Get out of here, Stalker! Just joking friends, come in and enjoy my constantly growing profile. This is the list of the games I play: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series (favourite), Far Cry series (also one of my favourites), Crysis games (nice graphics), Assassin's Creed series (#1 games when it comes to atmosphere and history), GTA (especially San Andreas), Borderlands 1&2. Oh, and I'm addicted to World of Tanks right now... Feel free to comment my images!

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loner85 Sep 7 2014, 6:35am says:

Wtf, I've just been chosen for Survarium closed-beta testing even though I didn't really participate in that lottery on their website in the last weeks...but really, that isn't too bad, I'm actually happy as hell right now :D

I might post some pics if I'm allowed to (not completely sure there, it's still closed-beta after all, and that may be for a reason).

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loner85 Sep 7 2014, 6:32am replied:

Indeed, can't be too wrong to support a brother that has contributed so much to our little community here, so I'd highly encourage all of you who read this to support as much as you are able to.

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loner85 Sep 5 2014, 9:29am replied:

You know what is better than one AK? Two AK's :P

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loner85 Sep 3 2014, 8:51am replied:

True, what I was saying goes for SoC only :D Completely forgot about that little "wpn_hands" folder in the newer games ;)

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loner85 Sep 2 2014, 2:11pm replied:

Nah, just Scar's new "motoric" abilities given to him by that emission :P

+1 vote   media: Kalashnikov modernized automatic rifle(AKM)
loner85 Sep 2 2014, 2:09pm replied:

That probably isn't possible as the hand models are tied to the weapon's models, so you'd have to put the weapons to CoP. Might get difficult.

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loner85 Sep 1 2014, 3:27pm says:

Hand grip color (talking about the orange part, should be black) stands out a bit too much for my liking (even if they look like that in real life), but rest is very well done as always.

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loner85 Aug 30 2014, 7:21pm says:

Is that one of the KingFriday animation guns now? Looks sweet, texture is awesome as usual, twisted :D

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loner85 Aug 30 2014, 5:07pm replied:

This is twitch, everyone is invited :P

+2 votes   media: LIVE IN YANOV 2-9-2014
loner85 Aug 30 2014, 7:31am says:

I like the ground texture, some HQ stuff :D

+1 vote   media: Landscape
loner85 Aug 29 2014, 1:40pm says:

Metro 2033 Redux is plain awesome, but it has one game-breaking flaw on Ranger Hardcore: These new quick-time events!
Since the prompts for collecting items and these attacks are disabled automatically in Ranger Hardcore mode, I don't know what to press. Sure, TAB for collecting things is logical, which makes up 99% of every interaction...but the second is this quick-time encounter, and for that random keys are used, which aren't displayed, leaving me quite helpless.

My first of these encounters is on the very first surface level upon entering the second building. In regular game, you just open the door and find a supposedly sleeping mutant on the floor (which will attack you), but in Redux the encounter is made an unavoidable quick-time event, and I don't know what keys to use. Thanks, 4A Games...I just want my realism...

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loner85 Aug 29 2014, 10:09am replied:

Yea, what you said is pretty annoying, let's just hope they make FULL subtitles for literally everything spoken in russian.

+2 votes   article: October release - NEYA Demoversion
loner85 Aug 28 2014, 10:10am replied:

I have absolutely zero problems with russian audio, but I want my subtitles and dialogs then...

+1 vote   article: October release - NEYA Demoversion
loner85 Aug 28 2014, 10:08am says:

Very impressive what you already achieved! :D

+4 votes   media: NEYA - 7 "Humility" [RUS]
loner85 Aug 28 2014, 10:04am says:

Thank you, that is some awesome news brother!!!

+1 vote   media: 3rd Metro announced!!!
loner85 Aug 27 2014, 12:30pm says:'s "the most scary scene" or "the scariest scene", btw.

But that chest you found after the first encounter is interesting, I never found it :D

+1 vote   media: Metro: Last Light - The Most Scariest Scene [The C
loner85 Aug 27 2014, 12:25pm says:

Wow, another TZP project, can only turn out good. Track'd, of course.

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loner85 Aug 27 2014, 12:24pm says: you really think nobody reads the title?

+2 votes   media: adolfhitler
loner85 Aug 27 2014, 12:23pm says:

The trailer is two years old, another attempt to build a STALKER-like game on a different engine that somehow never gets released?

