Iam just "ordinary" kid/teenage and i become Zeebo fanboy,great console with future many ports of games and soon there will be Street Fighter Alpha on Zeebo...Also i have my own small humble mod that changes C-evo a bit and i also giving suggestion to NETSOFTWARE and they accepted few ideas and they maybe or probavly make few games upon my idea also i suggested that they make a game for Zeebo! So thats all for now...

Comment History  (120 - 150 of 323)
Luka_Grunt Aug 20 2010, 6:56pm says:

Well this will be a total ripoff of fallout 3, please make own models...

Its nice but i rather that he or you all that are working that you make own models and not reformating into formats and files that supports source engine...

If the gamemode is original and the models,sounds,maps then it will be a complete win and it will be kick ***,jack in,smackdown on your ***...

0 votes   mod: AFTERMATH
Luka_Grunt Aug 20 2010, 4:53pm says:

not realistic...

+1 vote   media: Cow Skull
Luka_Grunt Aug 20 2010, 4:52pm replied:

Thats too ******* long...In less two weeks iam in high school!
Its Graphic High School but there is no about game graphic,for that the time i should be there wouldt be 4 but 10 years, iam in Media Technician.
4 years...If i succed and get atlest 3 out of 5 at the first final year il be probavly working for HTV or some other television or some company...
Later i could do other things...montage and that stuff...

After that i could go to gaming industry, iam a great storyline writer and maybe a good script writes(not codes but how events should go,1,2,3...that stuff)...

So thats all...

+2 votes   member: OrangeNero
Luka_Grunt Aug 20 2010, 4:45pm replied:

Well singleplayer is in UE3 but the multiplayer is in Frostbite !
Dice develops multiplayer but EA or some other team is working on singleplayer on UT3 engine, its probavly because of scripts of something!
Frostbite is not made for singleplayer campaings and you cant code events because Frostbite is mostly an engine that has a good support for multiplayer code(less lag or errors,etc)...

-1 votes   game: Medal of Honor
Luka_Grunt Aug 20 2010, 4:31pm replied:


+2 votes   game: Medal of Honor
Luka_Grunt Aug 20 2010, 3:55pm says:

I dont own Fallout 3 but i got an suggestion for Army Suit...

The character that wears that suit is probavly too skiny also the suit looks kinda weak,it should be kevlar armor inside,the glows should be like in Medival Ages that were made from metal or steel because you have more protection on your hands and if you put some kevlar on the most of your suit then you are practicaly bullet proof soldier =)

If Brootherhood is armored then you should be heavily armored,the army should be heavily armored...

Also i saw in Oblivion that you could ride a horse,is it posible to implement a posibilty to ride a horse or to drive something?

Also there was a secret tank in F1 or F2 or maybe F1:BOF(addon/expansion pack)...

I hope you will read this :D

+1 vote   mod: Fallout 3 Reborn: A Realism Mod
Luka_Grunt Aug 20 2010, 3:46pm says:

This will be a total rip off of COD MW and MW2 and soon CoD:BO

Why always there should be terrorist and why now jumping 6 decades and not doing korean or vietnam storyline?

Atleast one game of Korean war?!?Is that much?No epic battles betwen South Korea and USA against North Korea and Chinese that sent help to prevent defeat of Communism in North Korea??Is that much?

Also why not Vietnam, there were some games but what now?Afraid that Vietcong 1 and 2 will still be better in some ways like gameplay?

EA is going down people, a VC guy shot him with AA flak guns...

Also why are you not working cross platform?I wish to kick Xbox360 and PS3 fans and see them crying =D

-2 votes   game: Medal of Honor
Luka_Grunt Aug 20 2010, 12:40pm says:

Where is NX class?

+1 vote   mod: Trek Wars - Federation at War
Luka_Grunt Aug 20 2010, 12:37pm says:

bocomarine...I hate the style of your models, stop imitating 7th legion look...Because the 7th had low funds so it looked weird a bit.

We need some better,cooler,realistic look and not the same look like in 7th legion. Make a redesign, make it more realistic also i hope you wont make those total unrealistic tanks with three huge cannons that should be in real life totaly unmobile and when it shoots the cannons would rip the turrets head appart in matter of nano seconds...

+2 votes   game: Omega Sector
Luka_Grunt Aug 20 2010, 12:13pm says:

So,is there will be base compentition or not?

+2 votes   member: OrangeNero
Luka_Grunt Aug 19 2010, 4:36pm replied:

you dint put properly,what a noob...

+1 vote   media: Max Payne Fail
Luka_Grunt Aug 19 2010, 4:22pm says:

Wow,il try it but currenctly no time...

+2 votes   game: The Last Resistance
Luka_Grunt Aug 19 2010, 4:12pm replied:

Tease too much and you will end like 3D realms,youl probavly get many donations and you will just strech the release date and after a year or two or three of not releasing and the quake engine is simple =D mostly it will end as an total epic fail vaporware indie game because you will tease us for years!

-2 votes   game: Conscript
Luka_Grunt Aug 19 2010, 3:51pm replied:

Guys, you are busted, its probavly a demo,or a full release or an tech demo or the game probavly goes commercial as i predicted =(

+1 vote   media: New update hint
Luka_Grunt Aug 19 2010, 3:47pm replied:

Ok...sorry...if you got xbox 360,you could mod but then you must mod your xbox 360, too bad that microsoft never seen pontential of modding community, if they just gave the orportunity that has the pc games :(

So if its an appocalipse it should be nuclear or something because there would be nukes or something because its probavly WW3 also i watched trailer and Russian forces should have real russian voices, not some american that it tries to make russian accent in english language!

