Iam just "ordinary" kid/teenage and i become Zeebo fanboy,great console with future many ports of games and soon there will be Street Fighter Alpha on Zeebo...Also i have my own small humble mod that changes C-evo a bit and i also giving suggestion to NETSOFTWARE and they accepted few ideas and they maybe or probavly make few games upon my idea also i suggested that they make a game for Zeebo! So thats all for now...

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Luka_Grunt Jun 6 2011 replied:

Its imposible to release Wc3 engine because Activision(gaming nemesis) bought blizzard... Its like WTF?!?

+1 vote   media: Paranoia Beta Screenshot 3
Luka_Grunt May 16 2011 replied:

Well people most buy FPS games in this century mostly for multi-player component of the game...

+10 votes   poll: Why do you pirate games?
Luka_Grunt May 2 2011 says:

Well the clip system isnt correct... Well if you got a clip with 20 bullets for M16 then you wont throw it away... Well like in Operation Flashpoint!

+1 vote   mod: Reality Mod
Luka_Grunt Mar 28 2011 says:

Biodude...I wish that there are more fire or reload animations or maybe even a melle kick animation for spas!

Because its kinda lame to have just 2 or 3 animations, well it would be kinda repetetive for seeing same animation over and over... Thats why some games/mods just get boring because same animations.

+1 vote   media: Final Shotgun Animations WITH sound
Luka_Grunt Mar 28 2011 says:

Wow...If animation is that fast in the game then this is not a magnum...theres no fu*king chance that it can fire that many bullets in short time...For that you suppose to be a fu*king strogg from Quake 2/4 to handle that fire rate from magnum...

-1 votes   media: Final magnum animations with sound
Luka_Grunt Mar 4 2011 says:

Wow...UFO Alien Invansion changed much...Too much...I love 2.2 version...

+1 vote   game: UFO: Alien Invasion
Luka_Grunt Feb 14 2011 says:

The soldiers/infrantris armor looks a bit huge...

+2 votes   game: Contact
Luka_Grunt Feb 7 2011 replied:

THis mod has died...sry...I dont have much time and i dont have any staff...so the mod is dead...really really...dead...

+1 vote   mod: WZ2100 - Solar Assault
Luka_Grunt Jan 7 2011 says:

Great game...It was so great :)

Too bad that levels were 2D but objects,enemies and some things were full 3D...Heh...some dude is now making a Half Life 2 mod called:

Chasm: The Redux (He will try to remake chasm the rift, crossed fingers!!)

+2 votes   game: Chasm: The Rift
Luka_Grunt Jan 7 2011 says:

Nice...I played the game...They created other great games like that game,cryostasis or something like in that name!

Dont make remakes of the maps to look like the original maps,do something original,add ladders,stairs,catwalks...something to add third dimension. It would be cool to eliminate 2D look of the map...Also add maybe some allies because they would add allies,probavly! Hope you can port the sounds!!

+2 votes   mod: Chasm: The Redux
Luka_Grunt Jan 6 2011 says:

Dude... go to wz2100.net ...
The pc version got improvements...there is community that improves this game!

+2 votes   member: Lolish_Knight
Luka_Grunt Dec 23 2010 replied:

Miniguns arent that strong...they got high rate of fire...

Minigun is actualy lame weapon...highly inaccurate for long range battles!
Dangerous for allies.

I wonder why is there no 3 or 4 armies on one map?

+1 vote   media: UH60 Hydra Pods
Luka_Grunt Dec 22 2010 replied:

I support that no for piracy...Well most of eastern europe nations/countries/states are poor...most of citizens are poor :/

The only original games that i had or still have is:
Counter Strike Condition Zero = Lost the cd and box(first game)
Soldier Of Fortune Platium/Gold Edition = Lost the cd(nooo)...
Half Life 2,HL2:DM,HL2:Episode 1,HL:Source & HL:S DM(Steam)
Sprintell Cell Chaos Theory = CD got scrached and lost cd...

Also i had some game...it had 3 cds...

Also i had Conflict Vietnam...

Thats the all original games that i owned...

