Have a good computer (powerful, most) I want to see some good mods please. To the Freakness, Dec1234 and Fugitmdup - you two are most kind, thank you for your responses in mine. Please understand my English is not as full as yours - I am using dictionary in Firefox to help (bless Firefox).

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Left 4 Dead

6 years ago by Ma_Loon 0 comments

I played Left 4 Dead the other night and it is most scary!

I play online with various people - where we have to work together through hardships to defeat common enemy, was most enjoyable.

The only thing I as not like is the un-realism. It feel very cartoon, and it play less real too.

But this is not detract as it is VERY enjoyable, I recommend for those that have not, to play.

Tanks are like hairless gorillas which made me laugh.

I hope to see you inside the game.

Blessings to all,


Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2

6 years ago by Ma_Loon 4 comments
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ChadaFACE Aug 22 2009 says:

Yes,it's best to let them be.Interfering will cause even more trouble..

oh by the way hope you'll have good Ramadan ;)

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The_6th_Monkey Jun 13 2009 says:

Just ignore the angry people. I don't understand them either to be honest.
Anyway yes, I agree that farcry has very realistic graphics only problem is it gets a bit repetitive. It should be interesting to see if the next game adds a larger variety of animals :)

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Ma_Loon Creator
Ma_Loon Jun 14 2009 replied:

Dear 6th, thank you for your reply.
Maybe one day people will see that they are wasting their anger on the computer and should be at peace.

I am pleased that you took time to read my review - I am sorry it isn't very deep.
I do honest to hope that if they make the Far Cry 3, it will be a whole lot better. Did you play on line?

Thank you.

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Ma_Loon Creator
Ma_Loon Jun 11 2009 says:

I like... Jurassic Park. I like... Predator. I like... Erm I like Dawn of the Dead. I like Star Wars as well.

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Ma_Loon Creator
Ma_Loon Jun 13 2009 replied:

Many people on here are very rude and I to know why? Why do they become so filled with anger in their days?

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Potteh Jun 15 2009 replied:

Let me guess, you believe in the almighty god and that he has provided you with everything in life? If it is, please say yes, so I can break your religion beliefs down in front of you.

The reason people are "very rude" is because people are sick of seeing idiots everywhere and it's about time they all stood up for what they believe in and not hide away whilst some monkey gets the lime-light.

I'm "very rude" according to people who hate the truth, but you see, the truth hurts. ;)

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Ma_Loon Creator
Ma_Loon Jun 15 2009 replied:

Dear friend,

While you question my code of belief in God (the almighty), you ignore your very own existence. You strive so hard to be noticed and remembered through anger that you forget the true meaning of your role in life.

Please friend, do not spread the anger on this web page - your immature hostility become very contagious in relation to greater community.
Or perhaps you strive so to become known as one who angers for own personal liberation - reflect from your despite of your uncomfort in real life? I am wondering.

Please friend, do not despise and bring others down, we should all be at peace.

Bless you PottehUK.

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Potteh Jun 15 2009 replied:

Let's get some facts straight, I'm not your friend and never will be. Second of all quit the religious jibber jabber, it's useless against me as I can rip into that crap all day long.

Don't bless me, I don't need a blessing from something that doesn't exist. I will bring others down because they seem to think that they can go around and insult people who won't fight back, when they tried it on with me I fought back and I will always fight back and put them in their places.

If anything, I'd rather believe in the Devil than God, because let's face it, God is nothing but a, get ready for this!

"The god of the old testiment is argueably the most unpleasent character in all fiction; jealous and proud of it a pety unjust unforgiving control freak a vindictive blood thirsty ethnic cleanser a misinginistic homophobic racist infindicidle genocidle philosidle pestilential meglomaniacle sadomasochist appreciately manelovent bully."

Gotta love Richard Dawkins. Freaking genius!

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Ma_Loon Creator
Ma_Loon Jun 17 2009 replied:

You are my friend, you just not know it.

And what you say "jibber jabber" I have not ever pressed my religion on any one here, you are presuming. And you could not "rip" into my views as you have no idea what I have to live through.

If you read all of your posts, you will see that you do in fact need blessing (not even religious).
It is people like you who create negative among peers. Only with peace will you become who you should be, instead of manly brash sentences in web pages.

And if you want to believe in shaitan instead of the Almighty then you sound to me like a 13 year old American girl who likes grunge musics, rebelling against good parents.
And you are living that moniker perfectly by doing as you are.

