Ahoy. The name is Mikom. I do 3D modeling, rendering and just general design. I'm a person who over past few years has taken a great interest in formulating ideas in 3D space. Ideas are my trade in many ways yet I also lean towards the practical. I have worked on several mods and game projects though modeling for games is not my first area of expertise. Here on ModDB/IndieDB I keep an eye on the Humor Satire Parody group, I follow the modding community and watch game productions that have peaked my interest. Feel free to go through my blogs or image gallery if you want to get a glimpse of what I do. As always, have a nice day!

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2 comments by Admiral_Skeybar on Jan 16th, 2012

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The Beginning Of A New Year - 2012

WE ARE DOOMED!!! ...or so they say. What a big load of bollocks if you ask me. But yes, it's the beginning of yet another new year, 2012, a rather beautiful number in my opinion.
So far this new year has been rather uneventful.
Yesterday I was looking outside the window not doing anything myself when I saw a cat doing what a cat does. He jumped a tree, jumped down slowly going though the snow probably looking for mice. I don't think I'll ever understand cats, they are the most fascinating of all pets, they do as they please and get fed by their "masters". It makes me wonder, who are masters and who the pets? Enough about cats, I bet you see enough of those on the Internet anyway.

My modeling has started of good this year I'd say. In the spirit of creativity I managed to make a pretty good visualization of the spaceship of my dreams, the Athena.
I built both the interior and exterior (more images can be found in my gallery) which was quite a challenge, the huge amount of detail made my 3d program go a little crazy sometimes when rendering.

I'm happy with the results, I managed to get another design out of my head and into the real world (more or less) and that always gives me a good feeling.

Right now I'm working on an unfinished project I started last year. I'm hoping to get some of my other unfinished projects finalized this year as well.

Have a great 2012 people and have a nice day,
Admiral Skeybar

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4 comments by Admiral_Skeybar on Dec 18th, 2011

The Beginning Of A New Year The Admirals Blog

A year in review - 2011

And that's it, another year that has gone past so fast I'm under the impression that I might be time traveling. It seems like only a few months ago I was still making models without a care in the world and spamming ModDB with pictures of them. Though it seems those days are over, real life seems to close in on me and I should say already now that 2012 won't be a year where I will rank up another 24 levels.
I'm going to try to keep this short, no one likes long blogs and this blog theme I made doesn't really support it either.

So what have accomplished this year? What lives have I had an impact on and how was 2011 different from 2010? Well that's easy I say, there is 1 instead of a 0 at the end... smartass. Anyhow, I know my modeling has improved during 2011, I know people who might be stuck doing the same thing still if it wasn't for a small pat on the back from my sledgehammer of a personality (yes Metaltooth I'm looking at you) and in return the world of gaming has given me a clan, the JSSG made up from some of the most subordinary guys on ModDB (and now also one girl).
I proudly took over the Humor, Satire, Parody group in the beginning of this year and I've tried to keep it active, just like the Banners of ModDB group. ModDB is still my homepage and I hope it will continue being so for the next year.

But what would this blog be if it wasn't for games and mods, that's why we are all here isn't it? In 2011 I have had the time and privilege to play some of the best games ever made.

First of let's start with Mass Effect, a game series I've completely fallen in love with the past few weeks (and no I don't mean literally though to people who are familiar with the game I can see why you thought that)
Mass Effect is one of those RPGs, a genre I've only had a long distance relationship with once but otherwise avoided, and I can't for the love of god see why? It's a great idea to put the player in a more complex story that doesn't constantly focus on gameplay. But oh yes, now I remember why I never play RPGs, they always tend to focus on annoying upgrade systems, leveling systems that are bloody time consuming while you just want to get on with the game. So if you don't like the story of an RPG, don't bother playing it. At least, that's my new rule.
And yes, Mass Effect 1 did have a terrible inventory system that people somehow needed to focus on while being a lot more busy with the important bits like playing the actual game. I swear, by the end of Mass Effect 1 I had tons of upgrades and armors, armor powers, weapons, weapon powers and... ...so on piling up in my inventory that I hadn't even used. However I'm glad they fixed all that in Mass Effect 2 where you just occasionally found a new weapon and where you could actually feel the difference of the upgrade thus adding a bit more meaning to the system.
So I really like Mass Effect 2, though if you want to know more, go and read a proper review.

