Hey all... I do very basic ini coding occasionally, and 2D art alot... My favourite games at the moment are just cause 2, Mount and blade: warband, and Skyrim. All have been modded to within an inch of their stability :D Also CnC generals: Zero Hour never gets old... I like a lot of music... Blue October, Cage the Elephant, Muse, Prodigy, Rise Against, MCR... whatever I'm in the mood for really...

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magiguy101 Jan 13 2015, 6:39pm says:


Looking good :) What explosives were available back then, though?

+1 vote   media: Explosive New Year!
magiguy101 Jun 28 2014, 7:22pm replied:

Now I'm no expert, but I think they might be demon soldiers.

+16 votes   media: New Version Troops Preview
magiguy101 Jun 18 2014, 8:48pm says:

Shogun 2 units, eh? Any plans for smoke bomb throwing kisho ninja :D

Really nice textures by the way, you're a very dedicated team and just what games need :)

+4 votes   media: Date No Dachi Samurai
magiguy101 Nov 9 2013, 9:35am says:

nice :) those normal trees were looking a tad derpy :)

+5 votes   media: WIP Oak Trees
magiguy101 Nov 2 2013, 9:33am says:

Now I'm not familiar with the character, so this is just an assumption, but wouldn't a guy called elfhelm have a pretty distinctive helmet? Or is it genuinely the guy's birth name?

+2 votes   media: Elfhelm
magiguy101 Aug 26 2013, 3:38pm replied:

OOOH I GOT IT TO WORK! Did another search, expecting nothing new to come up, but I saw hidden in one of the pages was the suggestion that I turn down my monitor resolution as well as in the options.ini my desktop looks awful before it runs, but the game works! :D So happy

+1 vote   download: shockwave mappack
magiguy101 Aug 26 2013, 2:47pm replied:

Those were the first things I tried... A couple years using Vista and I became something of an authority on getting games to work on newer systems :P Unfortunately that didn't do it for me... neither does following advice I've seen on the internet so far.

+1 vote   download: shockwave mappack
magiguy101 Aug 25 2013, 11:49am replied:

same here :) Shame I can't get it to run on Win7 (zero hour and generals, not just shockwave) am thinking of partitioning to XP just for this and Battle for Middle Earth 2 :D

+2 votes   download: shockwave mappack
magiguy101 Jun 16 2013, 5:44pm says:

The armours just keep getting better and better :) good stuff.

+6 votes   media: Karstarks Armor
magiguy101 Jun 14 2013, 6:50am says:

That's a whole bunch o' people :)

+2 votes   media: The Team
magiguy101 May 23 2013, 2:22pm says:

It looks a bit... small?

+9 votes   media: Lannisport and Casterly Rock
magiguy101 May 4 2013, 6:42am says:

Nice, but maybe curve the tusks less? If you charged with those, the points wouldn't really help... but then if it's (pre)historically accurate then stick with it :)

+4 votes   media: Raging Mammoth
magiguy101 Apr 7 2013, 9:11am says:

For a ninja, those footsteps are rather loud, but the game looks great :D

+2 votes   media: Work-in-progress gameplay footage
magiguy101 Feb 2 2013, 8:21am says:

Lol the thumbnail says 'Better shaows' heads up

+3 votes   article: Increased Light mapping Quality
magiguy101 Jan 22 2013, 1:13pm replied:

One must not argue with star wars fans. They know EVERYTHING about clones :p One of my friends is like that, it's worrying :D

+3 votes   media: Screenshots
magiguy101 Jul 26 2012, 6:46pm replied:

Perma-scowl sold separately. :P

+2 votes   media: Jarmen Kell
magiguy101 May 30 2012, 10:01am says:

I don't know what Sci Fi it's from, but it looks tasty :)

+2 votes   media: Asuran Pistol, Read Description :)
magiguy101 May 23 2012, 7:03am says:

I get the feeling that I'm supposed to have already played this 'Frontlines' mod... you need to make this more accessible and maybe describe this mod a little better. I have no idea what most of this is, such as: 'Airborne Gametype
The famous Frontlines gametype ported to Black Ops'

I mean what is that? Just because I wasn't into cod when MW came out I don't get to know what's in the mod? Of course I could look up the 'Frontlines' mod but I'm assuming you've added more features. Add to that the fact that I'm fairly lazy and this mod is lost on me, as I think it will be with most... Please sort this.

+8 votes   article: Black Frontlines Released
magiguy101 May 13 2012, 5:22am says:

wow... really good face texture... among other things... :P

+8 votes   media: (Human) Female Archer Class
magiguy101 Feb 18 2012, 1:00pm says:

Nice sky, but that mountain texture really will have to be fixed...