Please stop this menace.

Peace unto you PottehUK.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Potteh Jun 17 2009 replied:

"You are my friend, you just not know it."

No... You are not my friend you tool. I don't become friends with people who believe a book can guide their life's.

So you're stereotyping me as an American girl who likes grunge musics and is a rebel? That's a racist view, that's like me saying you come from Uganda so you must know your Banana's really well. Not nice now is it?

It's called provoked negativity, perhaps you should tell the inbreds on here to stop provoking it with stupid views and you won't hear the negativity from me.

It's funny, read that quote I gave you, it's the honest truth of what you believe in sir.

At least I can go about my life doing judgements for my own beliefs and not from a book that was written by some nut job.

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Ma_Loon Creator
Ma_Loon Jun 18 2009 replied:

Dear PotteUK,

What is your "tool"? Please, I don't understand this.
And you are my friend - I do respect you, as I hope you me.
As to a book - it seems that you believe the internet, which some class as book.

I am stereotyping the teen group - many nation has youth that enjoy rebellious gothic tendencies, some can be interest in devil - England, America, Sweden and German etc. - all have teenagers that follow this ideal.
I am NOT racially stereotyping, as you are - which I find offensive, please apologise PottehUK. I expected more from one such as you.

I will not tell "inbreds" here to stop talking their views, as they are allowed to express, just as you & I are. May their comments be immature, so be it.
This is undeterrable through the myre of internet. You are different, but the same. As am I.

I have read the quote and it applies not to me. I do think you have me confused in certain religion. Dawkins is clever man, but his views differ from mine.
When you live in country that is blessed through its hardships, you life can take flight - I feel sorry for you where you feel you have to question what you have missing.

May your days remain peaceful,


Also, brother what your name? I would want to call you as you are.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Potteh Jun 19 2009 replied:

When I say tool, I'm calling you a spanner, aka empty in the head.

"I am NOT racially stereotyping, as you are - which I find offensive, please apologise PottehUK. I expected more from one such as you."

No... You're the one who is being racist for saying it in the first place, I there-for carried it on excluding your Racism with some knowledge on how you are wrong. You sir, are a Racist. You expected more from me? You don't know me.

"You are different, but the same. As am I." Indeed I am different, because I speak my mind and the truth, but I am no way in any shape or form like you, I'm a smart-*** who is actually quite smart if I do say so myself, I mean look at the trash I've cleaned up on here so far.

Kay, so tell me your religion and I bet you any cash in the world that I can de-bunk it's total non-sense. Dawkins is a genius he's like me, speaks the truth and his mind about the total **** that goes on in the world today, telling people to grow up and get out of their stupid fantasy worlds.

I pity you all who lead your life's with the "Holy Bible". I really do, if you're so gullable to believe a book that was wrote thousands of years ago by some nut-jub because he had to earn some money fast then yeah, you're pretty much a *******.

Nobody needs to know my name, my name is Potteh and it's what I am called in real life "brother". That is all anyone needs to know.

-2 votes     reply to comment
Ma_Loon Creator
Ma_Loon Jun 19 2009 replied:

Oh, I see.
My gosh, you sir are quite the benevolent man. Not only you pray on your audacious claims and arrogant demeanour, but you act as if you are better than most people? A man with forced respect shall receive no praise from those who are truthful of heart.
I do feel that direct racial stereotype is identifiable with this quote:

"So you're stereotyping me as an American girl who likes grunge musics and is a rebel? That's a racist view, that's like me saying you come from Uganda so you must know your Banana's really well. Not nice now is it?"

A simple view of youth group identifiable in any nation is not a racist vision, where yours DIRECTLY was. I have now lost all respect for you and your arguments, for you are deluded (this will probably create a response against religion, as you are opposite of me).
Do you even know what 'racial stereotyping' is? If only your perception of "racism" as you think were true, there would be lot less trouble in the world. English would up arms at being called 'tea drinkers'? But the entire black community world wide are Ok being called 'banana eaters' - a direct racial slur?
Like I said, I feel sorry for a man who thrives off confrontation and retaliation. Can your life be so scorched as to require this liberation digitally?

