Get out of here, Stalker! Just joking friends, come in and enjoy my constantly growing profile. This is the list of the games I play: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series (favourite), Far Cry series (also one of my favourites), Crysis games (nice graphics), Assassin's Creed series (#1 games when it comes to atmosphere and history), GTA (especially San Andreas), Borderlands 1&2. Oh, and I'm addicted to World of Tanks right now... Feel free to comment my images!

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loner85 Sep 26 2014, 10:24am says:

Brilliant, the effects are even kind of believable :D

+2 votes     media: To each his own
loner85 Sep 22 2014, 8:50am replied:

He is crazy for saying what he said, just sayin'

+1 vote     media: metro redux
loner85 Sep 21 2014, 4:06pm replied:

Grouse: "Shh----Degtyarev! What the **** are you doing?"

The major answers in a calm, badass way: "Drying these bloody suckas up"

+3 votes     media: Care For a Smoke
loner85 Sep 21 2014, 3:58pm says:

Gotta learn something for when the Zombies come :P

+2 votes     media: You see...
loner85 Sep 21 2014, 1:13pm replied:

Have you played the "Khan" DLC mission already where you play Ulman? It takes place in Polyanka, the same location as the very creepy Mobius trailer.
This mission isn't exactly making me feel comfortable as well.

+2 votes     media: Care For a Smoke
loner85 Sep 21 2014, 1:09pm replied:

Yea, the Reds preferred it over the dull bar :P

But...well...have you ever experienced drinking too much of "the Bullet"?

I'll describe it with the Trivia section of the corresponding Wiki-article:

"When drinking at the bar, the woman to your right is getting prettier with each drink. From older looking mature woman to the red haired girl. After a brief wake up from drunk blackout she is laying on the floor next to Artyom with a content face expression, but with her original, mature, look."

+2 votes     media: Care For a Smoke
loner85 Sep 21 2014, 12:23pm says:

That is the Bar in Venice Station, right? :D

+2 votes     media: Care For a Smoke
loner85 Sep 19 2014, 8:43am replied:

You reply is basically the TL;DR version of my comment :D

+2 votes     media: Congratulations
loner85 Sep 19 2014, 8:40am says:

Come on Shadow...just because you are on your period now it's definitely not the game's fault.

+4 votes     media: metro redux
loner85 Sep 18 2014, 3:29pm replied:

Screen looks cool though, would be nice to have it in color next time ;)

+5 votes     media: .
loner85 Sep 18 2014, 2:43pm replied:

Well, I kill as well, just silently. I am always asking myself, what would I do in such a situation? Sure, I'm not living up holed up with 100,000 people in one metro, but I'd say it's pretty clear that you'd want to sneak through a Nazi-infested station instead of going all guns blazing and alerting the entire station system as well...

+1 vote     media: wates of time
loner85 Sep 18 2014, 2:40pm says:

Well, you can't say this title has no point.

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loner85 Sep 18 2014, 12:40pm replied:

But most people are stupid and think the modders are there to deliver something for THEM individually. They think that they are the kings and the modders their slaves.

That is not true; as a very widespread saying goes: The developers are the the easter bunny and the modders simply paint his eggs. And in what color is completely up to the MODDER himself. In Misery this color is rusty-red-brownish for example.

As soon as money comes in, all of what I said will also be untrue goes the saying, that the paying customer is the king and the developer have to react to their suggestions, as the developers depend on the money these customers bring.

The keyword is: Constructive criticism.

+8 votes     media: Congratulations
loner85 Sep 18 2014, 9:39am says:

Reminds me of that "Good guy Greg" meme :D

+4 votes     media: There's no cheeki without some breeki
loner85 Sep 18 2014, 8:49am says:

Congratulations Marcin, thank you as well and have a gooood celebration, polish brother :D

+4 votes     media: Congratulations
loner85 Sep 17 2014, 9:47am says:

Yea, just lower your settings.

I just beated Last Light Redux as usual on Survival/Ranger, now attempting to go for Ranger Hardcore. Beated it with the good Redemption ending as well.

So just tell me where you are stuck at if it is game-related and not performance-related, I'll gladly help you :D

+1 vote     media: wates of time
loner85 Sep 15 2014, 10:41am says:

I think this is a cool idea, the cheap artifacts are always visible and the expensive require actual searching :D

+1 vote     media: Artefact hunting at darkscape
loner85 Sep 14 2014, 6:36am replied:

Would be nice to actually know what full name these mods have, Google found nothing mod-related searching for OOP...