+1 vote   media: Lighting Progress
magiguy101 Jan 19 2012, 5:58pm replied:

Well I don't think you have the right attitude about picking the battle you can win, but I agree that people are blowing this way out of proportion. This topic is everything I hate about the internet, with the exception of cats. Conspiracy theories that make no god damned sense and people trying to link everything to somalia/nazi germany/soviet russia... Everyone seems to think that because they heard somewhere that the government did something wrong sometime then it gives them the right to disband all governments. You know where we'd be without government? Up to our necks in horseshit. Everyone is not out to get you, as important as that makes you feel, and I know this will get buried in just a few hours, but to those that have made it this far, Kudos.

To all haters, think before you thumb this down or at least think before you type your misinformed response.

Good day.

+8 votes   article: SOPA and PIPA - our internet freedom
magiguy101 May 5 2011, 1:20pm says:

Looks nice, but also hard to mesh?

+1 vote   media: tron auto cannon
magiguy101 Apr 29 2011, 5:37pm replied:

Laser overlord... OP ftw! :)

+1 vote   media: tron decoder tank
magiguy101 Apr 29 2011, 5:35pm says:

Is this a supply collecting unit like a Chinook? And how high off the ground are you intending it to be?

+1 vote   media: tron data harvester
magiguy101 Apr 29 2011, 5:32pm replied:

If this entire game were realistic it would be sh*t. Using the nuclear missile super weapon would destroy most of the map and you would have to wait a couple of decades for things to die down before you could safely build and live there. This is a game where a dozer can make scaffolding appear out of the ground and the thing you decide is wrong is that one of the planes is carrying the wrong sort of payload. Like the title suggests, this mod is for fun and those who like an unrealistic experience, or at least one that wouldn't require you to get permission every time you wanted to attack something.


+1 vote   media: New King Update
magiguy101 Apr 29 2011, 5:27pm says:

Type in German the things which have changed alot into google translate. Then paste it here :)

+1 vote   mod: Fun Mod
magiguy101 Apr 29 2011, 10:47am replied:

I agree... But it's still looking good! :) I have so much respect for people who can do things that I can't. A render of this would be way beyond my capabilities... so good luck :)

+1 vote   media: tron airfield
magiguy101 Mar 11 2011, 1:23pm replied:

"Insert poor comment here" :P

+1 vote   media: The Flamethrower
magiguy101 Mar 6 2011, 4:37pm says:

What's with the crazy sunbeam effect on all your pictures, it looks fancy on one, but it's obscuring... meh, your work. :)

+1 vote   media: Zero Hour Air Force
magiguy101 Jan 23 2011, 8:40am says:

A screenshot would be very good...

+1 vote   download: Taara Tower Defence Alpha v1
magiguy101 Jan 7 2011, 8:23am replied:

True... but they are much longer than these... If you've ever seen the book LOTR: Weapons and Warfare, you should know what I'm talking about...
The blade was as long as the handle (pretty much)...

+1 vote   media: Elves
magiguy101 Dec 12 2010, 2:30pm replied:

probably means vanilla

+1 vote   media: Ka-29 Helix
magiguy101 Dec 11 2011, 7:35am says:

I've been having some trouble hosting or joining a local co-op game. I can play in the game, but my friend cannot join my game and I cannot join his. I'm using vista, he's using xp. I looked on the website and followed the link to the forums but it's a broken link and nothing comes up. Any ideas?

+2 votes   mod: Allied Intent Xtended
magiguy101 Dec 8 2011, 1:36pm says:

Like a stone age Chuck Norris

+7 votes   media: Wanna play this warrior character?
magiguy101 Dec 3 2011, 2:01pm says:

I'm annoyed this was a final release, but I voted anyway...

+3 votes   mod: C&C: ShockWave
magiguy101 Nov 24 2011, 4:52pm replied:

Try TPB :P

-4 votes   game: Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms
magiguy101 Nov 3 2011, 5:06pm replied:

*small animals and large animals

+2 votes   article: Announcing Character Classes & Community Forum
magiguy101 Nov 2 2011, 4:39pm says:

So... what kind of traps are you talking? I'm thinking snare to keep an enemy rooted in one spot, a pitfall, a 'bleeding' trap, a slowing trap... but is there anything unique you can bring to the field? I think a different time to set different traps based on their effect would be good (pitfall has a digging animation, but traps enemy completely for 20 seconds or something. I guess you would need a different set of traps for small animals, and a different set for small animals. I think that a loadout system would be good for the game, and the maximum number of different traps should be three; one human, one small creature, one large creature. The large creature traps should work on all opponents, but a large pitfall, for example, should maybe take at least two people in the area of effect to trigger, avoiding a team blocking off an entire area. Also maybe limit the number of active traps per person... Hope this helps :)


+2 votes   article: Announcing Character Classes & Community Forum
magiguy101 Oct 15 2011, 11:31am says:

Maybe push a tiny update onto the news feed or something to remind people this isn't dead. Get it shown up in the 'games' section again...

