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lolfr Feb 3 2015, 6:54pm says:

did i ever tell you the definition...of....insanity?

+3 votes   media: did i tell what the madness?
lolfr Oct 19 2014, 2:51am says:

Played blood gulch enough on console and custom edition soo odst base

+5 votes   article: Blood Gulch vs ODST security base
lolfr Sep 27 2014, 5:48am replied:

Meant to hit plus 1 on everyones

+1 vote   media: mw in dx9
lolfr Jan 22 2014, 7:17pm replied:

iduno what he's complaining about but this was easy as pie!

+1 vote   media: How to get your bones character out of the prison
lolfr Dec 12 2013, 4:20pm replied:

progressive upgrade is always cool on GLA faction.

+6 votes   media: T72
lolfr Nov 23 2013, 7:24pm replied:

worked thanks!
can i still play online?

+1 vote   article: Forgotten Hope Sea Weapons
lolfr Nov 23 2013, 5:09pm replied:

i cant even start the game.

+1 vote   article: Forgotten Hope Sea Weapons
lolfr Nov 22 2013, 6:09pm says:

has the free version of battlefield 1942 on origin been fixed yet?
i cant start mine and i see that other people have the issue too.

+3 votes   article: Forgotten Hope Sea Weapons
lolfr Nov 12 2013, 4:00pm says:


+1 vote   media: Special units icons
lolfr Mar 23 2013, 8:52pm replied:

no derp
i knew it was night x3

+1 vote   media: Lights Out !
lolfr Mar 14 2013, 1:40am says:

the models will look better in the future right?
not saying there bad they just have room for improveing

+2 votes   mod: Mini Mod
lolfr Feb 19 2013, 7:39pm replied:

will it have stuff like terraria?
epic major boss battles
NPC'S to trade with or get information?
guns (im a gun nut)
mystical creatures like unicorns
dark and evil creatures?
and different lands snow,sand,ocean etc.

if it does then im in and im getting it :P

+4 votes   article: Samphi Released on Desura
lolfr Feb 19 2013, 2:31pm says:

did you get my message ._. ?

+1 vote   member: Super-Flanker
lolfr Dec 13 2012, 4:57pm says:

guana miss playing the beta i have a character i cant get back
i lost the code and i dont know were to go to get someone to help me get him back :[

my character name was ISS.luna with a carrack ship

+1 vote   media: Golan III Redux
lolfr Oct 6 2012, 6:19am says:

probly both

+2 votes   media: pissing me off much
lolfr May 18 2012, 6:19pm says:

mounted gun will be ontop too as a upgrade right?

+7 votes   media: US Abrams
lolfr Apr 20 2012, 5:59pm says:

thiss mod is close to release right?

+4 votes   media: First training mission
lolfr Apr 15 2012, 11:25am says:

kim possible much? ---->

+7 votes   media: StoryChara [Red Side]
lolfr Apr 15 2012, 11:08am says:

reminds me of universe at war the unit that makes all the landing sites
cant remember the name of it

+1 vote   media: tron infector
lolfr Apr 14 2012, 12:52pm says:

i dont like kamakazies i hate them

+2 votes   media: GLA Biplane
lolfr Apr 12 2012, 3:45am replied:

karlthor was overkill so i see no reson not to add big bertha

+1 vote   media: German army
lolfr Apr 4 2012, 8:59pm says:

new weapon!!!
pink pyramid of doom

+2 votes   media: Screenshots and photos #1
lolfr Mar 26 2012, 7:23am says:

will it also be a power sorce on the count of those two big solar panels?

+1 vote   media: Supply Center EU
lolfr Mar 20 2012, 11:54pm says:

better than 1.0

+3 votes   media: Magna Guard version 2
lolfr Mar 14 2012, 4:47pm replied:

ur trying to make it work like the ac-150 in contra 007 mod right? the one that the airforce general has its in the special levitational pad!

+1 vote   media: AC-130H Spectre Gunship
lolfr Mar 10 2012, 2:29pm says:

chuck norris must be in that dozer for it to survive that many missiles

+1 vote   media: Egyption F16
lolfr Jan 23 2012, 9:59pm says:

every mod that has land fighters doesnt have a working hunt for enemies order iduno what does it its kinda strange.

maby you can probly tell me whats going on??

+1 vote   media: Land Fighters
lolfr Dec 31 2011, 11:47pm says:

yes except better :P

+1 vote   media: Latest from the open beta
lolfr Dec 31 2011, 10:01pm says:

what is thiss vehicle?

+1 vote   media: More Testing Screens
lolfr Dec 22 2011, 2:34pm says:

thats from universe at war.
i dont like it id like the chaingun from halo 3 instead.

+2 votes   media: Elites,Spartans and Lawls
lolfr Dec 14 2011, 7:55pm says:

what am i looking at whats so amazing can someone expain it to me please?

+1 vote   media: X-Mas present #14: Coruscant orbital prop
lolfr Dec 6 2011, 6:50pm says:

will it be in the skirmish map aswell as a capturable space structure?

+2 votes   media: Battle of Muunilinst
lolfr Dec 3 2011, 9:56pm says:

do i install the files directly into the data/art? folder
or do i install it into the mod's data/art folder?

i dont really know how to install it the read me's dont really help

+1 vote   download: FoC MovieBattles Series
lolfr Dec 2 2011, 12:47pm says:

whats the station behind it hideing in that nebula

+1 vote   media: Ship yard - Skirmish (Cruiser yards)
lolfr Nov 19 2011, 1:32pm says:

will the venator be able to fire a SPHA-T beam like in the Republic at war mod?

+2 votes   media: Venator Limping away
lolfr Nov 15 2011, 8:59pm says:

are the tusken raiders and the jawas included?

