Born In Kosovo (ALBANIA) moved as a 4 years old child in Germany because of the Kosovo VS Serbian War where he was staying 4 and a half years,after that when he get 8 years moved back to his land because the war was finished,start school like every other person ...then when he got older he start modding just for fun (not public modding)after a while of thinking and searching for modders he meet JohnPro and start talk to him,they get very good friends not only as a modder team...later after 2 years JohnPro Came to LoRdNiTi in Kosovo and staid 2 weeks on holidays!! in that time JohnPro Learned him a lot of modding and such stuff,so from these days LoRdNiTi changed to another guy,like he was saying "first i start like changing some texture mods,then i created ugly bighead master chief's and peds,but now i change the newest games!"

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0 comments by LoRd-NiTi-619 on Jul 11th, 2014

with help of the software called UNITY (a software for easier game developing) i start making my own game Powered by Unity
this game will be a FPS & TPS shooter game, based on Halo and also will have some other features like advanced graphics ( better than GTA SA ) or at least i try to make them better LOL
however the game will be able to can switch between FPS and TPS and also will include missions, so of course the game will not be created in few days because its not going to be a mod of a game but a game it self..
Wish me Luck people :P
619 over & out!

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0 comments by LoRd-NiTi-619 on May 12th, 2014
OUTLAST Whitlseblower a very scary game that makes u shit bricks in some moments...
please dont dislike my first gameplay, im still teaching my self how to record lol.
i'm new in that business xD

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0 comments by LoRd-NiTi-619 on Apr 22nd, 2014

gta halo for gta san andreas is going to get a lot of new halo 4 skins vehicles and other stuff...
im trying my best but i cant alone..John is most of the time busy and not working on the mod anymore but ill try my best to hold it alive,and if its needed i will learn to mod GTA IV and make the mod for that..GTA V is still too new,no programs to mod it yet...

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