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LPJGPR Dec 4 2014, 7:13am says:

Interesting. I'm guessing some kind of anti-tank laser/particle beam?

+2 votes   media: WEA Venator
LPJGPR Oct 12 2014, 3:57pm replied:

The codex mod is just skirmish and multiplayer. That said, I still recommend trying to get it because it is really fun.

+3 votes   mod: Codex
LPJGPR Oct 12 2014, 10:25am says:

Got a bit of a bug report here; I've noticed on multiple games that once you build an allies building, say a Boyz Hut for a Tau player, if that Hut is then destroyed or deleted no other allies building can be built, nor can that building be rebuilt.

On another game as IG I've built an allied chapel-barracks, but it had no units available for construction. (Not as in greyed out, as in there were no buttons in the bar at all.)

+2 votes   mod: Codex
LPJGPR Oct 12 2014, 10:20am replied:

The codex mod is just skirmish and multiplayer. That said, I still recommend trying to get it because it is really fun.

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LPJGPR Sep 25 2014, 3:09pm says:

Hey guys, do I need to install vanilla CoH and Tales of Valor to access all the factions?

+1 vote   mod: Company of Heroes: Modern Combat
LPJGPR Sep 3 2014, 10:12am replied:

Fair enough. I hadn't realised that the USMC was a separate faction in the mod, I thought they were a doctrine for the US.

+1 vote   mod: Company of Heroes: Modern Combat
LPJGPR Sep 2 2014, 8:21am says:

I've got a question for you guys; did you ever consider trying to add in some more factions to the game, or would that have required you to make one mod for CoH and another for OF?

+1 vote   mod: Company of Heroes: Modern Combat
LPJGPR Aug 10 2014, 5:31am replied:

Thanks for that! It's a very nice mod.

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LPJGPR Aug 9 2014, 3:01pm says:

Hi guys; I'm new to using mods on Tiberium Wars, and right now I'm being led in circles trying to install Xenoforce Reborn 9E. I've installed the .big and .sku files in a 'mods/xenoforce' folder and made two copies of that.

One is in AppData/Roaming/TiberiumWars, the other is in Program Files/ElectronicArts/TiberiumWars. There's no EA or TW folder in My Documents (Running 32-bit Windows 7), and I've managed to get the control centre shortcut working, but it's not showing up Xenoforce on the mods list. Any ideas?

Edit; Yes, it's upgraded to 1.09 patch.

+1 vote   mod: Xenoforce Reborn
LPJGPR Jul 1 2014, 4:58am replied:

Oops, didn't read Aslena's instructions! Sorry about that.

+1 vote   mod: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles
LPJGPR Jul 1 2014, 4:40am says:

Hey guys, got a question for you all. I'm looking to reinstall the original mod for EaW, and I'm looking at two of the fan-made patches you released with it, the one by njkz and Aslena's Campaign Mod. Are these two compatible, because they both add in some good details and fixes but don't seem to share them.

+1 vote   mod: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles
LPJGPR Jun 28 2014, 6:53pm replied:

Covenant at War has that in their FAQ. Basically they've talked over with the_Farseer and decided that the eventual intentions for their respective mods are too different to work together.

+2 votes   mod: Campaign Commander
LPJGPR Jun 1 2014, 3:57pm says:

I wish they'd kept to the original plan of just doing some more Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis films. Overall, I'd rather see a new tv series (or three!) than another reboot.

+4 votes   article: Stargate Reboot / Tunngle Update
LPJGPR Jun 1 2014, 12:59pm replied:

Got it working yesterday. Brilliant fun, though I've noticed that enemy AI seems a lot more active than any friendly computer players. Still 10/10 though.

+2 votes   mod: D-day
LPJGPR May 31 2014, 9:16am replied:

I just left them in the unzipped folder and put that in the 'mod' folder Launchbase made since I had no idea it wasn't supported anymore.

I'm reinstalling everything, and it seems to me the installation order for the mod is;
1. Extract the folder 0.3RC1 to the RA2 directory (My YR doesn't install into a separate one)
2. Drop the ecachemd45.mix, expandmd45.mix & dday.pkt files into the RA2 directory.
3. Just open it with the included .BAT file

Is this broadly correct?

+3 votes   mod: D-day
LPJGPR May 30 2014, 8:50pm says:

Hi there,

I tried following the installation instructions as laid out in the ARES download and the mod's readme, but I just got the vanilla version of Yuri's Revenge playing.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled both RA2 and Yuri's Revenge and this time installed the Launch Base programme to get around having to install ARES myself, but the mod isn't showing up on the Launch Base app at all.

+2 votes   mod: D-day
LPJGPR May 5 2014, 6:37pm says:

I find it mildly terrifying just how much effort you put into making these models. Cracking work, carry on!

+4 votes   media: The Most Feared Ship of All Time...
LPJGPR May 3 2014, 3:08pm replied:

If you want to run more than one mod, copy the whole of the Generals folder into your documents, rename it to something resembling the mod you want to install, then go put it back in the EA folder and install the mod you want to it. I've just done this today and it's allowed me to run Only War, Xenoforce and Rise of the Reds.

+1 vote   mod: Battletech: The Capellan Solution
LPJGPR Apr 22 2014, 12:11pm replied:

Huh. I was wondering since I noted that each of the defending players had a Thunderhawk that didn't do anything, and the Tyranids didn't seem able to break through or get over the lower gate section. Are they supposed to drop buildings on the defender's side?

Also wondering how the defenders are supposed to coordinate since it seems there's no way for the upper tier to get to the lower tier and vice-versa.

