Magic Stone Studios is an indie game development company whose goal is to create competitive high-quality games that appeal to all audiences. Magic Stone Studios is currently working on their first official videogame title, "R.A.T.S. - Rodent Army Training Simulator", a stylized multiplayer FPS that players of all ages can play!

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R.A.T.S. Now in Closed Beta

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The team is working diligently to get R.A.T.S. closer to its completion. We have now entered into our first Closed Beta phase of development, with strong focus on Multi-Player modes and maps. The beta is only accessible to close friends and family at this time, but we will be posting a ton of screenshots and videos in the very near future. So stay tuned for that!

Also, we will be hosting a campaign over at in the near future. Keep checking there and find out how you can help R.A.T.S. become a legend!

In the meantime, enjoy this screen of the never-before-seen multi-player map: Mock Town!


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We've just created this ModDB profile, just uploaded some screen-shots, but still need some time to keep adding to our profile. You can keep checking up on R.A.T.S. by visiting the main website at - as the website is kept more current.

We'd also like to mention our "UDK Custom Weapon Tutorial" which teaches anyone interested in Unreal Engine 3/Unreal Development Kit how to create a custom weapon and have it working in-game, starting frome creating the model, to rigging, animation, and then programming. You can view this tutorial, and the more coming soon, at:

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