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M1GHTY.M4VS Mar 29 2015, 5:25am says:

I think the demo state sounds a bit underwhelming, I wonder how long it is supposed to remain that way. I'd say it is a stable release as it is with a few things here and there. I'm not sure will it receive a small incremental patch when it leaves the beta state or is it another huge download altogether ?

Anyway thanks for the continous work on this project !

+1 vote   news: Edain 4.0 Demo Released
M1GHTY.M4VS Dec 23 2014, 4:40am says:

Congrats on getting 3rd Place on Editor's Choice, well deserved

+9 votes   mod: The Great War 1918
M1GHTY.M4VS Dec 18 2014, 1:07pm replied:

You can edit the files but it won't be officially supported as the Mod focuses around the military advanced year of 1918 only.

+1 vote   mod: The Great War 1918
M1GHTY.M4VS Dec 10 2014, 10:41am says:

The Motherload

+3 votes   media: New T-60 light tank
M1GHTY.M4VS Nov 16 2014, 3:10am says:

podracing !

+4 votes   media: In-Game Images
M1GHTY.M4VS Sep 9 2014, 1:27pm says:

Looking great, hopefully you can spice up the looks of the hero units of the campaigns to match their counterparts afterwards a bit more like Richard Lionheart (as in the 3rd Crusade with Count of Poitiers Arms) or
El Cid Campeador (with his accurate Swords Colada & Tizona and White Horse Babieca)

+1 vote   media: Testing England unit rooster
M1GHTY.M4VS Aug 24 2014, 3:24am replied:

workers aren't yet included

+1 vote   mod: Aoe 2 HD New units and terrain re-skin
M1GHTY.M4VS Aug 20 2014, 3:01pm replied:

My guess yes as it contains a few unlocks from ToV like the Kettenkrad and Commando Units. Serg may correct me if I'm mistaken.

+2 votes   mod: Battle of Crete
M1GHTY.M4VS Aug 20 2014, 2:59pm replied:

The thing with easy packaging software like this it is easier to backpack additional software like shareware for example to add hidden content like an amazon shortcut icon or else that gives the developers some sort of funding income. It could be abused still with bad software that wasn't meant to be packed from the original author as the small overhead and short compression method could be overrun and reuploaded within no time. Which happens to a lot of redistributed small software with no authentic certificate etc.
Panda and Norton usually alert early for this like you probably got it now. As it is a simple exploit that could give you hoax software if it doesn't come signed with a certificate from serg. However as he works alone and his uploads on moddb aren't shared it is very unlikely that this *.exe contains anything malicious. I use GData which isn't this harsh in early alerts and usually allows running of uncertificated executables if their overheads are ok and no root content is touched. Your AV already hunts down the downloaded file because of it's header which it doesn't trust no matter the origin. It just doesn't contain what it needs to be safe to be safe. But overall the exe is just a slim version of the rar anyway and doesn't offer anything but smaller filesize and auto-pathfinding compared to the RAR archive as they source the same core material within its installation root folder system.

+2 votes   mod: Battle of Crete
M1GHTY.M4VS Aug 20 2014, 2:31pm replied:

The Varangians (Old Norse: Væringjar, Greek: Varangoi) are somewhat like what the condotierre brought with the forgotten, mercenary infantry that fought under various names and flags but are more fitting than the swiss pikemen that has made it as the default model of AoK.

Ohh and Gotic Knights were those used for the cinematic intro of AoE2 however they have been replaced for the final release. I'm not sure if you can get a hold for them to have proper cavalry/infantry for goths, vikings, slavs, magyars or huns.

If it comes to the south americans usually they had wooden weapons and little to no helmets.
Maybe the Coyotepriests would be better if they were Coyote Spearman to fit into the scenery of eagle and jaguar warriors.
However the original eagle warrior already uses a spear so maybe this could rather be the new skirmisher or javelineer for mesoamericans.
I guess this pikemen is what you might think suits the most modern civs with gun powder(spanish, portoguese, turks, koreans)

If it comes to comparable mercenaries for the skirmishers.
The Almogavar was used in spain, italy and byzantium.