It should be true russian but i dont like an idea of just two forces and copying of WIC theme copy in most ways :/

There should be more sides, maybe like EU trying to collect some resources or like African troops...Like poor tech but more advantage in some ways,like speed or running and placement of traps that you cant detect by radar but you must check every corner to see if there is something like HL2 slams...

+2 votes   media: In the shadow of Russia
Luka_Grunt Aug 19 2010, 3:41pm replied:

That i dint know...really? o.0 wow

+1 vote   game: Nuclear Dawn
Luka_Grunt Aug 19 2010, 3:40pm replied:

I readed some things now in descriptions...4 classes=BF2142

There should be more classes,if you make classes with posibility to customiza as you want,then there will be serious unbalance and some weapons will probavly not be used !

Also i think that there should be a resource micromanagment so that some supports costs more that there are no mg turrets spamming!

There should be limitations in the way that i will now describe:
If there are equal teams in number...You got 4 to 6 classes!

So the server calculates how many players are on each side so as some players are on the server on each time the more places for some classes are...

So Assault is infinite in number how much players will be.
So if there are more players on that team and it must be equal balance then you can have like more heavy units maybe something like Heavy Gunner or Bazooka man,something like that...

So if you agree just say yes or just comment it!

-4 votes   media: Nuclear Dawn - Official Trailer
Luka_Grunt Aug 19 2010, 3:34pm buried:


-edit,first sentence,fix-
Because iam 15 i cant make a good point?

-5 votes   game: Nuclear Dawn
Luka_Grunt Aug 19 2010, 3:30pm replied:

Actualy even it is an appocalipse there will still be vegetations...
Expect if you mean nuclear appocalipse/winter...Then all the grounds should be in snow but the devs of this game,interwave probavly dont have knowlegle,like most of americans that play on xbox or some other console!

-2 votes   media: In the shadow of Russia
Luka_Grunt Aug 19 2010, 3:26pm says:

Well the video was like: ok,it was ok...it wont die but it wont live long!

I think that they should re-done some sounds and most of animations...
Also you cant see really how to transfer from strategy mode, so if there is an commander then he should be in BHQ or MHQ and there shouldt be like good pictures,clearly like in fps/tps mode also when you look with satellite.

Also it dosent mean that the picture will be that fine and that you will look like from the sky,you look from the space and if there are clouds then you shouldt see whats happening but you could see throught cameras or trought senzors!

Also when objects are unpacking it dosent look really cool and its an imitation of NS2 unpacking of objects!

The commander HQ system will be a copy if there will be a mobile HQ like in the HL2 mod "Empires"...

I think that repacking should be like a pod and it crashes to the ground or lands but to not to leave impact signature and the pods "shield"/armos will just remove automaticaly from the objects and used for bullets,melted and then limitations of mgs turrets expect if they will use Antimatter...then its ok.

So thats all from me,for now...

-3 votes   media: Nuclear Dawn - Official Trailer
Luka_Grunt Aug 19 2010, 3:10pm buried:


Because iam 15 i can make a good point?Because iam 15 iam stupid?

Guess what, you are probavly an Jerk that is drinking coca cola and watches Star Wars and playing COD:MW & MW2 and soon COD:BO !

Also thats age discrimination and thats ilegal "buddy" because you said iam 15 and you try to send a message to people that iam stupid like most of jerks, because iam younger then you it dosent mean that you are smarter.

You can have 30 or 40 but you can be ******* braindead so STFU!

-6 votes   game: Nuclear Dawn
Luka_Grunt Aug 19 2010, 3:01pm says:

Iam on to you!I know!!

+2 votes   member: biodude
Luka_Grunt Aug 19 2010, 2:54pm replied:

Its probavly a demo feature map, a tech demo map,right?
So then its not an vaporware...iam close =D

-1 votes   game: Conscript
Luka_Grunt Aug 19 2010, 2:53pm replied:

So its maybe/probavly a map...Iam not in Conscripts dev team but i think that if this is a map its probavly:
1. A maze map
2. A multiplayer map
3. GameOver when you enter a trap room
4. Gman captures you
5. The ending of the game when you enter in some building
6. Or its just an grafiti on the map that it will be called gameover

and last posibility is:
7. A technology map that shows all the features or just most of them
SO its an tech demo? =D

Thats all for now!

+3 votes   media: New update hint
Luka_Grunt Aug 19 2010, 2:49pm replied:

Well with that teasing this indie freeware game will be like DNF...
Pure vaporware...

-2 votes   game: Conscript
Luka_Grunt Aug 19 2010, 2:33pm says:

Its maybe a map?

+1 vote   media: New update hint
Luka_Grunt Aug 19 2010, 2:30pm says:

This mod is too damn weird,wheres the description and what are you showing actualy also if there will be terminators and other ***** from movies or copying ideas then this mod is epic fail,copyware...or maybe even vaporware!

+1 vote   mod: Rise of Hades
Luka_Grunt Aug 19 2010, 12:08pm buried:


Post it or just quit from your game...
No waiting, teasing people is stupid, its not an commercial game and you arent Valve,EA,3D realms,Id software or some other major company that likes to tease people and after 2 months somebody shot him self in the head because he had a bit too much teasing.Its like Bondage xD

-5 votes   game: Conscript
Luka_Grunt Aug 19 2010, 12:04pm says:

So i se "gameover"...that should mean that you finished the game or that you are quiting from making this game also that maybe is like when you die then its "gameover" or this is like there will be a demo or something???

+2 votes   media: New update hint
Luka_Grunt Aug 17 2010, 11:15am says:

Ima jedan stari mod za BF:Vietnam...U vezi jugoslavenskog rata...

Hrvati su napravili mislim...neki koji su sigurno radili za nekakvu diplomu,nez...

-1 votes   mod: World war III
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