+1 vote   mod: Tyranid Mod
LPJGPR Apr 22 2014, 12:09pm says:

Emergency Dispute's description sounds like the beach map that's already in ROTR. What's the main difference?

+1 vote   download: [ROTR] Xofolez' Massive Map-pack Part #1 1.0 [CS]
LPJGPR Apr 22 2014, 12:07pm replied:

Kislev is basically a mixture of Rus and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, from the Tzarina to the Winged Hussars.

@Jasperz0r; that's the intention, if you look at the Lizardmen they're south America with the attendent Aztec/Inca feel while Araby is North Africa. Khemri is Egypt, Cathay is China, and Albion which seems to have dropped out of all fluff again is Britain.

+4 votes   media: 1
LPJGPR Apr 20 2014, 9:24pm replied:

Strike this out, managed to resolve it. However, I do have a question about the Tarsis Ultra map that comes in the mod. How is it played? Are AI supported for it?

+1 vote   mod: Tyranid Mod
LPJGPR Apr 20 2014, 2:38pm replied:

Okay, I installed the two base sections, 3.5, then the Advanced AI and Objective Points mods. After that I installed BT and Tyranids...and it's working! Thank you so much! I always used to enjoy Codex and now I'm glad to be able to add Tyranids to the mix.

One last question though; using that module/.ini method, can I add in other racial mods like say, the Vostroyans (Not one of choice but still one of the most prominent racial mods)?

+1 vote   mod: Codex
LPJGPR Apr 20 2014, 11:18am replied:

Ah right. I'm going to uninstall and reinstall everything later on. Thanks for the help!

+1 vote   mod: Codex
LPJGPR Apr 20 2014, 8:23am replied:

I'm not on my PC right now so I can't check it again, but I installed the mods in the following order; Codex Base Parts 1 and 2 directly to the Soulstorm directory, followed by Codex 3.5.

Following this, I installed the Black Templar mod beta-5, then the Advanced AI 3.2. Then I installed the 0.5b2 version of the Tyranid mod, and the latest version of the Objective Points mod.

The only changes I made to .ini files was the codex_3_5 module file to which I placed this;
"RequiredMod.1 = codex_base
RequiredMod.2 = DXP2
RequiredMod.3 = W40k
RequiredMod.4 = dowai
RequiredMod.5 = objective_points_SS
RequiredMod.6 = Tyranids
RequiredMod.7 = BTMod"

+1 vote   mod: Codex
LPJGPR Apr 19 2014, 8:51pm says:

Hey guys. I uninstalled Codex last year when I wanted to clear room for another game, and came back to it last night. This time I figured I'd not just have this and the BT mod but also the Tyranid mod, and thus the Objective Points mod.

Now since then I've had nothing but trouble. I can't remember the mod path for extractions, I keep booting up the game and not having Nids or BT's be listed on armies even after putting them on the Codex Module File, and then everytime I loaded the game it crashed back to the desktop. On a scale of 1-Martian War, how badly have I displeased the machine spirits?

Edit; I should also mention that despite BT not being available as an army, the opening cinematic was still that of the BT mod.

+1 vote   mod: Codex
LPJGPR Apr 19 2014, 7:53pm replied:

Can it be shot down anyway before it makes the run? Everytime I've used a bomber or a mine-dropping plane in either ROTR or vanilla ZH the plane seems to be invulnerable until after its run, and even then are only rarely shot down.

+1 vote   article: Rise of the Reds Blog Update 7
LPJGPR Apr 19 2014, 5:50pm says:

Hi, quick question. I downloaded the 0.5b2 version to use with the Codex mod and Tyranids aren't available in the list of armies to choose from in skirmish. Is this a bug with the mod or is it likely to have resulted from an error in installation?

+1 vote   mod: Tyranid Mod
LPJGPR Apr 7 2014, 12:20am says:

Seriously, we're all begging you; don't make the units tiny. They're hard enough to see as it is now in all their glory, and shrinking them so much is just going to irritate a lot of players.

+1 vote   article: Finishing Line and beyond
LPJGPR Apr 6 2014, 11:03am says:

Seeing the bomber reminds me of something I've been wondering; while the default bombing run doesn't allow you to choose the direction it comes from like the Typhoon's tear gas strike, have the team considered implementing such a thing for the B-52? It would make a nice change to just selecting a circle and only seeing a few targets get hit.

+2 votes   article: Rise of the Reds Blog Update 7
LPJGPR Dec 2 2013, 5:25am says:

It's always great to see more screenshots, but maybe you should look at posting occasional status updates on how the mod's going as well?

That said, any chance of more ground shots? The space stuff looks good, but your mod is the only one for ME that will offer ground combat.

+1 vote   media: Screenshots of mod version 1.15
LPJGPR Nov 27 2013, 2:49am says:

If the mod plays as well as the screenshots look, then this is going to be good.

+3 votes   mod: BABYLON-5 THE LOST TALES MOD -ESP-
LPJGPR Jan 3 2013, 8:05pm replied:

Not surprising considering you've got rid of the scripts folder. Post your comment on the main ROTR page or try to message one of the creators to get the help you need.

+1 vote   download: ROTR ECA Beta 1.8
LPJGPR May 6 2012, 1:14pm says:

Man I'm looking forward to this! :D

+1 vote   media: Screenshots for Version 2.0
LPJGPR Mar 24 2012, 6:52am replied:

I think they look nicely as they are. If you think it's too dark, why not just turn up the contrast/brightness?

+1 vote   media: PLA Typhoon Launcher
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