Ahoy. The name is Mikom. I do 3D modeling, rendering and just general design. I'm a person who over past few years has taken a great interest in formulating ideas in 3D space. Ideas are my trade in many ways yet I also lean towards the practical. I have worked on several mods and game projects though modeling for games is not my first area of expertise. Here on ModDB/IndieDB I keep an eye on the Humor Satire Parody group, I follow the modding community and watch game productions that have peaked my interest. Feel free to go through my blogs or image gallery if you want to get a glimpse of what I do. As always, have a nice day!

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The Tale Of Additional Change

There have been some changes lately, mainly for myself. For one, I got a job which will be taking up much of my time. That means less 3D work from me and less activity on ModDB as well.
There will also be some changes here. I am writing (or rather have been writing) a story featuring my old Bionicle characters from 2010/2011.
It is mainly Ihlires story about how she went from this and became this.

I will be posting the first part of this story soon in my blog. If you're interested in fantasy/adventure stories with 3D illustrations, then this might be something for you.

And to fill up this blog a little, here are my latest models:

Hunter Drone

Attack Drone

GX-705 Kamibot

Have a nice day!
Admiral Skeybar

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Futuristic Flying Ships

This month is flying past at the speed of light, I can only guess but it might have something to do with the tons of spaceships I've been working on for the past couple of weeks.

Let's start off with some background story. Almost three months ago MattmanDude and I had an idea for the clan we are both in called the JSSG. The idea was that each person could get their own custom designed spaceship by me.
Over the past few months several people have requested designs by me that have tested my spaceship designing skills to the limit. Examples of these are the USS Corvus, HMCS Attaque and The Centaur.

More recently I made these two designs for MattmanDude and Vader91, top cats of the JSSG clan.


The Bronco

The J-405x

With those two ships done, we in the clan started getting more complicated ideas which included mods and games. A mod is being worked on right now by me and a few others in the clan but as far as I know it won't be released to the public and the assets will remain private.

In preparation for this mod I felt a little left out, all the other members had warships while I had chosen to go for my Athena as my clan-ship. That's why I decided to do a little redesign of my beloved star-cruiser making the refitted Battle Athena.

Battle Athena

With that done I started on some lowpoly work for the mod.
That's pretty much all I've been up to this month, other than playing some Rainbow Six Vegas 2 with Vader91.

So that's it for this blog, have a nice day!
Admiral Skeybar

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One Month Later...

Yes, it is one month later since my last blog. What have I been up to? Not much really, I've played a lot of DayZ Lingor island, which is a mod for the mod DayZ (and isn't that a weird thing?). I also continued on my banquet hall for the U3DA Challenge.

Banquet Room WIP

Unfortunately trueSpace won't render it anymore in the model-side so from now on I am going to have to use the workspace only for this scene. This is a workspace render (might be final depending if I get the time to add some more or not).

The Ship Finished

I am also working on a new spaceship design for a friend who kindly gifted me Saints Row The Third (+ all the DLC) on Steam.
In case you're wondering, my verdict on Saints Row the Third is: better than Saints Row 2 for the casual players but less specific than the first two games. I like the game, though I tired after playing it to much.

Also, here are some random DayZ screenshots:

Checking out a nearby townAnother Day...Another Day In ParadiseGreetings From Lingor Island

Have a nice day!
Admiral Skeybar

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This one little update...

Long time since my last blog. I still don't have much to say however I did make some minor updates on my profile.
I did a redesign of my "MY Design" logo. It should look a lot more organic now.
Old Logo: New Logo:

I've long since picked up playing DayZ again, as the current video in the video box shows. DayZ is still on of my favorite mods/games to have come out in a long time. In idea and execution its not always what you would expect and I still say it has a lot of problems. Even so, I enjoy it every time.

I also got some Indie games on the Steam sale a couple of days ago. Magica, Universe Sandbox and finally LIMBO (which I've been meaning to get for like... forever).

LIMBO for starters sure lives up the the critics it has received. The dark atmosphere and great 2D environments make it a very special experience. On the downside, to often the puzzles are made in a way you need to solve them by being quick with the fingers and in many cases that isn't even apparent so you spend ages trying to find a solution to a puzzle which you already thought of but then dismissed for being impossible.
Still, for a casual game to play, it's a very good game.

Universe Sandbox on the other hand is a game I can't say much about yet. It's not really a game either as such, the somewhat realistic physics make it a fascinating program to experiment in however there is only so much fun to be had with that.
I can't say it's all bad though since this would be a great learning to tool for people all ages getting to know the way the universe works.