+7 votes   game: Stone Rage
magiguy101 Oct 10 2011, 9:19am says:

Holy **** that's awesome. Damn I'm glad you guys have been doing something good since the last video :D It's been a while.

+2 votes   media: Spy Coop move
magiguy101 Oct 7 2011, 10:45am says:

good to see :)

+1 vote   article: Still Working
magiguy101 Oct 4 2011, 12:20pm says:

Golden Peashooter Colour: Shiny gold, Damage: Insta kills a bucket zombie. Shoots about five times slower than a normal shooter. Pea is golden and travels about four times faster than normal. (Kind of a sniper pea) If possible it should be able to shoot through other plants...

+1 vote   mod: Plants v.s. Zombies mod Requesteru!
magiguy101 Sep 29 2011, 10:35am replied:

Nice to see this is still going :) Good luck and all that :D

+1 vote   game: Project Stealth
magiguy101 Sep 4 2011, 4:26pm says:

This needs an OP hero creator :D

+2 votes   mod: BFME2: Arcade Edition
magiguy101 Aug 24 2011, 3:44pm says:

So does one shot 'kill' you now?

+2 votes   mod: Battlefield 2 Airsoft
magiguy101 Aug 20 2011, 10:57am replied:

Well I'm not endorsing illegal activities, but perhaps yarr should find a better way around it... Yarrr...

+1 vote   mod: Super Star Wars: Rise of the Droid Empire
magiguy101 Aug 19 2011, 9:27am says:

Long live the 360! :P

-4 votes   article: Modern Warfare 3 to have Dedicated Servers
magiguy101 Aug 17 2011, 6:46am replied:

I think they're planning world domination :P Nice vid

+1 vote   media: CNC Fallout - Prelude to Conflict
magiguy101 Aug 3 2011, 8:07am says:

Yeah I applied and was told that it's dead... looked promising as a concept...

+1 vote   mod: The Harry Potter Modification
magiguy101 Aug 2 2011, 5:35am says:

lulz they're pretty much the same model...

+1 vote   media: Update 3 Set
magiguy101 Aug 2 2011, 5:32am says:

Jeez, that looks like it took weeks...

+1 vote   media: Update 3 Set
magiguy101 Jul 23 2011, 9:29am says:

Just for fun, the main enemy should be Mr. Bean instead of Dr. Breen... :P

+6 votes   mod: Point Blank
magiguy101 Jul 22 2011, 3:25pm replied:

What do you mean? So the Gastornis has a support class? and the bear has a support class?

+1 vote   article: Announcing Playable Animal Classes
magiguy101 Jul 20 2011, 5:05pm replied:

Oh no I meant he should get in the group to make it official :)

+2 votes   article: Announcing Playable Animal Classes
magiguy101 Jul 20 2011, 11:06am replied:

btw fainthaert you're not on the mountainwheelgames group...

+2 votes   article: Announcing Playable Animal Classes
magiguy101 Jul 20 2011, 5:11am replied:

That's cool thanks for the reply :) I'm pretty much out of ideas for now but I'll try and come up with new ones when more features are revealed. I also realised that invisibility could break the game, and that's why I only suggested slight transparency, much like poor active camo from halo 3 :) and the
Fact it can only be used for 15 seconds at a time helps to stop people ruining the experience...

Good luck :)

+3 votes   article: Announcing Playable Animal Classes
magiguy101 Jul 19 2011, 3:50pm replied:

And finally a less serious, but still feasible idea: Water jet: Yes I know this is somewhat silly, but come on; it's a mammoth :) Can only be used in water. Sucks up water (purely animation, doesn't actually change the water level :P) and then shoots it for about 2 seconds at wherever you point the cursor. Gives the animals a ranged attack. Stuns whoever is hit, and temporarily slows them to about 80% movement speed. Does not affect other mammoths.

If you read all of this then thank you for your time. I hope this feedback helps you create an amazing game, and that's it. :) I'm done.

