My name is Luiz. I am a nerd. Programmer in GML. I do not know if you can call me a programmer, since GML is not as high level as C or something. I am Brazilian with pride, so I can not speak / write English (not much), so I'm using Google translator to write this :D

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Hello, I enjoyed this "game". Quotes because basically it is a creator of maps. But I did not like some things:
- I could not put enemies.
- When health is full you can not take a life from the ground, and the passage is blocked if there are no exits.
- You used some standards of Game Maker, as "show_message" and "show_info."
- In "Game.exe", you can use F4 to exit full screen, while the "Engine.exe" no. And if I try to push the close button, the game does not close.
- If a map file does not exist in the directory, the mouse cursor is hidden but still working.
- It's tricky to make maps, I had to get back and forth on the menu to display the help you could put aid in F1. Even so, it would be best to put a toolbar to create a map.
- I could not play right, I think I lost all the maps when I was pressing 1234 trying to put an enemy ...
Only this. See you soon!

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