let me say this: If you ever need another man for the team, be it anywhere from mapping to alpha testing, I am at your disposal. I will be sending you a PM with my contact information shortly. Awesome work, I simply CANNOT wait for this to become ready for release.

Yours, Dr. Magnussen

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