For now... ;)

+4 votes   article: Announcing Playable Animal Classes
magiguy101 Jul 19 2011, 3:47pm replied:

Scout class: Spotting. Reveals all nearby enemies to the player and displays them on the minimap (if there is one) for a while (maybe 20 seconds) Also spots enemies who are crouched or in stealth mode. Increased are of effect if the player uses the ability while in mid-air.
If there is a first-person 'zoom' type feature, then it would be quite cool to show the enemies only in the field of your vision but at a much longer range. (Revealed enemies should have a red arrow pointing to their position)

Warrior class: War cry: All nearby friendly warrior class animals (and warrior humans if there is a class like that) gain a 10% attack boost. Does not affect the player who used it. (Possibly affects heavy class animals also)

Hunter class: Crouch/Pounce. Think of the hunter from Left 4 dead 2 if you ever played it. Press the button once to lower into a crouch, which reduces your movement speed to maybe 40%, but with no transparency or stealth aspects, as that just overpowers it. Crouch lasts for as long as you want it to. Next press of the button pounces on the opponent and causes heavy damage. (I'm thinking 2.5x one attack's damage if you hit their front or sides, and 4x damage if you hit their back).
Sixth sense: (call it whatever you want) Nearby human players have a cloud of coloured smoke (team colours, or green/red for friend/enemy) The smoke should not go too high or be too thick and is only visible to the player. Probably about twice the height of the humans. If passive then a very small range, if ability then increased range but decreased movement speed while it's active. I would say... lasts 20 seconds, and recharges in 40 seconds.

Heavy Class: Charge. Same thing as defence classes charge except with increased damage resistance, and maybe does less damage on impact with players, and more damage to structures (if you have destructible buildings) If possible knocks down trees.

+4 votes   article: Announcing Playable Animal Classes
magiguy101 Jul 19 2011, 3:45pm says:

In three parts:

I can see the most popular animal being saber tooth by far... Maybe add something more to the rhinoceros and gastornis animals. I don't really see that a scout class being that useful unless you're really big on team tactics... If you made the moving speeds at all realistic (or at least as realistic as you get with prehistoric animals :P) then the saber tooth will be the second fastest animal, and also pretty stealthy considering it's size. Either nerf the tigers or buff the others.

For example: Abilities for the classes.

Stealth class: Crouch/prowl. Animal gets half movement speed but hit boxes and visible size are halved height wise. (Possibly make the animal slightly transparent) Can only be in prowl mode for 15 seconds at a time. 20 second recharge between uses. (Maybe a 'refuelling' type bar that decreases as you use the ability, but starts to increase after you haven't used the ability for 10 seconds. (10 seconds to fill completely from empty.)

Defence class: Charge. Animal charges in a relatively straight line (some control but turns slowly) dealing heavy damage to all players, friendly and not so friendly. Sound of heavy footsteps is heard from quite a long way away. Charges for 10 seconds maximum, charge can be cancelled at any point although there is a short time between cancelling a charge and the momentum of the animal decreasing. Recharge time 40 seconds.

Scout class: High Jump. Fairly obvious. Extra high jump (double height?) so can clear large gaps on some maps. See/jump over tall obstacles, and makes you harder to hit. Either passive ability or can be used every 2-3 seconds. (As you already have the scream ability)

+4 votes   article: Announcing Playable Animal Classes
magiguy101 Jul 13 2011, 2:27pm says:

Well I love LOTR and I love M&B, and other lotr mods have been inactive lately... :( so I hope this pulls through :) Tracking

+3 votes   mod: The Last Days (of The Third Age of Middle Earth)
magiguy101 Jul 12 2011, 4:04pm says:

I think the planes at the end of the video should travel faster... they don't seem to be all that useful against a moving target... but brilliant effects, guys :)

+7 votes   media: NATO A-10 Tank Buster and Sentinel Virus
magiguy101 Aug 25 2014, 6:50am says:

The real question is, of course; does his belly wobble? XD

+7 votes   media: The Great Goblin
magiguy101 Jul 26 2012, 6:47pm says:

Maybe Flamelauncher instead...

+1 vote   media: China Flamethrower
magiguy101 Feb 20 2012, 1:55pm replied:

Cool... So I guess it's only one-way?

+1 vote   mod: Skyrim - Doctor Who
magiguy101 Feb 18 2012, 12:59pm says:

I have done no research on this whatsoever, so I don't know your plans, but I think a nice feature would be to replace the quick travel horse carts with the TARDIS. You said you wanted to include Dr. Who, but I can't really see how except the Tardis and a few monsters... Good luck with this mod though, it'll be very interesting to see the end result :)

+1 vote   mod: Skyrim - Doctor Who
magiguy101 Apr 24 2011, 4:09pm says:

Tracking. I get the feeling the ground will be hard to tell from the units with there only being orange, yellow, blue, black, and white in the tron universe.

+1 vote   mod: TRON SYSTEM REBOOT
magiguy101 Dec 12 2010, 2:22pm says:

You guys have made fantastic particle effects which my laptop will never let me see... :(

+1 vote   media: Shaker
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