Magica however is in a way the most fun game of them all and there-in lies the bitter disappointment... Not that I have a whole lot of experience playing the game yet but for me the game quickly got way to hard for it to be a fun casual game. You really need to learn the spells and have the combinations ready before you attack and during a fight, trying to quickly remember the right combinations can be frustrating.
The story aspect of the game is great though, somewhat based in Norse mythology and with a decent amount of humour that reminds me a little of Terry Pratchett's "The Discworld" novels it makes me think it's a shame it doesn't have more story moments and less fighting giant monsters (and then dying a lot).
This all makes it a fun game that kinds destroys itself a bit by making it slightly to hard for the casual player.

So yeah, all good games but none without their small (or big) flaws.

No new models yet as such though I still have one work in progress I need to get finished.

Also did anyone else notice? What is SlideDB? A little peek into the future perhaps.

Have a nice day!
Admiral Skeybar

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The Dark Knight Rises

Here is a short blog. I finally got a chance to see The Dark Knight Rises. It was a very good movie.
Story wise I'd say it's the best of the trilogy though to me it felt like it could have expanded more on... well everything, just a little bit.
To save you a long read of all complicated reasons why I though it should have more, I'll just say that even with it being almost three hours long, it still could have been longer.

It had good actors, even Anne Hathaway who I thought was a somewhat odd choice for the Catwoman.
An obvious thing one has to point out about the actors has to be that a lot of the leads starred all in another movie by Christopher Nolan; Inception.

Most people will most likely complain about it not having a whole lot of Batman in it. All I can say to those people is... hmm, grow up? No, that'd be mean. Still, this is a great trilogy that took the original idea of Batman and added as much to it as it possibly could.

But yeah, it was good, it was great, it'll change your life and all that... so if you haven't already, go and watch it!

Have a nice day!
Admiral Skeybar


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It has been a long time since my last blog post. Well here it goes.

So I came across this mod a while back called DayZ. DayZ is an online zombie/survival modification (mod) for the military simulator Arma II and Arma II Operation Arrowhead well known for its huge landscapes and "realistic" approach to military warfare.

I had the free version of Arma II so I couldn't get it. But after I saw some videos and heard other people talk about it, I decided to get Arma II Combined Operations on Steam and give DayZ a go.

At first this mod was hard, then it became even harder. But I got the hang of it and started surviving, collecting food and drinks as well as other items such as weapons and ammunition.

Since you start out with pretty much nothing but some bandages and a can of beans, finding food and water is right away your first priority. Knowing how to avoid the zombies is an important part of not getting killed.
By the way, did I mention that if you die you lose all your items and have to start all over again? Yes. DayZ takes that daring approach to gaming where it forces its players to take it just a little more seriously than your average shooter. This and the fact you play with other people on online servers, almost makes this game an MMORPG.

I have been playing this game for about four days. Luckily I can say the hours I've spent alive outnumber the times I have died. Though dying itself is always a new experience on it's own.

Yesterday, with my character who had found a larger backpack, an AK-47, a pistol, a tent, plenty of food and many more interesting items, I found myself in the position of having a teammate that I didn't know outside of the game.
He had a car and was looking for fuel and I was just interested in a multiplayer experience, so he and I teamed up for a brief period of time before he axed me in the back. He killed me and most likely took all my items.
It should be said however that I didn't really get angry because of his actions, in fact it very much added to the immersion of the game. Who can you trust, who can't you trust?

It was around this time I realized that the zombies in the game don't really add to this immersion but rather take away some. The zombies have poor animations, very static behavior and there are only a few variant models. They are guaranteed to spawn near buildings and will chase you if they spot you.
They are annoying, but not much else.
This is why I believe that DayZ should be a game about survival, but without zombies. Naturally it would make the game more empty and also mess with the game's balance. And I suppose the title wouldn't fit either.
Still, a survival game in a post apocalyptic environment, this is a game I'd definitively buy and play.

As it is now however, I'll keep playing DayZ. I got the idea to make a journal, a record to track my steps.
Here you can see my progress on day one with my current character.

Continuing from here I went south (left on this map)

And then I went up

Also, feel free to join this group: DayZ Survivors.

As for other things. I'm looking into getting Zbrush to replace/add to my current 3D application. I have yet to see the Dark Knight but they say it's good and uh... That's it for this post. Have a nice day!
Admiral Skeybar

Mars 3D

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Mars 3D

For a while now I have been working on a project that I called Mars 3D. Mars 3D is about colonizing Mars. In my previous blog I covered my Space 3000 universe where humanity has explored roughly one fourth of the galaxy. Mars 3D is an earlier step towards exploration, probably not to far from now. If I would have to set a date on this I would probably set it in year 2040 or 2050.

