I do coding/scripting/configs/ect. Right now I'm working on the 'STALKER: Call of Pripyat' mods RCOM and Faction Fronts.

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MacBradley Mar 7 2011, 3:39am replied:

Have you been hacking into my computer, sgt.davis44? Haha!

That's how the health HUD works, in addition to transparency increases. Bleeding has a separate overlay than this; the one in the screen is for health.

There's Dynamic HUDs stamina and radiation as well. There is going to be no visible HUD outside of a couple small things, such as the fire mode indicator. Immersion is the goal, and its looking like it might work out better than I initially thought.

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MacBradley Mar 7 2011, 3:34am replied:

Sorry v.1.0.6 is having issues for you. :( Did you send me a crash report? I can't remember.

Were working hard to make sure RCOM Final will be as bug/crash free as possible, as well. :)

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MacBradley Mar 7 2011, 3:33am replied:

Performance is WAY better than my first scripting attempt from a couple weeks ago, haha! I've a couple different algorithms and need to test them against a FPS counter, but so far I can't notice a noticeable FPS drop without seeing the FPS counter, which is a good sign!

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MacBradley Mar 7 2011, 3:28am says:

The next RCOM is going to be an internal BETA, which could be anywhere between a couple weeks to a couple months. After that, I expect RCOM Final to be out shortly after the internal BETA. Its highly unlikely RCOM Final isn't out sometime this Spring.

BTW, the best place for general RCOM questions is the main comments page, because sometimes I don't notice the download comments except recently after adding them. Forums are good as well. :)

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MacBradley Mar 7 2011, 2:40am says:

Ummm, whats the deal with decoz123 that you have Sorrow? If you have problems with him comments aren't really the place for it; send him a PM or e-mail.

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MacBradley Mar 7 2011, 2:36am replied:

You can't even make a half decent troll attemp, wow! Seriously, all you do is just keep saying mods are dead...

I think more people are getting more fulfillment out of giving you a '-' for trolling, than you are are for failing to get people worked up.

FAIL Troll is a FAIL Troll.

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MacBradley Mar 5 2011, 6:19pm replied:

I've been thinking about whether to include gasmasks textures or not.

I like the idea of them, as its good immersion, but also they take up a lot of screen space, which is already limited in FOV compared to the peripheral vision one has in real life.

A possibility might be to have the mask textures only slightly visible at the edges of the screen. Hmm...

If included, masks would probably be an option at install.

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MacBradley Mar 5 2011, 6:16pm replied:

I agree it would be nice! I've been working on Faction Fronts aspects as well now (Predator_828 asked me to), and the FF team is working on adding new weapons. Like much of the RCOM stuff I'm working on (example the dynamic HUD scripting) being used for FF, RCOM will be using some stuff from FF as well.

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MacBradley Mar 5 2011, 6:12pm replied:

There skin comment is noted, thanks for the input.

As for *CLEAR SKY SPOILERS* how many Clear Sky Faction members are left:

Without giving too much away, the end of CS makes it so that they either die, or become Monolith members. Not all of them leave the CS base at the end, so there are still a handful left at the end of CS. Also, as seen in CoP from the rouge Monolith squad, is that some Monolith members are no longer under control, albeit with lost memories.

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MacBradley Mar 3 2011, 10:57pm replied:

The time-frame is the same as vanilla CoP. RCOM has turned into a sort of hybrid between a CoP mod, and a complete and total conversion. Maybe an "expansion mod" would be a better description? IDK.

This approach will allow the vanilla CoP quests and story to not go to waste when playing RCOM, but also includes completely new quests/story made for RCOM within the the CS/ShoC maps.

Clear Sky currently retains their brilliant idea of using light blue/white camo to blend in with dark yellow/brown swamps. The contrast scares away enemies like a an animal that has bright patterns warning predators because those colors mimic another, venomous animal!?!

Seriously though, CS faction might have skin changes or might not. It depends on several things, including but not limited to how much time Predator_828 has left for more texture work.

