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Lupus_of_nox_noctis Apr 10 2015, 3:54am says:

Looks like we have our Belka, Loving it so far.

+4 votes   news: Black Ops Report 07: The Kingdom to Come
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Apr 4 2015, 12:20am says:

If you start to lose momentum, just remember theres a slew of us waiting to see the great work youve been doing lately, Its nice to see mod devs actively pushing stuff out and its even nicer when they interact with the people following their work.

Looks like some great stuff, Really liking the detail being put into terrain!

+2 votes   news: Weekly Bulletin 3/04/2015
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Mar 31 2015, 1:29am says:

Very cool design, Cant wait to see it ingame!

+1 vote   media: Hey!
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Mar 26 2015, 5:28pm says:

These are some really nice units, Im loving the throwback to the old eras! Are there any plans to separate Tib Dawn and Tib Sun era units into seperate subfactions? Sorry if that question comes across as a bit candid, I only just recently followed the mod

+1 vote   media: Nod Artillery
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Mar 23 2015, 6:23pm replied:

If you mean, aesthetically, its there and quite visible. The SU is a bit bulkier and stubbier, whereas this is more streamlined with a different front section.

As for ingame, Ive got no clue lol

+1 vote   media: Black Eagle
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Mar 16 2015, 9:09pm says:

Looking good, cant wait to see those bad boys in action! Su-47 is one of my favorite jets.

+2 votes   media: Sukhoi Jet
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Mar 5 2015, 9:42pm says:

this is my fetish

How long till someone rips the Cutscenes from AC3, subs them and makes a campaign?

+1 vote   download: R-211 Orcinus
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Mar 4 2015, 5:56am replied:

Its wonderful mate, Armor over the side of the tracks to fold out to provide that small cover, really suits the design\look you were going for. It is a shame TS is limited in what you can do with that regard, but its pretty stunning what youve come up with already.

+3 votes   news: Weekly Bulletin 3/03/2015
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Feb 28 2015, 3:23pm says:

UI is looking nice, any ETA on a release date? With Yuris Revenge recently getting ported to CnC Net im very eager to have a few games of this!

+1 vote   media: Some Graphic Update
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Feb 25 2015, 4:20pm says:


+1 vote   media: Ordos_Palace
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Feb 22 2015, 1:17pm says:

***** good, keep it up

+1 vote   media: UEF T3 gunship MK II fnished
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Feb 8 2015, 2:59am says:

This is a very interesting looking map, Cant wait to do some 1v1's on it!

+1 vote   media: Dune Patrol [2]
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Feb 1 2015, 7:44pm says:

Mate, this is some really really good stuff, Why not post an article or news post about the total completion? Im really holding out for this you know, the units and your stuff just look great!

+2 votes   media: Canstrun Valley
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Jan 25 2015, 5:19pm says:

Damn, That looks great! Im pretty excited for this now! One recommendation though is to try and find some better capture software, the best ive ever used is "Action!" but its pay for, definitely worth it though!

+1 vote   news: Updated the game to Neo Axis 2.1
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Jan 25 2015, 2:19pm says:

This sounds pretty big, I cant wait to see the vid of the game in the updated engine. Looks like it should be easy to "feel".

+1 vote   news: Updated the game to Neo Axis 2.1
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Jan 25 2015, 8:33am says:

Wow, Really fluid Animation!

+2 votes   media: Moving Animation Hvy Suit
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Jan 17 2015, 10:08am says:

Wonderful work, Cant wait to see more!

+5 votes   news: Weekly Bulletin 16/1/2015
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Jan 15 2015, 7:44pm says:

Thats good, whenever I wanna play a game of DTA its always locked games and never more then one!

+2 votes   media: CnCNet Lobby - 19 players!
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Jan 11 2015, 5:37pm says:

Keep up the great work, Looks wonderful! I cant wait to see what else youve got.

+1 vote   media: Allied Canberra bomber
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Dec 17 2014, 5:22am says:

This looks great and Evolve was a very good Idea, make sure to have a news post on where to get it and a link to the group on it or it might not get out that its the main client. got a rough ETA on the next release?

+1 vote   media: Russian infantries
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Dec 13 2014, 12:09pm says:

Not really a transformation I know but I love the aesthetics of it, It sort of pops out across the lines, beautiful! I hope you guys dont throw away those leg assets, some of them would suit nicely on some support role units.

+3 votes   news: Weekly Bulletin 13/12/2014
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Dec 12 2014, 11:29pm replied:


+1 vote   download: R-103 Delphinus III (Updated aicraft)
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Dec 12 2014, 5:59pm says:

1 and 2, if someone actually ports all the AC3 Aircraft into this game I might actually sit down and put together a campaign modeled after the original.

+2 votes   download: R-103 Delphinus III (Updated aicraft)
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Dec 3 2014, 8:36am replied:

Thats a massive shame, didnt the older releases have support for it though? I understand the ease of access to internet nowadays but LAN is always a good feature to have incase the player, for whatever reason, cant get online or wants to play games with friends in proximity. I hope you consider adding it back in the future.

+1 vote   mod: The Dawn of the Tiberium Age
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Dec 3 2014, 5:40am says:

Ive got to ask, and this is gonna be the stupidest thing ive probably ever asked on the internet, But how the hell do I LAN with this now that the lobby system has changed? I found no instructions in the read more or anything as of yet, running the latest release obviously.

+1 vote   mod: The Dawn of the Tiberium Age
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Nov 8 2014, 10:55pm replied:

I was referring to this

+1 vote   media: Exo-Suit Infantry
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Nov 8 2014, 9:56pm says:

Very cool! Getting strong TS vibes from this one.

+1 vote   media: Exo-Suit Infantry
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Nov 8 2014, 8:21pm replied:

Judging from the background its meant to be Forgotten, which are ragtagged and junkyard dogs. Although, it does look a bit too big, nothing aside from that for me though.

+2 votes   media: T2 Taurus
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Nov 8 2014, 8:16pm says:

So will the numbers of soldiers in a squad be determined by the faction? Like the Harkonnen having fewing but stronger and hard hitting units?

+1 vote   media: Game
Lupus_of_nox_noctis Nov 7 2014, 11:39am says:

These updates are one of the few things I look forward to every week, Just thought id get it across how nice it is to have regular progress reports, even if it isnt much. Helps build confidence.

+3 votes   news: Weekly Bulletin 7/11/2014
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