The first steps in colonizing Mars will start on Earth, the people behind the project will start building the different parts of the colony and then send them into space, individually. When in orbit the various parts will be put on the Mars Colonizer.

Mars 3D - The Mars Colonizer Mars 3D - The Mars Colonizer

When the colonizer is launched towards Mars, the colonists will have time to enjoy their final moments on Earth before leaving to Mars, where they will stay for at least the coming twenty years.

Upon arrival to Mars, the colonizer will automatically engage a preprogrammed disassembly sequence. All the individual parts will be sent down to the surface to the colony site by automatic guidance systems.
If every piece has landed successfully without error, the hubs will all perform a self diagnostic which is automatically sent back to Earth, then the colonists can board the second spacecraft to Mars where they will be deployed on the surface in a small capsule along with a vehicle, the Mars Explorer.

Mars 3D - The Mars Explorer Mars 3D - The Mars Explorer

When the colonists have landed, they will start building the colony, each hub of the colony deployed a year earlier by the Mars Colonizer will have to be retrieved and put in its proper position, the Mars Explorer will be a valuable took in doing so.

When the colony site has been built up, the colonists can leave their small capsule and enjoy the comfort of a larger home once again.

Mars 3D - The Mars  Colony Mars 3D - The Mars  Colony
Mars 3D - The Mars  Colony Mars 3D - The Mars  Colony

When the colonists have settled in, exploration can begin. Once again the Mars Explorer will be an important part of exploring the planet. Sometimes the exploring party (of three or four people) will have to live in the Explorer for several days if the goal of their journey is far away.

In the colony itself research and the cultivation of food will be part of the daily routine, working on repairs and expansion of the colony will also be a common activity.
In the case of a colonist getting sick, every colonist has been trained in the treatment of several common illnesses and wounds, however there will also be one doctor present on the colony at all times.

The coming years several other colony sites like these will be deployed on Mars until there are two large communities, each on a different side of Mars. When the colonies are large enough, mining operations of natural resources on Mars may begin. The goal of colonizing Mars will be that the colonies will be completely self sufficient after the fifth mission (after sixteen years, one launch every four years).

Eventually when/if the resources on Mars permit it, maybe a return site can be set up for colonists to go back to Earth. After such a long time on Mars, the low gravity will have caused the colonists to have lost some muscle density, as a result they most likely would have a hard time on Earth. This is why when the colonists sign up, they know it will be a "one way trip".

Who knows, maybe this will actually happen in real life. Maybe very soon, there are groups of people like Mars One and The Mars Foundation who are attempting this already today. Unfortunately, financial support is hard to come by for these organizations and therefore it may take some time before they actually get to go to Mars.

I hope you found this blog interesting, thanks for reading and have a nice day!
Admiral Skeybar

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My Art In Various Forms

Time for a new blog. The past couple of weeks I've been making several concepts and models for my SPACE 3000 universe, this mainly includes spaceships but also weapon designs and some other graphics.

For you who do not know my SPACE 3000 universe was a universe I created for a game I was developing a couple of years ago. This project didn't get far due to growing arguments in the team, this was mainly my fault as the leader of the project.
However, I still continued working on the universe itself with writing and designs.
The story behind it all was about Earth in the year 3102, the Earth is being invaded by aliens and you have to kill them all and bla bla bla.., you've heard it all before. The story behind the game wasn't all that special however the universe itself in which it took place with the various planets and colonies was an excellent place to channel my designs.
I have set the overall standard for designs however depending on what I make it for I can make pretty much any design as long as I stick to my own code of realism. Most of my spacecraft designs I made for the ESAD, the Earth Space Administration and Defense force.
ESAD L-60a1 Fighter

It is a common misunderstanding that the ESAD is a military organization, like the UNSC in Halo, because it was a game people assumed it was right away but that's not true. The ESAD mainly serves as a supervisor of spacetravel and scientific exploration. Think of them more like Starfleet from Star Trek since that is the closest thing I can think of. The largest part of ESAD however is the ESAD-C (C = cargo). They ensure cargo and trade between planets goes smoothly.
The also defend the planets and colonies from space-pirates, hehe.

There are three main planets in my SPACE 3000 universe, Terra (Earth), Alexandria and Theogonia. Each planet could support human life and needed no terraforming. Then there are various colonies in human space who don't support human life yet who require terraforming or serve as bases for scientists to conduct research.