+1 vote   media: Pikeman Line
M1GHTY.M4VS Aug 20 2014, 2:09pm says:

Italians, Byzantines and Vikings to get Varangerguard instead of Pikemen.
Vikings get blonde hair while the other two get brown/black hair as their origin is the same but over time their origin mixed with the existent militia present in those kingdoms.

Spearmen as suggested and adjusted by now for the asians.
The remaining ones should get a different helmet/spear appropiately to their origin.

First set imo should get split into original helmet style for celts (brown leather), spanish(golden metal) and italians(silver plate). Greysish Conehead Helmet for Normans like Franks, Vikings and Britons.

Teutons and Byzantines to get their own sets based on germanic knights and byzantine black pronoir both helmets to get post roman legionary style.

Goths, Huns to get about equal to late roman time helmets as they are based earlier in the medievil times and are too short in existence to get anything after 800 AD so the default tarkan helmet may be the perfect fit.

Slavs and Magyars to share the same styles something like the berdiche axemen.

Saracenens, Turks, Persians, Hindus to share Sassanid Style Helmets.

With something like the Sipahi Turban for the pikemen.

+1 vote   media: Pikeman Line
M1GHTY.M4VS Aug 19 2014, 3:37pm replied:

By that saying he probably means the austrians missed the point where they would have taken the modernization of the new cavalry divisions which by then included tanks by any other major faction except them.
Then in 1918 came the point where cavalry divisions weren't necessarily meant horse infantry but mechanized infantry aswell. Anything that is out their in western modern military resembles the fact of history that horses were scrapped for horsepower. Anglo-American Divisions still wear those Insignias on tanks.
Germany rebatched the name into Panzerdivison through WW2 but still includes tanks and armed & fortified cars as same exact cavalry distinct units just the name has changed.
And no cavalry isn't planned because modelling and especially animations are way to complex for what they would offer right now. They shared logistic components with trucks already so neither of these were much common up front. And if it goes as map prop I'd rather take a Truck of the time than a dead horse.

+1 vote   mod: The Great War 1918
M1GHTY.M4VS Aug 19 2014, 11:28am replied:

So it would still be the core targets for both, defending as british until late game, attacking as germans as fast as possible to mantain momentum of an assault rush.

British right now seem to be the easier of the two factions as their tale hasn't changed much from the original game, still the better emplacements overall. But Germans with the advantage to spawn almost anywhere on the field with absence of large supperior tanks as in the original game. Flanking and Counter Flanking remains the key to victory.

+2 votes   news: Battle of Crete 2.4
M1GHTY.M4VS Aug 19 2014, 11:20am says:

Thanks for the update serg!

Something I tend to get adressed for 2.5 is the healing for the germans at the Junkers. Now they could get dedicated Sanitäter via upgrades anywhere in the field. I would rather have the update via air drop resupply red cross crate for major squads and a static build for a Lazarett Junker like the one from Göring (D-TABX) for evacuating wounded personel. Normal Ju52 could be used to gather corpses like the vcoh buildings one for gathering dead soldiers, another for static healing purposes. Right now Germans either blob the British early and struggle late game with the absent tank support. I would think that the British HQ Trucks shouldn't be meant to be the HQ anymore so rather be mobile recruiting buildings with a static HQ like the Germans. After all british were supposed to be in defense rather then defensive assault the trucks would offer. The way the Trucks are game extenders for AI is something that could be turned off if they loose their HQ ability and function just as resource gatherers, mobile recruiting buildings and sector securance.

British are supposed to have only 3 secured sectors with these Trucks so Germans can cope with the late game disadvantage of tanks with more secured sectors. They would have to have the upper hand on the larger maps in numbers of captured territories but would also have to be fast raiding crucial points on small maps which is where the british have the edge with their defense structures.

+2 votes   news: Battle of Crete 2.4
M1GHTY.M4VS Aug 19 2014, 10:48am replied:

it has to do with the unverified author of the file and usually has to do with autorun routines that normally get blacklisted by various AV. If you want to be sure download the rar version. Normally you could unzip the whole exe stuff locally and see if contains anything that violates the integrity of your system. I checked my version and it just contains the folders that would have been in the zip, anything regarding Battle_Of_Crete actually should be fine.

+3 votes   mod: Battle of Crete
M1GHTY.M4VS Aug 8 2014, 2:34pm replied:

What about Multi-Language Support ? Would the community be welcome to help on getting this done.