Second on the list, Portal 2. I reviewed this game after I played it in the beginning of the year so there is really no need to do a whole complex summary of the game other than saying it's really good fun while being more story oriented than the first game. In retrospect I must say that for a Portal game it was a bit to easy and Portal 1 is still the best Portal game in terms of gameplay.

Thirdly, a game I've had so many hours of fun with and it is... ...GTA IV? no! because that game is just like real life, really dull. Nope, the game is Just Cause 2, a game of robbing peasants of their vehicles, blowing things up and not much else.
This game is so much fun that I'd put this on my top 5 favorite games list, not that I have one but I would if I had.
Because blowing things up and driving, riding and flying is so much fun that I might just as well leave it at that, why? Just cause!

My fourth favorite game this year is Crysis 2 but I already did a review on that as well so... moving on.

Fifth game is Mirrors Edge and... yup did that one as well.

So moving on to mods. I'm going to do a top five of that as well I think.

Number one is Insurgency. I just loved the simplicity of the game and the fact that it was really easy beating the crap out of those CS source addicted kids that just took every opportunity they got to jump into my crosshair... but no they didn't because Insurgency doesn't have that, at least not for normal weapons. Which is partly why I just really like that game, it mixed the serious controls of modern realistic shooters with the fun of a simple team based run and gun game.

Two, Garrys Mod. Great sandbox editor where you can do pretty much anything you like. Well no, every time I build something I miss the comfort and precision of a proper axis tool real editors have. You might argue that is to make the game more easy to use but I'd say that's bullshit because pulling the axis of a simple red-green-blue axis tool is a lot simpler than moving an object with a HL2 (a game I did play this year and who wouldn't even make it onto my top 5 list if it was the only game I played all year) inspired "physics gun".
But it's still a fun mod to play and who wouldn't want to build their own flying car?

My third favorite mod this year is a mod that was actually released this year, No More Room in Hell is a Source mod I had a lot of fun with. But, I reviewed that in my last blog and since they changed the mod so much in the last update, disregard any advice I gave.

My fourth mod on the list is The Stanley Parable. A really nice but short mod with some great voice acting.

And the last mod is Zombie Master, another zombie game where one player is given control over all the zombies and will do its best to make sure the survivors don't survive much longer.

That is it. As I said, I wanted to keep it short. I hope you will all do well next year and keep on modding!

That's all from me this year, have a Merry Christmas!
Admiral Skeybar

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2 comments by Admiral_Skeybar on Nov 7th, 2011

A year in review - 2011 The Admirals Blog

What the hell am I doing now?

Recently I've been playing a great mod that was released last week, it is a Half Life 2/Source modification called No More Room In Hell.

June 2011 Screenshots June 2011 Screenshots

As you might have guessed, it's a zombie game. You play online with a bunch of other survivors and your aim is just one thing: escaping the zombies. To do so you usually have to complete a set of objectives that will eventually lead you to the end of the map where you will be extracted and saved.

While playing NMRiH, I discovered one thing that is really good to know when playing this mod: don't bother trying to shoot all the zombies; you can just walk past them. Yes that's right, 9 out of 10 zombies in this game are slower than a turtle with two broken legs. There are some faster zombies, they are the ones you should run away from (or shoot) but you'll figure that out as soon as you start playing.
There are a great number of weapons you can choose from but due to a constant lack of ammo the best weapon is your brain.

Keys you should know when playing:
1 & 2 = Inventory (right click or G to discard weapon or ammo)
Q = Quick weapon switch
C = Compass and current objective
F = Flashlight (can be used with small-arms)
3rd Mouse Button = For pushing away evil zombies when they grab you (and this will happen, trust me)

If you like zombie games, I really suggest you try this mod. The release is still an open beta so expect a few bugs when playing but aside from that it's fully playable.

No more models by me lately. Here is the last model I made, two Tokage from the Usagi Yojimbo comics:
Tokage Lizards

That's all from me, have a nice day!
Λdmiral Skeybar

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4 comments by Admiral_Skeybar on Nov 4th, 2011

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If you do not have an account on skeybartheadmiral.com, please use the username "guest" and password "guest".

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4 comments by Admiral_Skeybar on Oct 28th, 2011

What The Hell Am I Doing Now? The Admirals Blog

Autumn 2011 in the world

As you might remember, in my previous blog which I posted one month ago I asked all of you to submit a description or picture of Autumn in your part of the world. I'm glad at least some people responded and this is their autumn 2011:

iQew wrote:
Quite warm at the moment in Northern Germany. Around 20 degrees at midday and very summer-ish. Which is quite nice, because we had rain throughout all the summer before, so we get some of the summer back now :)

Shadow_Micha wrote:
Too bad there is no autumn here (ma country) XD
Only has 2 seasons : rainy (rain rain everywhere) and dry (damn hot)

Metaltooth wrote:
It gets cold down here in the South-Eastern US. Sometimes below freezing. Almost all the leaves have turned yellow, which means lots of raking.