+1 vote   reply to comment
Ma_Loon Creator
Ma_Loon Jun 19 2009 replied:

(I have to do two separate posts for the space is too small to express)

Again, you bring argument back to the fore, explaining that we are NOT the same, when we both EXACTLY do same - only from different perspectives?
Yet you are too clever to see this, no?
Friend, please understand that your unwanted hostility negates your pretty quips. I can understand if you feel you are some kind of 'net vigilante', and if that is your purposeful perception on-line, than so be it.
I imagine you are a meek child in life then? See how perception may create?

How can you pity, when you have no relevant compassion? I feel one as 'clever' as you, friend, may be learned enough to decipher my faith, but I presume your knowledge doesn't stray further than apparent observations, brash grammar and vague ideology, rather than cultural respect and absorption. Please release your pseudo interest in disbanding religion through angst at growing up as a direct attack against conformity. Like I said - I respect Dawkins. He is a man of a faith, be it a faith in no God - he still adheres to beliefs.

And if you feel you shall live by your 'name' on the internet, this further justifies my statements.

Bless you PottehUK,


+1 vote   reply to comment
Potteh Jun 20 2009 replied:

""So you're stereotyping me as an American girl who likes grunge musics and is a rebel? That's a racist view, that's like me saying you come from Uganda so you must know your Banana's really well. Not nice now is it?""

Yes, read it on, you can see you started it so I said one back, not nice now is it?

"English would up arms at being called 'tea drinkers'? "

Another insult, thanks.

"Do you even know what 'racial stereotyping' is?"

Of course I do you idiot, that's why I lumped onto your crap for insulting my race.

From what I can see here, you basically hate it when you're called out, the truth hurts and is why most people don't like me on here as you said forced respect? No no, I don't force people respect me for being able to speak my true opinion ask anyone on my friends lists and yes people on my friends lists are genuine friends not just fill a spot; ask them why they respect me I gurantee it'll be along the lines that I can speak my opinion be able to look after myself.

You see, you have no idea about this community or for that matter any gaming community, telling people to Hush and stop being so "aggressive" clearly shows that you haven't a sodding clue about a gaming community, the whole premise surrounds that nature that's called FUN. The people I sorta insult on here it isn't for real at the end of the day they'll laugh about it and so will I, you assume that I actually hate these people on here which is ironic because I laugh about it.

Silly person, perhaps you should try not forcing your rainbow side onto the INTUHWEBZ because you clearly don't fit in.

Man I'm hungry now, brb going for a banana.

-1 votes     reply to comment
Ma_Loon Creator
Ma_Loon Jun 21 2009 replied:

Well, you are truly the ever observant, friend.

If you consider the quoted quote a valid example for racist evidence from your own mouth, then I do fear you do not know the history of racism is, or even means. Your deliberate neglect and highly selective method of my prior reply as to quote meaningful source to amplify your 'trump cards' is transparent. And your curious attempts at reversing racist claims are reverted once more with the tea quote.
You are truly a confused man in morals and ethics, please advance as to not be so blinded by self rightous victory attained blind from internet arguements.
You have know idea what racism is, and how I encounter when I studied in Engalnd.
So please refrain from your mighty knowledge of what strange 'internet' racism is.
Friend, I do not 'hate' when called out (I feel that this phrase 'called out' is your gambit?), for I am simply responding to a racial slur, derived from your hostile nature. This is what plagues our world so. There is no truth in what you say, and it seems that you have a complex in retaliation.
Then go on to see that you are referring to your 'friends' on internet Moddb and how you acquired them through respect? Well I congratualte you for this. This leads on to you completely re-affirming your negative attitude to certain members on website by isolating me as example of people who shouldn't visit this website? My gosh.
I am sorry if I am not a 'gaming community'.
But I applaud you for being a eloquent warden within this exclusive community that has no place for respectful people.
What a beautiful community.

And you finish on an assumptive slur, as a fitting coup de grace. How befitting of your nature.

Thankyou though, for helping me drastically improve my English, this has been perfect excersise.

Salaam, stay true to your heart PottehUk,


+1 vote   reply to comment
Potteh Jun 22 2009 replied:

Sorry, but did you just say I have no idea about Racism? LOL, don't make me laugh, that's why you're jumping on the bandwagon, I know what you're implying and you keep pushing it mate and I'll make sure you never run your mouth on here again. Don't you DARE pin what happened in the past on me. YOU were the one who said the racist remark so I stood ground and said one back to you and you clearly don't like it. It hurts doesn't it?