There are three sentient races in my SPACE 3000 universe, the Humans, the Kohlar and the Ractas. The Kohlar are the least evolved but still had space-travel early in their evolution because of the large amounts of natural energy in their parts of space.
Upon the humans first encounter there was a brief war where the Kohlar were easily defeated due to vastly superior human firepower. The Kohlar only used energy weapons which were no match for the human target seeking projectile weapons. After this war communication with the Kohlar was made possible and both races apologized for their actions, a treaty was made ensuring both races would bother each other again until they were both ready. The Kohlar seemed an honorable race and the treaty held for 600 years before the Kohlar broke their promise.
The Ractas were more straightforward, they are a warlike race who value scientific conquest above all else, even if it means taking it from others. They observed humanity before attacking and in year 3102 the war with the Ractas reaches its peak.

This has always been in my head as I was working on my designs, a universe where almost everything is about spaceships.


Another thing I have been doing lately is making planets in the Gimp. There is a very good tutorial on MyGimpTutorial.com for making these.

I also happened to have some spare time yesterday and I still do, so I made a blog design similar to my own for MattmanDude.
If you want a custom blog design, I will be available to make one for you until next week (June 7th 2012). Please post a comment if you're interested or send me a PM.

That's it for this blog, have a nice day!
Admiral Skeybar

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution and no Mass Effect 3

Well in my last blog I sort of said my next review was going to be Mass Effect 3 after it came out. However things didn't quite turn out that way. Mass Effect 3 was a huge disappointment to me as a fan (mainly because of the ending) and really killed my love for the series as a whole, yes it was that bad.

The overambitious ending aside, and most other people tend to disagree with me here, I didn't find the game to be particularly good either. Well... it was a good game, very good in fact, just not better than the previous games in terms of originality and gameplay. Let me explain how I see it, Mass Effect 1 was great, it was a fun game with a new and exiting universe and story, it had many flaws but that is to be expected from something new. Mass Effect 2 wasn't much better in terms of story as such but it did improve the way the game told the story by a lot, Mass Effect 2 also had the most interesting campaign where each mission you did was unique in some way. Mass Effect 3 on the other hand hardly tried anything new, it was just going from one battle to the other and even though some battles were more interesting than others and this set-up did suit the story more, I still didn't find it as entertaining as the missions in Mass Effect 2.

One thing I can say for Mass Effect 3 is that it did keep the great storytelling from Mass Effect 2 and that it had some of the most emotional and jaw dropping moments of the whole series. Also don't get me wrong, I don't regret buying the game at all, I just wish they never made it like this in the first place.
Well, if you want to go deeper in my impressions of Mass Effect 3, you can read the blog/review I wrote shortly after playing the game on my website: Blog: Mass Effect 3

Right, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I got this game and a bunch of other games a short while ago and I felt this really deserved a review.
This game is what Crysis 2 would have been if it was an RPG. It has stealth mechanics, cloaks, weapon upgrades, Aug-upgrades and several other nice little features that make you feel like a bad-ass.
Unlike Crysis 2 however, this game seemed to make it its soul purpose to make me as annoyed and pissed of as I possibly could be. It has the stick to chest-high wall mechanics like in Mass Effect 2/3 and I don't mind that as such unless you have to press a specific button to detach yourself which this game didn't have either, so that was all OK. The biggest problem I'd say would be is that any good idea the developers originally had seems to have been screwed over by making the game seem balanced. In fact, throughout the whole game you encounter the developers obsession with making the main characters powers balanced. All but one upgrade seemed to have a hint of "overpowered" to it, everything else was... not useless... just somewhat unnecessary.

Bossfights were a pain, most people who have played the game know that. They, however, weren't the thing I hated most about this game, my biggest frustration lies with the weapons. Unlike aug-upgrades, weapon-upgrades are necessary. For example, I'm not a guy to use assault rifles much in a stealth game but when I do I expect them to work. My assault rifle in this game however wasn't much use when I needed it and unfortunately I spent all my upgrades on my hyper-stealth-magic-silenced pistol for which finding ammo was like looking for a piece of hay in a Russian needle factory.

Story wise it's actually pretty good, not very original in some aspects but good nonetheless. You play as a guy called Adam Jensen who is an augmented cyber robotic cop-dude who for some reason needs to save the world. Yes this is one of those games that feels it needs to answer every question in the universe starting with the simplest of trick questions, what is the meaning of life? Are you still human when you're Darth Vader? Is there room for improvement in a "perfect" society? That sort of stuff.