+1 vote   mod: Alpha Project
Luka_Grunt Dec 18 2010 replied:

Well Half Life used modified quake engine...GoldSource is an modified version of Q1 engine...It even kicked Q2 engine.

Quake engines are mostly graphical engines,ID software just makes hi tech games with almost no storyline and average gameplay...

-1 votes   game: OverDose
Luka_Grunt Dec 2 2010 says:

There is already the thing game...this cucks...

+1 vote   game: The Thing II
Luka_Grunt Nov 16 2010 says:

It will be legendary but when see these poor prizes...its like,wow...moddb moty has gone porr about prizes

+3 votes   poll: What do you guys think of MOTY 2010 so far?
Luka_Grunt Nov 16 2010 replied:

Me too!

+2 votes   poll: What do you guys think of MOTY 2010 so far?
Luka_Grunt Nov 12 2010 says:


+2 votes   mod: WZ2100 - Solar Assault
Luka_Grunt Nov 12 2010 replied:

Yes...read the description!

+1 vote   media: Derelict : Factory (Concept/WIP)
Luka_Grunt Nov 10 2010 says:

It looks awsome but so high tech graphic...

Work on gameplay,not just team deathmatch...Maybe capture the base or flag or Assaut & Defense...One team attackers others defenders...

Make that we can move in other direction and that we aim with our weapons...Seperate animations for the upper body and lower body...

Its hard to explain!

+1 vote   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Half-Life
Luka_Grunt Nov 10 2010 replied:

Thx/Hvala...My fellow Croatian/Moj kolega,Hrvatski

+2 votes   mod: WZ2100 - Solar Assault
Luka_Grunt Oct 31 2010 says:

I like this mod...I dont know what is needed to mod this but i heard or read something that the mods are like in map files or something with tons of scripts !!!

Well i hope that there will be posible to pickup some gear and that there will not be only 4 players,why not 5 or 6...Thats a complete team for swats/spetnatzs/sas,etc...

+1 vote   mod: WarCraft III Paranoia
Luka_Grunt Oct 31 2010 says:

It looks awsome,whats the system requirments?

+2 votes   game: UFO: The Two Sides
Luka_Grunt Oct 30 2010 says:

Way too much black guys...Where is yellow or white guys?

-1 votes   media: MP5
Luka_Grunt Oct 30 2010 says:

Well just a bazooka?Well major should have Spas12 on left hand!!

Right hand - a bazooka that blows up M1A2 abraham
Left Hand - nice shotgun to get rid off of this nutcrackers

-4 votes   media: Major
Luka_Grunt Oct 30 2010 says:

I like this mod but why involve HL1 storyline and props/objects???

Also you can use Quake 2 stuff and even gameplay,even if HL uses Q1 engine it used Q2 engine so it probavly have some of Q2 engine!

Well if you want use HL1 and Q2 style in the mod then i reccomend that those HECU marines got crazy and they controled most of silos and they had a Orbital Space Ship Yard so they builded a huge ships and using those rockets that supplied with parts and used for parts and with satelites that they retrivied with ther spaceships!

So i hope that there will be low and high def versions!

-3 votes   mod: Catalyst
Luka_Grunt Oct 23 2010 says:

This reminds me of Wolfenstein 3D startup screen!

+5 votes   media: Mood shot
Luka_Grunt Oct 11 2010 buried:


No its not pointless *******...He shows this models because he wants to show what models will be ingame,they maybe going to customize this models a bit...Anyway the point of this mod is to improve graphics and other things of Half Life...!!!

-6 votes   media: Version 3 Scientist
Luka_Grunt Oct 11 2010 says:

Whats the system requirments???
Why the soldiers looks like from movie like Iron Man?
Please change a bit the design of soldiers,i got great ideas and whats the engine and why is so high tech...

Too bad that then it wont work on my old computer...Amd Sempron 1.7,5/9ghz
1gb ddr1 ram Radeon 9800 SE 128 MB VDDR1/2RAM...

-2 votes   game: Lost Sector Online
Luka_Grunt Oct 11 2010 buried:


Idiot...Its not stolen its ported and its borrowed from Half Life 1 series so its legal.

So stfu,read the description u dumb "muppet"!

-11 votes   media: Version 3 Scientist
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