+1 vote   media: Tatooine new ground map
lolfr Feb 17 2013, 3:50pm says:

will the droid scarab fighter make a appearence?

+1 vote   mod: Tides of War: The Clone Wars
lolfr Feb 16 2013, 6:40am replied:

seems like there wont ever be another vid.

+3 votes   media: Territorial Engagement
lolfr Feb 16 2013, 5:19am replied:

not accidentaly actualy i buy a ship thinking itl come with a battery but it doesnt and i become stuck

+1 vote   media: Corellian Security Forces
lolfr Feb 16 2013, 5:13am says:

i hope in the future the weapons that go to every ship like in the movies are already onto the ship once you buy it

the ones already there don't sound right

plus i hope the droid scarab is added i love that ship
i suguested it at a time but i think they turned me down :(

also i sometimes accidentaly sell the battery or something important to take off from the hangar and cant get it back in most systems because of my reputation and i become stuck

+1 vote   media: Corellian Security Forces
lolfr Feb 16 2013, 2:02am says:


oh yes lovely...

+2 votes   media: Ready to go back in time ?
lolfr Feb 10 2013, 2:31pm says:

that big ship in the middle?
yeah when i played the mod i was dissapointed
that beautiful thing turning into a drone command center...
i was expecting something better like a missle ship with verry strong anti tank anti aircraft weapons

that beautiful thing needs to be that way a airbattleship

make something else into a drone command center like make a land vehicle for them instead like a
drone command tank or jeep

+1 vote   media: Izabella Helicopter Force
lolfr Feb 6 2013, 4:38pm says:

yes there is just so much yes here

+1 vote   media: Dog Fighter Bomber
lolfr Feb 3 2013, 12:07am replied:

nah he looks like a blue power ranger and he kinda has that kan yae west look too(duno how to spell his name)hope that's right xD
and he looks like hes wearing a Russian style snow cap with a tiny gold star right on the front but that's probably not a star.
anyway yeah needs some armor and alliance symbol and maybe some belts too with gear like grenades some pouches on belts maybe a knife or bandolier or even another holster heck i don't care if you give him swords!
and i believe he deserves a better helmet.
i just look at thiss and see (my oppinion) thiss doesnt really fit in star wars at all

but im sure thiss can all be fixed all it needs is some more work and some creativity : )

+6 votes   media: Rebel Alliance Commando
lolfr Jan 13 2013, 7:55pm replied:

as do i

+2 votes   download: Tiberian Sun Redux 0.5 [Installer]
lolfr Jan 1 2013, 9:33pm says:

i hope thiss mod is almost done the wait is killing meeeeeeeee!!!!

+4 votes   media: Aircraft carrier group
lolfr Jan 1 2013, 5:51pm says:


+2 votes   article: "Have a snack"
lolfr Dec 20 2012, 6:01pm says:

there wont be a icon fix will there?
cus my icons are jacked up when i play!

+1 vote   download: Covenant at War - First Release
lolfr Dec 14 2012, 9:33pm says:

starwars empire at war astroid base :3

+1 vote   media: Hutt Asteroid Base
lolfr Dec 12 2012, 5:39pm says:

will scarab fighter be in too?

+1 vote   media: Vulture and Tri-fighter
lolfr Nov 30 2012, 9:02am says:

what are the changes?

+3 votes   download: FW19.70
lolfr Nov 16 2012, 6:43pm says:

space helicopters..........awesome.......

+6 votes   media: Universe at War
lolfr Oct 11 2012, 6:52pm replied:

contra did great on a ac-130 they could just size it like that one :\

+1 vote   media: AC-1R Spencer 1080p wallpaper
lolfr Oct 7 2012, 1:44am replied:

what im asking is
will i have the requirements..

+1 vote   media: Mikee and Sinoth
lolfr Oct 6 2012, 9:46pm says:

it looks like a bunker on treds

+1 vote   media: German Supply Drone Carrier
lolfr Oct 6 2012, 9:43pm replied:

not really. i make lots of money i save most of it instead of spend it and i keep my defences high

besides id take the quad cannons and AA down before that happens :)

id probly us artys and jets to terminate the pesky AA guns/quads

+1 vote   media: AC-1R Spencer 1080p wallpaper
lolfr Oct 6 2012, 9:30pm says:

if i can play freelancer i can play thiss.


+1 vote   media: Mikee and Sinoth
lolfr Sep 25 2012, 10:18pm says:

someone should do a fallout mod

+1 vote   media: Some of the Fallout Weapons
lolfr Sep 25 2012, 8:34pm says:

i cannot start up men of war assault squad every time i try to start it up it goes to splash screen and stays there after awhile it then takes me back to desktop
what the hell is going on???

i can play regular men of war just fine too

i really wana play the game :(

sorry for posting thiss here i just want to find help

if you know the solution message me right away :)

+2 votes   mod: W.A.R. Project
lolfr Sep 23 2012, 5:22pm says:

will thiss be able to launch from a airfield or is it something we call in because id rather have it launch from a airfield.

+1 vote   media: AC-1R Spencer 1080p wallpaper
lolfr Sep 23 2012, 12:53pm says:

i cant play thiss every time i try to start it up it goes to splash screen and stays there after awhile it then takes me back to desktop
what the hell is going on???

i can play regular men of war just fine too

i really wana play :(

+2 votes   game: Men of War: Assault Squad
lolfr Sep 20 2012, 3:57am says:

cant start the mod the screen goes black then after awhile it goes back to desktop

+1 vote   mod: Homeworld 2 Complex Simple
lolfr Sep 11 2012, 6:56am replied:

i told you were to go to find the mod!
didnt you get the link i had sent you?
or did you ignore it -_-

+2 votes   game: Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption
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