Iam just "ordinary" kid/teenage and i become Zeebo fanboy,great console with future many ports of games and soon there will be Street Fighter Alpha on Zeebo...Also i have my own small humble mod that changes C-evo a bit and i also giving suggestion to NETSOFTWARE and they accepted few ideas and they maybe or probavly make few games upon my idea also i suggested that they make a game for Zeebo! So thats all for now...

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Luka_Grunt Sep 1 2010, 3:18pm says:


+1 vote   media: 8/29/2010
Luka_Grunt Sep 1 2010, 3:18pm says:


+1 vote   media: 8/29/2010
Luka_Grunt Sep 1 2010, 7:32am says:

Wow...Best used polygons...Also its like GTA SA stlye...But in real world/life israely made this kind of deagle :D

Israely people have good guns, desert deagle kicks my brain o.0

+2 votes   media: low poly Desert Eagle
Luka_Grunt Sep 1 2010, 7:25am says:

This is so ******* better...but the why shotgun has a scope,its not an rail gun!

+1 vote   media: shotgun design
Luka_Grunt Aug 30 2010, 3:56pm says:

Your mod rocks, but i wish that somebody makes barney without that funny helmet,well i dont think without a helmet but a difrient look of the helmet, like military and not this standard funny helmet...

I actualy never liked barneys helmet...it so egg shape when you look from some point of view...

Its just my opinion!

0 votes   mod: Half-Life: Redux
Luka_Grunt Aug 30 2010, 3:54pm says:

Nice mod but dont use levels from original they hunger...i hope that you will make own levels and more allie npc"s, maybe an soldier or a city/urban cop that will help you in city...

+1 vote   mod: They Hunger: Tactical
Luka_Grunt Aug 30 2010, 3:45pm says:

This mod will beat crap out of Unreal Engine 3...Also you can use ragdolls...Go-mod will have better ragdolls! =D

Ask them to give some codes that you need...moders should be corperative!
Iam a bit sad that all mod groups dont help each other or to unite...

I wish you luck...

+1 vote   mod: ARRANGEMENT
Luka_Grunt Aug 30 2010, 1:19pm says:

WTH is that?It looks like a Lego toy?!?

+1 vote   media: tank
Luka_Grunt Aug 30 2010, 1:19pm says:

The gun desing is weird,where and how to handle it,where is for the right hand to hold it,like a gun...and left hand should had like a stick and it left hand will hold it and better accuracy because of,you know,wheny ou fire a bullet you get small kicks...

+1 vote   media: guns designs
Luka_Grunt Aug 30 2010, 1:17pm says:

Make it longer,small the height for 20 to 30%...

+1 vote   media: sinper.
Luka_Grunt Aug 30 2010, 1:16pm says:

That looks kinda relistic but some wasted trises/polygons...In future the munition shouldt be gunpowered but like shooting particles...its an cool idea but how the hell i could hold shotgun and fire it?ALso whats that thing below,far left,midle,something like flashlight or something-.--

+1 vote   media: Bennywam's changed shotgun
Luka_Grunt Aug 30 2010, 1:14pm replied:

I know but i just dont understand why are you not using imagination...
Or your artists atleast, if 8th legion is like maybe few decades after 7th legion story then make it a bit more realistic then 7th legion but you are for now just making models that would even work as a toy properly...

If they would work in real world then it would be huge as Empire State building...seriously...make it more realistic,but cool but then again futuristic...Make a mix of some games or movies,its a project so use those ideas.

+2 votes   game: Omega Sector
Luka_Grunt Aug 29 2010, 2:48pm replied:

Well Activision was interested into zeebo...maybe they will release an game for zeebo...Its stronger then DS and DSi but 3DS maybe...

+1 vote   game: Call of Duty: Black Ops
Luka_Grunt Aug 29 2010, 7:28am says:

It looks too weird...also kinda similar to Quake 2 shotgun...

+1 vote   media: Updated Gun w/ Shotgun
Luka_Grunt Aug 27 2010, 12:09pm says:

freekillz...i dont think that is smart that brdm-2 has windows,with only glass...there should be some fences to protect from incoming bullets...