+1 vote     media: Yantar
loner85 Sep 13 2014, 7:17pm replied:

It appears that the Helsing is also a valuable replacement for the Lolife, but beware, in Last Light (also in the Redux version) there is a little bug that causes the bolt to fly higher than the actual aimpoint, just keep that in mind and you'll be fine even on long distances. It can kill everything with one shot.

In my next playthrough I will test out how the Bastard MP fares with all upgrades, and there are many!

+1 vote     media: Metro
loner85 Sep 12 2014, 7:45pm says:

Very atmospheric shot, Shadow! :D

+1 vote     media: Some Moments
loner85 Sep 12 2014, 5:13pm says:

The Shambler with long barrel + NV scope (later in the game regular reflex scope) + laser is also my "standard issue" weapon, there is nothing better, not even that MG-Shotgun, Saiga 12 or the Bicycle shotgun thing in Redux.

The Shambler is the most well-balanced gun in the game and most user-friendly as well. Quick reload, as accurate as a shotgun can be (covers even medium ranges reliably due to the tight spread of the pellets, completely replacing ANY assault rifle) and a rather big magazine, all these features make it the ultimate survival weapon suited for every mutant encounter.

Only for the oftenly appearing stealth sections (if you play Ranger modes of course) you'll need something more quiet than this beast, I always use the Lolife .44 pistol with following addons: Night Vision scope (it's dark in the Metro tunnels, and even darker if you have to approach the enemy silently), Silencer, stock and foregrip, later laser. In the later parts of the game I always go for the autofire-adapter as well, turning this gun completely into one beast of an Assault Rifle, into something actually even more powerful than this (perhaps you'd better call it Hi-Life with these upgrades).
Now, the Lolife will cover close, medium and long distances and is due to the ammunition extremely hard-hitting and can two-shot every regular soldier you come across, silently. In this configuration it is even able to adapt to firefights that are from time to time unavoidable.

As for the third weapon - well, I only played Ranger modes so far (you can only carry two weapons at a time), but something like a Valve will do fine I guess, because then you'd have a weapon for every range, Shambler for close-range, Lolife for medium and Valve for long-range.
As there aren't many long-range fights in the game (except for the Swamps level after Venice), it is purely optional.

+1 vote     media: Metro
loner85 Sep 12 2014, 2:28pm says:

Sneaking past gravy's and foes like Connor the Assassin :D

+3 votes     media: Freestyle system - Trees
loner85 Sep 11 2014, 3:56am says:

This screen is amazing! This high contrast gives it a very unique atmosphere :D

+1 vote     media: Military Base
loner85 Sep 9 2014, 3:13am says:

Ready to slaughter two bandits in 2 seconds :D

+3 votes     media: Autumn Aurora 2 05
loner85 Sep 8 2014, 3:33pm says:

Starring Samuel L. Strelok.

+7 votes     media: Does he look like a bandit?
loner85 Sep 7 2014, 6:35am says:

Wtf, I've just been chosen for Survarium closed-beta testing even though I didn't really participate in that lottery on their website in the last weeks...but really, that isn't too bad, I'm actually happy as hell right now :D

I might post some pics if I'm allowed to (not completely sure there, it's still closed-beta after all, and that may be for a reason).

+4 votes     group: 100 Rads Bar
loner85 Sep 7 2014, 6:32am replied:

Indeed, can't be too wrong to support a brother that has contributed so much to our little community here, so I'd highly encourage all of you who read this to support as much as you are able to.

+2 votes     group: 100 Rads Bar
loner85 Sep 5 2014, 9:29am replied:

You know what is better than one AK? Two AK's :P

+1 vote     media: Nimble ? you k' bud ?
loner85 Sep 3 2014, 8:51am replied:

True, what I was saying goes for SoC only :D Completely forgot about that little "wpn_hands" folder in the newer games ;)

+1 vote     mod: The Road to Limansk
loner85 Sep 2 2014, 2:11pm replied:

Nah, just Scar's new "motoric" abilities given to him by that emission :P

+1 vote     media: Kalashnikov modernized automatic rifle(AKM)
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