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MachoMan89 Nov 2 2014, 7:59pm says:

game needs HEAVY modding and DevTools

+2 votes   game: Alien: Isolation
MachoMan89 Oct 28 2014, 8:04pm says:

needs to be a cyborg person and one of their superweapons

+1 vote   media: House Ordos saboteur
MachoMan89 Oct 20 2014, 9:12pm says:

is this for the Forgotten?

+1 vote   media: All Grunt voice quotes
MachoMan89 Oct 14 2014, 3:11am says: If any are interested in a hentai style doom mod check this out!

+2 votes   game: Doom II
MachoMan89 Oct 14 2014, 3:11am says: If any are interested in a hentai style doom mod check this out!

+2 votes   game: Doom
MachoMan89 Sep 24 2014, 6:41pm replied:

does this mod work with Bio or Shifter?

+1 vote   download: Human Renovation v1.3
MachoMan89 Sep 24 2014, 3:37pm says:

the Freemen shouldn't have the Sound Wave weapons until they join the Atredies

+2 votes   media: New freman
MachoMan89 Jul 15 2014, 12:25pm says:

I really hope the Mutants get their own faction(playable buildings and everything) in this mod, would be cool to see Cabal's army as well. Have you guys ever thought to create the mechs you see in the cutscenes and images during the intro to the campaign?

+2 votes   mod: Tiberium Essence
MachoMan89 Jul 1 2014, 1:01am says:

has any CnC 3 modder tried making those two other mech vehicles you see in the CnC 3 cutscenes before the campaign mission?

+2 votes   game: C&C3: Tiberium Wars
MachoMan89 Jun 30 2014, 9:12am replied:

i like the look and feel of zDoom the best, but gzDoom has some graphic and other advantages. I have both depending on the mod, if it requires gzDoom then I use that, if not i just stay with zDoom

+1 vote   download: WW Doomguy Visor hud
MachoMan89 Jun 20 2014, 12:09am says:

honestly, almost everygame(if they can) should offer Coop. Halo 1 and 2 did it perfect and this is another great example

+1 vote   article: Status Report #6 - IT'S RELEASED!!!
MachoMan89 Jun 18 2014, 1:20pm says:

hopefully a single player focus will come into play.

Is there a way to make the build time faster? I know it is MP based but 6 min for a structure haha

+2 votes   download: TALON Mod 1.3
MachoMan89 Jun 17 2014, 6:22pm says:

KW needs way more mods, one thing I really wish for CnC3 and KW is that the maps were much much bigger and more of the environment was usable(more building use and other things).

CnC 2 had huge maps in comparison

+3 votes   game: C&C3: Kane’s Wrath
MachoMan89 Jun 16 2014, 12:14am says:

Suppressor, not silencer

0 votes   game: Black Market: Nemesis
MachoMan89 Jun 14 2014, 8:09pm says:

There is a new mod coming out called H-Doom(currently in demo phase), the modders doing it don't have any blog or webpage but it is basically a sexual/Porn doom mod where you have your assort of toys/weapons, seduce the demon-girls and have a great time hahahaha

0 votes   group: DoomDb - The official Doom WAD sharing group!
MachoMan89 Jun 13 2014, 9:48am replied:

thank you! = D

+1 vote   download: OUTDATED: One Vision 0.7
MachoMan89 Jun 12 2014, 5:35pm says:

I can't find the download for "WrathEd Mod Launcher" where do you guys get yours, the ModDB isn't there anymore

+1 vote   download: OUTDATED: One Vision 0.7
MachoMan89 Jun 6 2014, 10:53am says:

keep it up dude,

+1 vote   media: Doom X
MachoMan89 May 27 2014, 6:12pm says:

is anyone working on modifications to the Starcraft 2 campaigns? adding more or new units, adding more missions, and making the game longer or better?

MP is good n all but I care more about the campaign

+1 vote   mod: Orion: Ground Zero
MachoMan89 May 20 2014, 10:39pm says:

I wish someone would make campaign mods for Wings of liberty and Heart of the Swarm. Add more levels, add all the units to choose from. Hell Blizzard should add in all the units and expand all campaigns and have way more levels and more missions. I may be the only person who cares more about the story than mulitplayer but I cannot be the only one who wouldn't want more units, missions and choices in the campaigns

+2 votes   game: Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm
MachoMan89 May 11 2014, 9:25am says:

awesome, I tried it on the first few levels, is pretty good I like it

+4 votes   download: Feel Boss MK2 Re-Loaded
MachoMan89 May 1 2014, 6:13pm says:

should just make it a normal nuke

+4 votes   media: Death hand approaching!
MachoMan89 Jan 20 2014, 9:11am says:

like a Spectre Gunship, awesome

+1 vote   media: Devastator Gunship Test (Support Skill)
MachoMan89 Jan 15 2014, 11:27am says:

This looks awesome

+3 votes   mod: Orange Sun
MachoMan89 Dec 26 2013, 11:03pm says:

needs Caleb and Lo Wang

+2 votes   media: The Heroes of Samsara
MachoMan89 Dec 25 2013, 9:05am says:

the Goliath Tank acts up, the lower portion becomes a tick tank

+2 votes   article: Merry Xmas & Happy Holidays!
MachoMan89 Dec 23 2013, 7:52pm says:

Whenever I deploy the Goliath Tank the bottom portion becomes a tick tank and the turret is correct

+1 vote   mod: Twisted Insurrection
MachoMan89 Dec 22 2013, 11:20am says:

boooooooooooo no fible quotes

+1 vote   media: Bible Quotations
MachoMan89 Dec 19 2013, 6:44pm says:

You know what, Doom should get an R rated TV series. I would direct it to be amazing

+1 vote   download: DoomWorld 1994-2003 Top 100
MachoMan89 Dec 19 2013, 1:07pm says:

awesome stuff

+1 vote   mod: Eternal Doom
MachoMan89 Aug 19 2013, 10:35am says:

cannot wait to play this first person, wanted to on Day 1

+1 vote   media: Alien Swarm FP flame-thrower gameplay
MachoMan89 Aug 31 2012, 8:40am says:

if you want players to see it, you could make the doors to the shrine open so when the player zooms in and moves the camera they could see it, or make the doors see-through

+3 votes   media: This for a Secret Shrine!
MachoMan89 Aug 29 2012, 9:08am says:

Sweet, I was getting tired of the small maps in CnC3. I hope the maps you make are way larger, and fun to explorse

+1 vote   media: The remake of the Grand Canyon
MachoMan89 Jul 2 2012, 1:20am says:

What folder do I out it in, Sourcemods or HL2Ep2

+1 vote   download: Ghost hunt beta version 1
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