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MacBradley Mar 3 2011, 12:23am says:

If you show PM me the report I may know the "how" to fix it. Can't kill to try, right? :)

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MacBradley Mar 2 2011, 3:50am replied:

Give me the crash report on the Limask smart terrain errors. I've done tons of smart terrain work with RCOM and might recognize the crash (I've seen a billion ambiguous smart crashes now, haha).

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MacBradley Mar 1 2011, 7:28pm replied:

They've morphed into a larger update I keep putting off as the features grow. I probably should drop some new info though, since you brought it up.

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MacBradley Mar 1 2011, 7:25pm replied:

You can do it in the SDK as well. If you'd rather do it manually, there's some threads on the subject on the GSC forums. Look for threads started by Beacon.

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MacBradley Feb 26 2011, 7:14am says:

Whoever keeps "-"ing my posts needs to knock that **** off.

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MacBradley Feb 25 2011, 2:57pm replied:

Cool. I twas curious. :)

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MacBradley Feb 25 2011, 2:50pm says:


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MacBradley Feb 24 2011, 10:59pm says:

Haha! Perfect.

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MacBradley Feb 24 2011, 10:58pm says:

What changes did you doing to the Rays that you're testing here?

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MacBradley Feb 24 2011, 10:55pm says:

Someone's been going around Stalker moddb pages and giving out a bunch of random '-' votes, so I gave you all a '+' to make up for the stoopid troll! :)

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MacBradley Feb 24 2011, 10:53pm replied:

Agreed, looking good! Some in game screens soon maybe?

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MacBradley Feb 24 2011, 4:43am replied:

Glad you like the mod plans ZeroUK. There will be an update shortly. I keep putting it off because we keep adding new things that I want to wait for to update, and then when that's ready there's more new things, haha! Viscous Circle!?!

For ATMOSFEAR, try this link to Cromm's site:

There is a RCOM v.1.0.6 compatibility patch there. I can't confirm if it works because Cromm Cruac made it and didn't test it; but he's a quality modder and I'd be surprised if it didn't work right. :)

The AN-94 skin is from a CS mod "Basix" Mod. It can be found on Filefront, but I'm unsure of where else it is found.

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MacBradley Feb 24 2011, 2:30am says:

Great shot!

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MacBradley Feb 22 2011, 5:03pm replied:

Good Question lonwolf807.

- Redux merges MAIO for AI and damages, RCOM (with some changes) for weapons, and Redux specific changes revolving around radiation damage and the such.

- RCOM uses AI, damages, and weapons I made and balanced to work specifically with each other. The MAIO authors and myself shared a lot of info back and forth during development, but the AI for RCOM is very much different; in the since that it is tuned very specifically for how I made the weapons/combat behave. Like the_dingle said, that is where RCOM focus is up through v.1.0.6 Beta.

- Both mods also contain many other changes here and there, and both also include other mods merged in as well. Both mods have a detailed feature list included with Readme files if you download them.

- As for future Redux versions, I don't know what the plans are; you'd have to ask Beacon.

- As for future RCOM versions, the next release will contain maps from CS and ShoC, new factions, new quests, rebuilt economy for larger world, new skins, new weapons, new dynamic HUD, ect.

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MacBradley Feb 22 2011, 4:28pm says:

Looks good. :)

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MacBradley Feb 22 2011, 4:24pm says:

The screen of this bloodsucker's mannerisms and shading highlights remind me of Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid. Weird.

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MacBradley Feb 21 2011, 4:17pm replied:

Like I was saying, if you have so many questions please use he rcom forums here on moddb, so that it is easier to answer many questions in an organized way. Thanks. :)

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MacBradley Feb 21 2011, 1:45am replied:

It's a custom skin someone included in a Clear Sky mod. I've just been running around with for the builds I've be taking screenshots from.

There will be some new skins/weapons in RCOM Final. Which ones depend on a lot of things, including getting author permission for ones like this, and also what skins active RCOM Team members create.

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MacBradley Feb 21 2011, 1:42am replied:

I suggest you play RCOM yourself before asking some of these questions. Some of them answer themselves with just a little while of playing with RCOM.

Also, it would be easier to answer these in the RCOM forums here on moddb, where it is easier to keep the questions/answers organized. :)

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MacBradley Feb 21 2011, 1:32am says:

Good idea. Good execution.

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