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MadGodXD Jan 11 2010, 3:08pm says:

a bunch of nanosuit-wearing players on a team AND awesome maps AND they're less linear? sweet! can't wait to be able to play.

+1 vote   media: Level 1
MadGodXD Jan 11 2010, 3:06pm says:

:D thanks for the pic! looks awesome and i can't for part 2 along with others :)

+1 vote   media: Eye of the Storm episode II - teaser
MadGodXD Jan 11 2010, 3:05pm says:

ability type: special
pro: on activation, makes the necromorph invisible, ideal for ambushes.
cons: the necromorph must stand still while invisible/cannot attack

0 votes   news: The Rising MOD - $40 Steam game competition! (Two possible winners!)
MadGodXD Jan 10 2010, 12:50pm says:

how about K.A.R.A. or if you're feeling a bit on the cheesy/corny side, Ann droid? :)

+1 vote   news: Jailbreak: Top 100 Giveaway!
MadGodXD Dec 25 2009, 8:30am says:

looks awesome. how does the map work then? is it earning points from winning card battles to buy better cards ect ect?

+1 vote   media: oc_cardwar cards close-up
MadGodXD Nov 26 2009, 10:56am says:

you guys just can't stop putting awesome models up for us, can you? :)
loving the model

+1 vote   media: rebel humvee
MadGodXD Nov 13 2009, 1:03pm says:

if there's gonna be a bigger map, maybe another spa or something would help.

love the map + mod and eagerly awaiting new version :)

+1 vote   media: oc_harvest 1.35 forest
MadGodXD Nov 13 2009, 1:00pm says:

sounds like HL2's version of WW2 jurassic park! trailer looks awesome and im DLing now

+1 vote   news: Dino D-Day: The Mod - Released!
MadGodXD Oct 25 2009, 9:59am says:

awesome-looking picture and i can't wait to see the mod come out

+1 vote   media: The new Coastline WiP
MadGodXD Oct 16 2009, 11:35am replied:

true but maybe a few extra weapons made to fit in with the HL2 setting would help make it a small bit better. maybe some human hands instead of HEV suit hands.

+3 votes   news: Overheid Demo released!
MadGodXD Oct 16 2009, 11:31am says:

looks amazing! crytek just keep outperforming anyone else to make a game look amazing. but my concern is that crysis and crysis warhead slow my computer down quite a bit, so will i be able to play games with epic graphics at a slightly faster FPS speed?

0 votes   news: Crytek releases CryENGINE┬« 3
MadGodXD Sep 25 2009, 1:05pm says:

with the day/night cycle there is a problem: if daytime's too short, you find yourself stuck too far from safety but too long and your plants will never grow. i love this map but the antlion attacks keep destroying all my juniper crops :( it also gets repetitive and the few harvest servers are a bit laggy and it's annoying playing by yourself, spawning and killing metrocops merely for cash. i'll say agin i really like this map but it still does need some adjustment.

0 votes   media: oc_harvest introduction and overview
MadGodXD Sep 20 2009, 1:32pm says:

can't get enough of this mod, yet i really want to see a sequel :)

+5 votes   mod: Research and Development
MadGodXD Sep 16 2009, 1:11pm says:

come the hell on JB team! stop taunting us we can't wait for the update!

-1 votes   mod: Jailbreak!
MadGodXD Sep 16 2009, 12:54pm says:

my only concern is HOW MANY people are gonna play because i'd hate to see loads of empty servers like AHL2

+1 vote   mod: Obsidian Conflict
MadGodXD Sep 16 2009, 12:51pm says:

idc if it's not for crysis i bought warhead as well :)

+1 vote   news: Beta Release date
MadGodXD Aug 30 2009, 9:38am says:

2 bad about those problems im looking forward to co-op

+1 vote   mod: Crysis Co-op
MadGodXD Aug 23 2009, 3:44pm says:

looks WAY better than synergy

why DID valve put syn or steam anyway? nobody playes it anymore

keep it up THIS mod is a co-op multiplayer not crappy synergy :D

+2 votes   mod: Obsidian Conflict
MadGodXD Aug 23 2009, 3:37pm says:

one step closer to the edge? that reminds me of a linkin park song. looks epic cant w8 :)

+1 vote   mod: BLACKSECTOR
MadGodXD Aug 20 2009, 11:50am says:

i've played a lotta singleplayer mods but this is the best one ever. it's so puzzling at points PLEASE make a sequel or something i love this mod!!

+1 vote   feature: WSIP: Research and Development
MadGodXD Aug 18 2009, 7:53am says:

maybe if there was more news and less secretive stuff (no offense) people would know this mod isn't dead on the first view of the page. PLEASE post some news soon!

+1 vote   mod: Eye of the Storm
MadGodXD Aug 10 2009, 10:40am says:

a lotta mods have servers, but no players which is a shame because they would be really fun with some more ppl. hope this mod keeps going!

+1 vote   mod: Frontiers
MadGodXD Aug 9 2009, 12:35pm says:

nobody seems to play it. all the servers i find on the list are empty

+2 votes   mod: Action Halflife 2
MadGodXD Aug 9 2009, 11:58am replied:

:D thank god! i thought this mod was gonna die, which would suck because i never find the heart to delete ravenholme or eye of the storm part 1 from my PC even though im outta memory. time for an external hard drive maybe...

+1 vote   mod: Eye of the Storm
MadGodXD Aug 9 2009, 11:56am says:

bet this mod is dead. shame, coz its AWESOME!

-4 votes   mod: Eye of the Storm
MadGodXD Aug 9 2009, 11:53am says:

kinda looks like zoey and bill hate each other :P

+2 votes   media: Left 4 Dead
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