Ahoy. I do 3D modeling, rendering and just general design. I'm a person who over past few years has taken a great interest in formulating ideas in 3D space. Ideas are my trade in many ways yet I also lean towards the practical. I have worked on several mods and game projects though modeling for games is not my first area of expertise. Here on ModDB/IndieDB I keep an eye on the Humor Satire Parody group, I follow the modding community and watch game productions that have peaked my interest. Feel free to go through my blogs or image gallery if you want to get a glimpse of what I do. As always, have a nice day!

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This one little update...

Long time since my last blog. I still don't have much to say however I did make some minor updates on my profile.
I did a redesign of my "MY Design" logo. It should look a lot more organic now.
Old Logo: New Logo:

I've long since picked up playing DayZ again, as the current video in the video box shows. DayZ is still on of my favorite mods/games to have come out in a long time. In idea and execution its not always what you would expect and I still say it has a lot of problems. Even so, I enjoy it every time.

I also got some Indie games on the Steam sale a couple of days ago. Magica, Universe Sandbox and finally LIMBO (which I've been meaning to get for like... forever).

LIMBO for starters sure lives up the the critics it has received. The dark atmosphere and great 2D environments make it a very special experience. On the downside, to often the puzzles are made in a way you need to solve them by being quick with the fingers and in many cases that isn't even apparent so you spend ages trying to find a solution to a puzzle which you already thought of but then dismissed for being impossible.
Still, for a casual game to play, it's a very good game.

Universe Sandbox on the other hand is a game I can't say much about yet. It's not really a game either as such, the somewhat realistic physics make it a fascinating program to experiment in however there is only so much fun to be had with that.
I can't say it's all bad though since this would be a great learning to tool for people all ages getting to know the way the universe works.

Magica however is in a way the most fun game of them all and there-in lies the bitter disappointment... Not that I have a whole lot of experience playing the game yet but for me the game quickly got way to hard for it to be a fun casual game. You really need to learn the spells and have the combinations ready before you attack and during a fight, trying to quickly remember the right combinations can be frustrating.
The story aspect of the game is great though, somewhat based in Norse mythology and with a decent amount of humour that reminds me a little of Terry Pratchett's "The Discworld" novels it makes me think it's a shame it doesn't have more story moments and less fighting giant monsters (and then dying a lot).
This all makes it a fun game that kinds destroys itself a bit by making it slightly to hard for the casual player.

So yeah, all good games but none without their small (or big) flaws.

No new models yet as such though I still have one work in progress I need to get finished.

Also did anyone else notice? What is SlideDB? A little peek into the future perhaps.

Have a nice day!
Admiral Skeybar


Nice job on the logo. It's making me dizzy :P

As for Magica, I love that game to pieces and I know what you mean about memorizing the spells. That said, you really only need 1 other player and it immediately becomes a breeze. And you really only need 2 spells (Revive and Lighting) :D

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Admiral_Nemo Author


So co-op makes the game easier huh? Well that's good to know. I have a couple of people on my friends list who play the game I think.

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I think the new logo looks even better! Nice man!

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Admiral_Nemo Author

Thanks dude! =)

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