+3 votes   media: Russia 2028
loner85 Aug 26 2014, 8:28am says:

Thx you two :D

+1 vote   media: Zone's Fall
loner85 Aug 26 2014, 8:26am replied:

Oh, why? In Lost Alpha I did it like this:

Sneak on the western hill (best would be if you remain unnoticed), then shoot the Sharpshooter in the middle of the bridge (he has a Dragunov) and take them out from above with your Makarov. I managed that twice on Master difficulty :D

If you aren't much of a fighter, you can still enter the Dangerous Tunnel to the far west, but as I said earlier, there are boars in front of it, zombies in the middle of it, and flesh mutants behind it, so carry a lot of ammo with you.
For this approach, the Sawn-off TOZ is useful due to close-quarter engages with the fellas and the mutants.

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loner85 Aug 26 2014, 8:21am replied:

Well, there are apparently poop fetishits (pun intended) that downvoted your comment, martin :D

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loner85 Aug 26 2014, 8:19am replied:

You're right, got downvoted again...

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loner85 Aug 25 2014, 3:20pm replied:

*coughs* *awkward silence*

+1 vote   member: loner85
loner85 Aug 25 2014, 3:16pm says:

Israel or any NATO country ever backing the "western" faction in a war? This has some cold-war feeling...But it's indeed very likely, another great thinking of the developers in my opinion.

+2 votes   media: IMI Uzi
loner85 Aug 25 2014, 3:12pm says:

Holy cheeki!

Laughed my a** off, thx nick :D

+6 votes   media: The Creation of Cheeki
loner85 Aug 25 2014, 9:54am replied:

Well, I reached the top 100, so I got that goin' for me, which is nice.

+2 votes   member: [TZP]LoNer1
loner85 Aug 24 2014, 4:35pm says:

Svoboda haters incoming!

Freedom for everyone!!!

+1 vote   media: Call of Freedom
loner85 Aug 24 2014, 4:34pm says:

Incredible shot! Svoboda!!!

+6 votes   media: Call of Freedom
loner85 Aug 23 2014, 6:17pm says:

"Fall from Heaven"

k lol

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loner85 Sep 3 2013, 5:19am replied:

Indeed, we should ask the other LoNer to create a forum. The comments section gets really overloaded! I have some other stories to share :D

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loner85 Sep 2 2013, 2:46pm replied:

This is a good story :D Another!

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loner85 Sep 2 2013, 8:57am replied:

Originally supposed to be an early version of the Burer mutant, but it hasn't got the same characteristics and properties. Also he is much smaller and more human-like, so I think they are encountered in much bigger masses and inhabit abandoned places, intelligently placing traps.

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loner85 Aug 31 2013, 4:01pm says:

Tell us your strangest zone encounters! Of course, veterans like ket, LoNer, Atroxyph, Martin, me and few others can tell more about this, but I want to hear it from you!

Last week for example. I was wandering around the military warehouses to search for a bit of food, along with some good freedom friends. We had no clue where to search...but we decided to take a look in the old "bloodsucker" village. Don't know why this one is still called "bloodsucker village", the name may derive from older times, until 2012. At this time Strelok raided the village and killed every bloodsucker, since then none of these were ever seen. The only informations we had were that the village ocassionally was home to some blind dogs and sometimes one or two cat packs (thats the reason why some STALKERs sometimes call it the "Pet village"...very funny).
But nobody knew, what REALLY was inside. So, we made our way into the village and suddenly we heard some insane laughter...first thought was "damn, burers imitating sounds". But what we really came across was far worse! So we continued, carefully, but nothing happened. Then, we saw through one of the old houses' windows a lot of food piled up. We rushed in that building, secured it and tried to stuff the food into our rucksacks afterwards. What then happened is hard to describe in words. I will try. Dozens, if not HUNDREDS of little, dwarf-like creatures with scarred faces, ambushed us from out of nowhere! These small ******** were everywhere! We fired, and fired, and fired. About 1000 rounds, we counted afterwards. They dropped very fast, but their claw attacks were almost fatal, on one of the freedomers were suddenly 3 dwarfs.
After the fight, we examined them. I have only seen them once, in a "Darkscape" area village. I asked a local STALKER about them back then, they said they call them "Karlik".

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loner85 Apr 23 2013, 5:42pm replied:

Made a little thread in the toilet section ;)

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loner85 Apr 22 2013, 11:56am says:

Hey, I think we should use the forum more often than the comments section :)

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