Greetings. My name is Luís Vilbro and I live in Portugal. I like survival horror games, creating music, level design, drawing and some other activities.

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0 comments by lordvilbro on Mar 21st, 2014

New blog post about virtual reality and the damage that it may make to video-games.

Recently there has been talk around the internet about the future of videogames when it comes to the inclusion of V.R (Virtual Reality) devices that allow "total" immersion in the virtual world. Whether it is the Oculus Rift or some other similar device by some other company like Sony or Microsoft, the end result will be equally as catastrophic and I fear that videogames in general will never stop being childish fantasies because of this implementation.
Read the rest in:

Report abuse "The Night and the Silent Water"

0 comments by lordvilbro on Jan 30th, 2013

Hello everybody, some months have past since the last blog and there are some news.
First of all, I would like to thank to the three guys that made gameplay videos of Chromaticity Bombinate on Youtube.

RockLeeSmile: TheCraftedEpisodes:
The news are that I've been working on my next game and it's called "The Night and the Silent Water". The title of the game is also the title of an Opeth song from the album "Morning Rise" and it might be temporary.
The gameplay is going to be text-based in which all that the player can do in the game must be ordered by typing on the keyboard. This system might bring some interesting puzzle solving. Time will tell.
Bye bye computer mouse and your "one click solves everything" mechanism, we do not need you anymore!
Thank you for your interest on my blogs and my games. Until my next blog : )

Report abuse 04-12-12 Update

0 comments by lordvilbro on Dec 4th, 2012

I have recently completed the newest version of "Chromaticity Bombinate" and with that I believe the chapter of experimental visuals and sounds has come to an end. Before this, I worked in some other projects, that had the same nature, but I never felt quite motivated in order to finish them. Now, I will dedicate myself into more "concrete" projects if you will. They will certainly be experimental too, but in other areas. I believe that everything that is new or tries to be new is, to a certain degree, experimental.
Until my next update, feel free to play "Chromaticity Bombinate" and tell me what you think about it via comments or personal messages.
Thank you for your interest.

Report abuse 14-08-2012 update

0 comments by lordvilbro on Aug 14th, 2012

After some struggle with the mod that I was working on for Skyrim I decided to archieve it because I was no longer interested in that project and because of that I couldn't create any interesting content... I apologize to all the people that where interested in it but I think it was the best decision to take.
On the other hand  I recently created an artistic game in under 4 hours and I published it on Indie Data Base. It is called "Chromaticity Bombinate" and explores the fear of the unknown.
Feel free to check it out and thank you for your interest.

Report abuse About Archiving the Maze Project

0 comments by lordvilbro on Jun 21st, 2012

Hello people!
During the last month I've been working on the Hy-Brazir Project crafting a new dungeon where the story will unfold. And after some days of work (and thanks to a friend) I had an idea - implement the maze from The Maze Project inside the dungeon generating therefore a more interesting plot... I hope xD

Stay tuned for more updades and thank you for your interest : )  

Report abuse The reason behind my absence

0 comments by lordvilbro on May 25th, 2012

I want to apologize to all of those who where waiting, for my lack of productive activity lately... I've been busy with a school project that really needed some dedication. Now that it's almost finished I can resume my work on both projects. 
There are already some updates relating the Hy-Brazir project - two new areas have been added and are currently under construction. Some new screenshots will be published soon and later a new demo will be uplouded in the following month or so I hope. On the other hand, The Maze project haven't got any changes since my first uploud...
I wish you all a good weekend and thank you for your interest.

Report abuse A little scare before going to sleep...

0 comments by lordvilbro on May 7th, 2012

Last night, after compressing both of my projects into rar files, I went to the creation kit, made a little change on the scenario of Hy-Brasir and then, I tried to save. Then, it appears an error message saying something that I can't remember right now. I just remember that it isn't saving my work! So, I closed the creation kit, opened it up again and, for my amusement, all the work that I've done on the Hy-Brasir project was gone. I swear I almost passed out...
Anyways... then, I realized the Creation kit was having a problem with the rar files that where inside the Data folder of Skyrim (or atleast I though it was that). So, I removed them from there and copied their content to the Data folder, overwriting the previous ones.
It all ended well. My work was all there and now everything is working great!

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0 comments by lordvilbro on May 6th, 2012

Hello everyone. At the moment I'm uplouding a very early demo of both of my projects, but since the projects aren't even aproved you will have to wait until you can play them : /
In the next days I will work on those projects a little more, learning new things about the creation kit and etc. 
Hope you enjoy them and thanks for your interest.

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