Ah you said "Salaam" so you're Muslim. Why doesn't that surprise me. I mean, doesn't your **** say "Kill those who don't believe" in your religion? I can't stand your religion it's destroying the world and I'm getting sick of hearing **** every day relating to it. One of these days it's going to end all badly because of Religion which is why I stand my ground.

The people on my friends list understand the true nature of what I do, they know what I say is right but refuse to repute it because they don't want to tackle such morons as you. You can come across all nice as much as you want, but I for one don't want you around here, stating that a Gamer cannot be aggressive towards something because he feels passionate perhaps?

Go play with a loaded gun, Malik.

-2 votes     reply to comment
Ma_Loon Creator
Ma_Loon Jun 26 2009 replied:

Sorry for late reply friend, was on college trip.

Well I am sorry then, friend, you clearly have little understanding, not none. Why do argue when completely overlooking arguments replies and areas as a whole, and keep focussing on one reference?
This is why this is a vague argument.
Do not forget, this all stemmed from your hostility in the first place.
Jumping on bandwagon? Friend, I know not what you are talking about. And now you're threatening me? (I now understand your method of ending on a question to evoke 'talking down', you use it to good effect, but too much)
This is actually an upsetting situation. Your online persona has truly taken a life of its own and will do all it can to remain face. And again we talk about a racist remark, but it was actually you who made a racist slur and I an ill timed stereotype of youth.
Here, I am experiencing every person on the internet who discovers what faith I am. And you said you were clever? I feel sorry for one who has so little understanding of my Faith. Your view is understandable, but you mustn't forget that Christianity and Hinduism are - as we speak - committing atrocious crimes - but you do not hear of them. There are extremists in every faith and I understand this.
As for your friends, I presume they are nice people who don't overly care about their perception online, as you do so vehemently. Like I said earlier on brother, we are the same character but polar opposite.
And if you want to discriminate against me, a Muslim on the internet for being polite and standing up for morals that are lacking in our world, then you are no better than the people who you seem so fundamentally driven to expel.

And all of the guns have been removed in my town after the treaty. As have the ammo.

Peace unto your soul PottehUK.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Potteh Jun 27 2009 replied:

Stop calling me your friend, it irritates me when I am not your friend and I have clearly stated it over and over. Heh don't try take a pun on other religions because yours is complete and utter crap. I am of no faith so no matter what you say about religion will upset me in anyway. Look, you clearly started the Racism, which heh is common these days, you might understand that insult.

People on here or any where don't want your religion crap driven down their throats all the time. I know from friends who tell me in real life how they're sick of this Muslim attitude. I for one, agree. I can't say I've ever seen an Extremist Christian blowing himself up for something he/she can't see.

-3 votes     reply to comment
Ma_Loon Creator
Ma_Loon Jun 29 2009 replied:

Your wish will be accepted brother, I am ashamed that you not want to be my friend as we have been through so much together.
I take no puns on religion, but until you read all the historical and factual information about great religions, then you really have nothing to say, brother.
Please do not spout your apparent wisdom of Islam here, for it is from your tainted media and popular cultural point of view - and I understand and respect this.
And do you really think I want to upset you? Dear brother, I feel for you if your induced state expects this negative feeling, but I do not do such unneeded things.
And I see no racism apart from your brash comment which was a racial slur, mine a popular youth stereotype.

"People on here or any where don't want your religion crap driven down their throats all the time."

And I have never asked for you to take Shahada on here, have I?
Not once have I forced my Faith on anyone, just shown respect in the way my culture does. And if you are too naive to see this, then I feel sorry that you have been conditioned to commune so frequently with disrespectful and immature people on the internet.

And as to your friends in real life, then they probably have the same viewpoint as you, the one that I mentioned.
I feel sorry that you think all Muslims are this way, and you know not, obviously of the extremist Christians that commit horrible crimes.

Every faith has tyrants, and it is these tyrants' evil doings that will forever be remembered in examples over the peaceful existence of many, but the truthful hearts stay true throughout these dark days.

Another day, brother.

Peace unto you.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Potteh Jun 30 2009 replied:

Read back through everything I've just said, it'll answer what you questioned then. Idiot.

-1 votes     reply to comment
Ma_Loon Creator
Ma_Loon Jun 30 2009 replied:

Dear Potteh.

You sound tired, please rest brother.

And I ask you to read everything once more, so as to awaken from your self-induced aggressive slumber.


+1 vote   reply to comment
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