+2 votes   download: Age of Chivalry: Hegemony v1.97 beta
M1GHTY.M4VS Aug 7 2014, 3:36pm replied:

Well I see it as more than just the core of constantinople and turkey. The Mainstray of does have the red roofs but sure not the entire city or even the whole region. The Emperor's District is depicted with almost entirely red roofs but the outer districts like the dyers or leather gaining basically districts that had lower reputation than the high economies and territories that were further north like upper Greece, Bulgaria and Romania were also mixed with elements from Ancient Greek and Slavic Settlements. The Dyer's District for example had flat white roofs with a cupela to ensure people could lay out large furniture on the roofs or between buildings as the technique of digging a hole and laying it out on the ground for sunclearence was too unpractical in a narrow city and took too much buildspace.
If it's for the mediterranian diversity Calabria is a good way to show what I mean.

This mimiks the look of the northern greece territory that I mean with the white stones and elements from roman territory like the viaduct like building.

Here you can see the roof diversity that they share a red look but have more brown elements than the native roman set. I admit some of the buildings have been build on another and some are wrong for the period to look to new but it matches the more dusty feel on some of them.

This one shows the very outer parts of the territory it may not be the core city elements but still regional important.

I think I have to see the entire set for all timeframe and ages to get the feeling to think it fits the most.
For now I favour this one to be Castle Age and Feudal Age already looked more to my liking anyway.

+1 vote   media: Constantinople
M1GHTY.M4VS Aug 7 2014, 2:06pm replied:

seems like the recent silver edition didn't make it into the moddb downloads or it wasn't fully approved as the silver edition.
Where's the download for the latest version?

thanks in advance

+1 vote   mod: Age of Vampires
M1GHTY.M4VS Aug 7 2014, 1:59pm replied:

I agree with you it's your priority to fill what you think should be done, there's still options for improvements and adjustments later on if desire is there. There's even more to explore for the european sets as the forgotten and hegemony offer quite a lot for them anyway.

+1 vote   mod: Age of World Empires
M1GHTY.M4VS Aug 6 2014, 11:48am replied:


+1 vote   mod: The Great War 1918
M1GHTY.M4VS Aug 6 2014, 11:46am says:

I guess the original matches it more for when this architecture was intended. Your set would be something more early like when rome was still influencial let's say by 550 ac whereas when the arabic or let's say the mohamedian influence was growing in 850 ac. I would rather see some sort of hybrid that uses partially this and that, let's say the brown tone from the arabic set and some red roofs on certain but not any buildung parts as it was a region that shared and changed many occupiers and building styles from each.

After all Byzantium was a clash of the cultures ever since romans lost their influence and arabia shifted further into but still it should be somewhat comparable to both and not to forced into either. The Turkish will make up for some of the ottoman influence and arabian looks but still having this as the new rome or fully italian/mediterranian set is too much imo. Same for the Spanish where the South was considerably under Mauric Occupation until Reconquista.

I think your first Feudal Set for Byzantines was the most fitting.
It had elements like white stone from greece, overall look that it still had architecture from rome but also the brown and dusty from Arabia.

+1 vote   media: Constantinople
M1GHTY.M4VS Aug 6 2014, 11:17am replied:

What about getting them some sort of wordmark on the corner which categorizes them, hence you would be able to sort and categorize them appropiately but also have their new look as portrait. Archers would always use somewhat as an arrow and differences between Tech-Levels would be with color outlines either on the icon or the unit info while selecting.

+1 vote   mod: Age of World Empires
M1GHTY.M4VS Aug 6 2014, 11:11am replied:

Well even Ensemble had made scratches from their original conceptional layout they had in mind for designing the factions. For example in their dev-diary they stated some regional units that were either scrapped entirely or built in later via addons. Example for this is the Spanish Swordman which wasn't carried out the way of its intention they rather used the stock and built "el cid" campaign around it kinda. Swiss Pikemen have become what the original Tech2 pikemen looks. Polish Cavalry with Backplates made out of metalfeathers that had devastating Noises for morale in combat were later turned into the hussar which isn't regional anymore hence becoming Tech3. Hussit-Chariots would be scrapped from the game due to its resembling aspects from AoE1 and considered outdated for medievil timeframe but it could fit Jan Hus or even some roman scenarios.
If it comes to some diversity on european forces, I agree they should tend to be accurate standard units mostly.
However Vikings tend to be portraied quite different aswell as some diversity in the heavy cavalry. The Paladin or its equivalents are still somewhat unique as the original frankish isn't the most fitting for any european nation.