And OrangeNero was kind enough to share this image:

You can still submit your Autumn 2011, just post a comment on my blog with your Autumn or a link to an image you took.

I myself haven't done much else this past month. I did some mapping in the Far Cry 2 editor (images can be found in my gallery) and I made this model:

That's all from me, have a nice day!
Λdmiral Skeybar

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7 comments by Admiral_Skeybar on Sep 27th, 2011

Autumn 2011 in the world The Admirals Blog

Autumn 2011

Dear readers of my blog. As life plays out it's little tune and the thoughts in my head keep buzzing I can't help but wonder what it is like in other parts of the world. So please tell us here on Moddb how things look where you live, be it with pictures or words I'm really interested in seeing Autumn 2011 on planet Earth, the whole Earth.
Here are some pictures of my own:

Autumn picturesAutumn picturesAutumn pictures
Autumn picturesAutumn picturesAutumn pictures

These are pictures I took only about an hour ago when riding my bike, please excuse the bad quality, I took the pictures with my mobile phone. 5.0 megapixels, yeah right...

I myself really liked the picture of the two sheep, it feels warm in this autumn cold.

Here is also my latest render, my Battlestar Galactica Cylon Centurion:

This is the end of this blog, again please write a comment with what autumn looks like where you live or give me a link to a picture you have taken and I will feature all of the texts and images in my next blog.

Have a nice day!
Λdmiral Skeybar

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0 comments by Admiral_Skeybar on Sep 15th, 2011

Autumn 2011 The Admirals Blog

Unknown Spacecraft

A new model, an unknown spacecraft:

I decided to start on this model after I got bored working on older spacecraft project.
Here are some WIPs of that project:

The ESAD Sentinel Prime is the ship I am trying to make a blueprint of, or some kind of layout showing the ship in 2D anyway...

That's it for this short blog, have a nice day!
Admiral Skeybar

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11 comments by Admiral_Skeybar on Sep 3rd, 2011

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Two Specific Game Reviews

I bought a two games a few days ago: Mirrors Edge and Crysis Warhead and I thought I'd dedicate this blog to writing something about these games. Minor spoilers may find its way into my reviews.
Both games are EA, I hope that doesn't put you of when reading this, they do come with good stuff now and then...

Mirror's Edge

First up is Mirrors Edge, this game is a first person freerunning/parkour-style game. You play as the female main character in the story, Faith. You are a runner and a surviver outside a system that is corrupts and limits peoples free will. As you play the game, you will discover a plot against the runners.
The story is told as you play the game and in the cutscenes and animations between levels who are made in 2d rather than the 3d style of the game, which gives it quite a unique feel.

2D animations between levels give a special feel to the game and story

Gameplay can be hard sometimes, you get a simple introduction course in the beginning on the training grounds and that's about it. Throughout the game you have to improvise your way through several tricky moves and that combined with not always being sure where to go makes the game a real puzzle-like challenge which reminded me sometimes of Portal and how you could get stuck in a place not knowing what to do and then after many times of trying and failing, it hit you like a bombshell and you thought you were an idiot for not realizing what to do (at least, I did).

Runner vision shows things in red

You have a thing called runner vision, it allows you to see what objects you can grab and also shows you the way in most cases. With runner vision items you can use to jump of, to grab or to hang on to show up in red.
Combining many moves while running can keep you have a flow in your running, you can also combine moves in combat with the blues, cops, which there are plenty of. They are annoying in the beginning, especially the ones in the helicopters however in the end it becomes quite a lot of fun to kick them in the face.

Newest threat to children: RUNNING

The attention to detail in this game is amazing, and there is some humor as well.

I'd say all of this makes Mirrors Edge a great game, sure, there are some minor setbacks. For example, you need a pretty good computer to be able to handle the physics in this game and since you cannot save the game whenever you like you'll end up doing loads of thing you don't want to do twice many times over. For example, I got stuck at one part, a helicopter had me pinned down and I needed to make a run for it making some really hard moves jumping over a huge gap. After you made the jump, there are some easier jumps and then you need to beat some cops, this was quite early in the game so I wasn't very good at that. I was pretty glad I made the jump finally but when I got to those cops, I got killed and I had to do it all over again, this was very frustrating after many failed attempts...