You do get to do a lot of interesting missions in interesting places and at first the game reminded me a bit of Mass Effect 2. The similarities ended fairly quickly though after I progressed and found out more about who I was up against. In the fear of slightly spoiling something about the story, the real baddies are an old secret society running the world, I thought it was a nice touch but they stay fairly anonymous apart from some smaller pawns that fill the traditional role of "let's taunt the man who cannot comprehend our greatness"-people.

Here is a screenshot that sums up the their best argument in this game perfectly:
It doesn't get much more complicated than that (until the end of the game).

Overall I do like this game, even though the game annoyed me a lot in the beginning I grew to like Adam Jensen as a character not to mention dragging unconscious guards into a ventilation shaft is a huge amount of fun. Call me a collector or perfectionist but I never felt quite satisfied until my vent held at least five guards.

So I rate this game 7/10 with a very generous seven just because I cannot say it is a bad game or even an average game. It is in its over balanced, not-always-so-fun kind of way still a very good game.

That's it for this blog, have a nice day!
Admiral Skeybar


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Alright, so I got Skyrim last week and now that I've had a chance to try out Skyrim properly I think I should write a little review.
Personally, as with most fantasy RPGs I don't like it very much. But that's just a personal opinion. The itself game is quite well made, there are tons of quests just waiting to be done, sometimes they even come to you. So overall it is a great game, so I guess that for some people the hype is actually quite true.

Good things about Skyrim are the beautiful open world you can explore, easy modding and mod support. Fairly good graphics (there is a mod that makes the graphics look a lot better). You can indeed choose what kind of person you want to be, evil, good, mysterious, a hero, a thief, it's all up to you and I like that.

Bad things about Skyrim are in my opinion the somewhat linear and repetitive quests. You need to play it a lot to get a higher level(and this is when it becomes the most fun). It, like with all other RPGs that I've ever played (except Mass Effect 2 and 3), has a crappy inventory system. Also the voice-actors all tend to speak with a North-American accent, which doesn't suit the game at all, the acting also seems dull and simple in most cases. Oh, and some actors sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I'm not sure if I would have bought this game for the money I payed for it if I had known it would be like this. Still, it is a very good game and all people who like potions, crafting and a general game fantasy style world would love this game.
I on the other hand didn't start enjoying it fully until I started modding it with the Creation Kit kindly supplied by Bethesda for all to use. Creating an overpowered sword and hacking all the poor guards to bits was a great way for me to relieve the stress built up after playing this game without mods.
It also allowed me to customize my character a bit more.

And here are some screens for your viewing pleasure:

Skyrim Screens

Hope I didn't include any spoilers in the screenshots. Note that the way the game is set up means that each person has a different experience. The order in which you do the quests is decided by you and since there are so many of them you'll never play them in exactly the same order as before, most will probably go unplayed.
I had the misfortune of completing the main story quest first, fulfilling my destiny as the Dragonborn, so as you can imagine no other quest after that seemed quite necessary and this made my personal experience very dull one after I had completed the quest of the Dragonborn.

So I continued playing for a bit but then I discovered the magic of the Creation Kit, it's a mod tool supplied by Bethesda who made the Elder Scrolls series.

Now I had the power to change anything in the game and I put it to good use right away creating my "Insane Deadric" sword, a sword so powerful it can kill pretty much anything with just a couple of swings. Same with my "Insane Flames" fire spell, it all gave me that edge a proper badass hero would have without having to spend the rest of my life playing this game.
Funny thing is that shortly after my "upgrading" the enemies in the game started adapting to my newfound power and I couldn't help but notice a connection, I see what you did there Bethesda. *Insert wink wink nudge nudge smiley-face here*
So yeah, "cheating", if you can call it that, might not have been the best idea but it did give the game the realism it needed and this also a better balance meaning only the really powerful enemies can withstand my giant burst of flames and any other enemy will burn nearly instantly after having been set on fire ...AS THEY SHOULD!
Call it whatever you like but saying that fantasy games should stick to a certain code of realism is NOT overrated in my opinion.

Now I'm just waiting for Mass Effect 3 to come out, a game that doesn't need to rely on shoving random quest missions in your face in order to have a good story. Yeah... I sure missed the brilliant storytelling from the Mass Effect games, it really gives the RPG genre its undeserved good name.

So, next review: Mass Effect 3 - the Reapers kill commander Shepard and take over Earth! ...probably...

That's it for this blog, have a nice day!
Admiral Skeybar

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