+1 vote   media: Palestinian Authority BRDM-2
Luka_Grunt Aug 27 2010, 12:07pm says:

For Mastix:

IM also made Galil and Tavor i think...Plus they invented weak force field that is strong to activate the rocket that hits the force field...

The force field of IM is similar to the ball shape but only the upper part,dont know how do you call it that shape...

So when rocket hits the force field the impact is strong but activates the rocket and it explodes and then just the inside part of shell it hits the vehicle but actualy the field and explosion slows down the rocket and the hit actualy does no damage the vehicle but for infrantry,maybe slightly or heavy damages but the chance of death is probavly just 25%...This is the future of warfare...

Israely started testing in 2007 or 2008 and so on...but its costs alot but israely will kick our *****!

0 votes   mod: Gaza Conflict
Luka_Grunt Aug 26 2010, 9:05pm says:

Why you stoped modding, why ST ENT TCW has no progress,why so sudden stop of developing???

You could just say it on make news on mod profile...why?

+1 vote   member: JohnBart
Luka_Grunt Aug 26 2010, 9:02pm says:

Why you stoped with ST ENT TCW ??? Why???

+1 vote   company: Lightspeed Design Studios
Luka_Grunt Aug 26 2010, 8:16pm says:

Noooo...Is the mod dead???God, i hate you...Why???Why???

+2 votes   mod: Star Trek: Enterprise - M.A.C.O.
Luka_Grunt Aug 26 2010, 6:34pm replied:

2009 moty is over few months ago i think...i cant wait for the next year to vote on moty of 2010

+1 vote   mod: Requiem: Avenging Angel
Luka_Grunt Aug 26 2010, 6:02pm says:

People...look at this video,it will show you that the doom 4 actualy exists and that is now in development probavly !


+2 votes   game: Doom III
Luka_Grunt Aug 26 2010, 1:59pm says:

Guys,i got an idea...there should be an roleplay server in gomod...
Similar gomods and hl2dm roleplay server...go mod is nothing without rp server actualy...

+4 votes   mod: Go-Mod
Luka_Grunt Aug 26 2010, 1:55pm buried:


RipOff of GTA Chinatown Wars

-7 votes   game: Dope City Wars
Luka_Grunt Aug 26 2010, 10:37am replied:

Yea,i forgot...awsome is awsome but best is the best!

+1 vote   review: warzone2100 - review by Luka_Grunt
Luka_Grunt Aug 25 2010, 4:45pm says:

Alyx looks ugly...its nothing like original and the look is so spanish and not American or true european...

I gaved 1 out of 10 because most of models arent having mood of Half Life universe,its for some other game but not for HL2...

I actualy dislike this mod,its an waste of time...I played at my friends house,i dint had EP2 but my friend have has EP2 so he has full requirments. Me and my buddy disliked this mod and actualy this mod almost pushed us to delete HL2 because it made it discusting, the models are just not HL2...My head hurts when i see that models dosent have almost nothing like HL2 and the spanish look awwww...almost not human.
The hd thing is nice but models,just run!

+1 vote   media: Realistic Skin/Lips/Teeth
Luka_Grunt Aug 25 2010, 2:08pm replied:

Well,sci fi in old days is so funny, but if you use in modern days,its retro or even lame,thats the proff of not having imagination...

Make something betwen realism and sci fi!

Look at Crysis,Dead Space,Entropia and some second life server that have sci fi theme...

Dont make something betwen 7th legion and something custom!
Stick to the 7th legion or make something better,some mix of everything is a fail...

+1 vote   game: Omega Sector
Luka_Grunt Aug 25 2010, 1:16pm says:

"Do you fell lucky,punk?"

+1 vote   media: Big Gun
Luka_Grunt Aug 25 2010, 10:00am buried:


Go to hell...

You are like master of confusion...

-7 votes   media: Replacement of church
Luka_Grunt Aug 25 2010, 9:55am replied:

Lasers easily penetrates metalic armors...you need force shields of some kind of special armor that drys the energy of the laser...like the borg.

-1 votes   media: ORION: Prelude - New Carrier Assault
Luka_Grunt Aug 24 2010, 11:17pm says:

Wat?Wot?ITS Not DeaD OmF gOd?13'

+1 vote   mod: DOOM: Legions Revisted
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