Rating this game, I would give it 9 out of 10 points for the idea alone. I much appreciate the developers made it in first person rather than third person since that never gives you a perfect view of your situation.
For the graphics 9/10.
Story 7/10
Music 7/10 as well
Therefore I rate this game 8.5/10

Now for the second game I bought. Crysis Warhead
is a stand-alone expansion game based upon the original Crysis. There really isn't much else to say except it is an awesome game. I never played the first Crysis game so please correct me if I'm wrong but I believe Warhead is a continuation of the first Crysis story about an alien invasion on Earth. You play as a soldier in a nanosuit which gives you loads of cool abilities like cloak, armour, enhanced speed and enhanced strength.

Yes, he looks angry but with enough time you'll realize he is a real nice guy

There isn't really much else to say about the story of Crysis so I'll move on to gameplay. When I played Crysis 2, I found it very easy to get through all the levels, I have played it on every difficulty level from Soldier to Post Human Warrior and I must say it was almost just as easy on every level. This was really because of one thing, the cloak mode in Crysis 2 works a lot longer than in Crysis Warhead. So when I started playing Warhead, I thought to myself: "Well, it was pretty easy on normal so why not start on Hard right away...". Hmm, hard was really hard in Crysis Warhead, not only was the cloak as useless as a broken egg-timer, my armour was weaker and I found it harder to aim my rifles. It was fun though, I did not feel in necessary switch back to the normal difficulty level.

Crysis Warhead Crysis 2

Crysis Warhead takes place somewhere in Korea while Crysis 2 takes place in New York, there was a big difference and I'm still not sure which game I like the most.
I do like the (kinda) realistic gameplay of the Crysis games, sure the NPCs are dumb and yes I realize that a lot of the weapons are somewhat to accurate and overpowered but I like that you can hide and wait to strike rather than constant hit and run attacks.

Though Crysis Warhead isn't the longest game to play, if you're good you can probably finish it in one day but it is quite a challenge. Various levels require a lot of focus while aliens keep flying around you and shooting little bolts of whatever it is that these aliens shoot.

Nice place to snipe

Because Crysis Warhead has such great graphics, it's often a joy to just look around (if your computer is good enough). If only more game developers made hugely expensive and complicated engines for their games, maybe the gaming world would look a lot better...

So, I rate the gaming experience of Crysis Warhead 8/10 for good gameplay.
Graphics 9.2/10
Story 5/10
Music 7/10

Therefore I rate this game 7.5/10

I haven't done much modeling lately but here is my last model:

That's about it, thanks for reading this long blog or if you're just visiting my page sorry for making you scroll this far down, I realize good mouses don't come cheap and scroll-wheels are usually the first to break... I'm so sorry.

Have a nice day!

Admiral Skeybar

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10 comments by Admiral_Skeybar on Aug 16th, 2011

Two Specific Game Reviews The Admirals Blog

Update Of Life

As you might have noticed, I recently changed the style of my profile again. I thought it was time for a change and I have been doing very little designing lately so it was a fun little project.

I did make quite a lot of models in the last few weeks: the HK-G36k, recently my Portal icon pack and naturally I worked a lot on improving my TRON lightcycle.

TRON Lightcycle Updated

I've also been having fun playing Zombie Master (a great source mod) with MattmanDude.

My internet is still crap, that's not fun. Downloads go slow, uploads as well...

I did another piece of music, haven't done one of those in ages:

That's it from me, have a nice day!

Admiral Skeybar

PS, yes iQew, I did get the previous/next blog idea from your blog ;-)

Also I'm sorry to all of you who visited my page on Desura, the Youtube movie is supposed to be in this blog but for some reason it opens up in your webbrowser. EDIT, Never mind, problem solved. :-)

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8 comments by Admiral_Skeybar on Jul 25th, 2011


Meet The Creator

"Never again shall the fallen angel go faceless"

Yes that's right, this is me, creator of artistic stuff. I'm not hiding behind the faceless cylon mask anymore.

Actually, this picture is for my DeviantID on DeviantArt. I made it as a sort of merging of two worlds, my 3D world and the real world. Anyone thinking "Matrix" yet? lol, I know I am thinking about it right now.

That's it for this short blog, have a nice day.
Admiral Skeybar