+1 vote   mod: Age of World Empires
M1GHTY.M4VS Aug 6 2014, 10:52am says:

Question: now that you have said focus will shift towards other aspects rather than modelling would you get us anything new on the front page, anything from features or history. I think the Overall Faction Presentation is still a way ahead so I'll stick patiently as there's still more things for you to work on for now to mind this now but a bit more core information would be great, of course there's the comics for us to discover but something along this would be neat whenever time and commitments permit.

Anyway keep up the good work and spirit aswell as force may be with you.

+3 votes   mod: Yuuzhan Vong at War
M1GHTY.M4VS Aug 3 2014, 6:01am replied:

If it's for skins, some more historic planes would be cool. The Tante Ju or Stuka right now could need some more skin variations.
And if you have the DFS Model maybe this could be added as I always remember it from Crete Maps.

+1 vote   mod: Battle of Crete
M1GHTY.M4VS Aug 2 2014, 2:18pm says:

indeed much better, felt the original to be among the worst models of the AT-AT in any SW Game.

+8 votes   media: ATAT
M1GHTY.M4VS Aug 1 2014, 3:20pm replied:

Kind of like the Convoy Attacks by American and Jaeger personel against Colonial British groups in the Independency War. However I don't think it would be like at Napoleon's Times where you still had Groups wandering in lines and patrouling streets which would be then butchered, but rather a fight between loose formations of regulars like now against those smaller rapid squads of 3-4 men. Different approach at Assault Forces, not the ones like the raiders or Sturmgruppen who will have the advantage in pushing towards the enemy with more shots fired up close but to have better shooting with less guns than regulars and using territorial advantages, not that cloak would be overpowered in this but it could be better if they get stronger values in static shooting when further away and to be weaker when faced narrowly. Pretty much the opposite of what the Storm Tactics are but without the hidden cloaking of the snipers. Maybe they get First Strike Bonuses even.
Would remember that the Ability Tree Layouts are subject to change so no discussion on those but I would think that Layouts are depicted to change whether you fight against Germany or Austria-Hungary. Variety on French Tanks for example is something I just cannot think that Austria had much to conter-fight so the Battle would be more infantry centered so playability remains. Not getting too far now as Zouave's or French Marines are things for either Tree or Bonus Systems not relevant for this process of getting this information on how the core infantry structure for the french is planned and developed now.

+1 vote   mod: The Great War 1918
M1GHTY.M4VS Aug 1 2014, 3:18pm says:

Don does the original layout for the french infantry exist. The core stuff of mortars, machineguns, artillery is undoubtly equal to what germany and BEF had with a few options changed here and there. I'm wondering what they will field as the core, guessing that their regular probably 7-9 Men Squad is called fusiliers, and whether the French get a destinctive sniper or rather a squad like the chasseurs so that they would function as a units that excel in marksmanship and in executing manoeuvres at high speed kinda like the original recon squad for the british in Vanilla-OF but without the sniper ability and getting something like the Jäger(Austria-Hungary)in tactics like a rapid fire mode(french) or Deutschuss(Austria). Would expect to see the use of Horns by then for Austro-Hungaria and Australians as sort of recon option.
Would expect the Jäger to make up for in speed as they were light equiped compared to regulars and their defusedly movement would make them ideal for their hunting and hit and run tactics. So that they would be equaled when fighting against each other like I remember at the vosgeses where smaller scale squads appeared largely because of the territory for the hills and woods for example.

+1 vote   mod: The Great War 1918
M1GHTY.M4VS Jul 31 2014, 5:26pm replied:

And the Matilda was made for CoH:Afrika, but I think it still requires animations

+1 vote   mod: Battle of Crete
M1GHTY.M4VS Jul 30 2014, 1:38pm replied:

F1: read the update

The Work on the french units continue...

+2 votes   mod: The Great War 1918
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