College student trying make a name for herself early in the design/illustration industry. Loves sampling videogames. Loves drawing.

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0 comments by RandomLemon on Nov 11th, 2013

updating and planning on using moddb for professional relations again

I want to do concept art again but I have little to no time thanks to school.
So I will focus on doing logo/marketing designs and sprite art.

Anyone can email me for a simple logo-spriteart- or concept sketch PAID at

Paid one shot sketches and digital paintings.
Prices starting at $15 for uncolored uninked character spread.
Prices negotiable.

Report abuse Games are shit nowadays

1 comment by RandomLemon on Mar 7th, 2013

I cant say that I am or was an intense gamer, but I have had my fair share of the classics 90->.

Its not that games are shit in themselves, the concept could be great and the graphics would be amazing...
But the writing is horrendous...
And level design is really bad...
And programmers are getting LAZY!

As an aspiring concept artist, I want to be able to have some say in what goes into these terrible games.

That is all. A little mini rant.

Report abuse Its me again

0 comments by RandomLemon on Jun 29th, 2012

Well hello visitors... Im happy you glanced at my page, as always.
There is nothing much to do but set goals to get stuff done. Like ive been meaning to do more traditional work with paints and colors and also practice my bass, yada yada.
I am currently working on a huge project and am not available for other projects that require my time so. But im willing to work on small commissions for every and all as a designer/concept artist/illustrator ( a slightly seasoned one mind you).
Post your free commissions in the comments or pm me, as your spam does end up in my email which I check everyday.

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0 comments by RandomLemon on Feb 7th, 2012

Oh my god, Studies really help! Ugh im such a bad person im doing this instead of doing my homework that was due 5 years ago...
Nothing much to say here just a quick update, happy to see people actually check out my sketchbook (in the red, top line, usually a link) very happy :)
I drew some guy at school and was secretly flaunting him like a bauss, people came up to me and asked me why I wasn't in Art and Design o.o. Yea i was thinking about that, but I cant transfer now, way too late. And people tell me im better off in my school (New Design, not Art and Design) even though A and D is ok, students are bad/cant really draw, big class sizes for no reason, yada da..
Otherwise im happy at my school, just have to keep on top of myself as always.
Oh and lvled up in the forums, may change my status from Lazy Tart to Motivated Tart.

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0 comments by RandomLemon on Jan 28th, 2012

Hey babes, its me again.
Idk if I should keep on going with this blog, but its a nice place to get things off my chest.
I WANT TO DO TEH CONCEPT ART, but im pretty bad at painting, so ill get better at that, then do something easy, like make a concept for a fake game :).
These days, it seems if I work hard, i get rewarded somehow.
Like in school, I did some work and I got food, or money when I was starving and poor. I can feel the foreshadowing...
SO ima go around and ask peoples for advice and zoo zomezing if ju know what i mean.

Actually that sounds like a great idea, do some little crap thing and paint it really well, then do some soldiers and work on that. But for now ima stick with apples and oranges in my sketch book. Reading this over I feel like Fred when he was cool. What am I doing?! AHHH!
Well....I better get proactive, laziness is a state of mind and its a state I do not want to be in.
Cheers, feel free to comment :)

Report abuse 2012?

1 comment by RandomLemon on Jan 10th, 2012

Its actually sad, but it turns out most of the websites I know are pretty much dead....
What are people doing these days?
I quit my fb becuase it sucks, I drew more so I ignored tv, and I play video games because its fun, but
Any other idea that you do and cause websites to die write it down below
My veoh is dead, and I just found out I can edit it again T.T
Moddb is sort of dying (mostly in the forums)
Oh yea and my social life is dying (pretty much)
2012 is the end of days for many people, mostly because of the economic system and global warming. 
Its sad people, because this is becoming a self fulfilling prophesy 
In other news, Im stagnating in my drawings (again) I need a better way to go thru with finished works...

Report abuse got it

0 comments by RandomLemon on Jan 1st, 2012

I've started drawing on my tablet and getting used to the colors but some people decided it was best that I start out with greyscale first.
Kinda like notebook sketching i says
and then I says- I says
"Ok pretty boy, ill do whacha say, but in the meantime here's something I did in color"
*studio audience laughs*
But ill seriously do it, becuase its probably easier to do that than color.
Im going around moddb trying to kind of advertise myself because I want to do assignments and such that'll motivate me to do them. OH and im getting better at finishing my drawings now (doesnt give examples(not credible(T.T))) and im also getting better at self motivation.
A few weeks (or months) from now I wanna start to get into texturing. But of course right now, i dont know how to do it.
ALSO, im looking for a mentor. Willing and able, so come check me out at
I suck but probably not as much as the next guy dot org
Trying to improve everyday, dont be afraid of chatting me up and ill chat you back soon.

Report abuse On the 16th day of Christmas...

0 comments by RandomLemon on Dec 20th, 2011

Yay gonna get the tabby on DEC 27th, wish me luck and good hopes.
Nothing much, drew a pic that I will use as my new avatar tho. NOT DOIN NOTHING MUCH.
Talked about the winter solstice in school. Scared over senseless things today. Cant wait for xmas, but also cant wait for other things....
>;o oh dam you moddb with your 300 character limit. WHAT IF I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO SAY!? :/ did 2 essays that were due, have to finish another one by Friday.... Hm....
Well folks if your actually reading this then you should check out
My Noob Sketchbook, at My Noob Sketchbook dot GOV
Ill post it here everytime to emphasis the importance of your feedback and critiques and stuff...
Oh moddb, im a budding professional of course im going to make mistakes.
So all of you reading I hope you have a merry, merry Xmas and have best wishes for the new year.

Report abuse Concept Artist (noob to teh MAX(well not really))

0 comments by RandomLemon on Dec 18th, 2011

meh just decided to make this to track things day by day(week by week(month by moth(year to never))))
meaning im willing to work for free to hone my skills, and although im juggling school with nothing, im willing to do any kind of work just to get my hands dirty a bit.
As of DEC 18/11,
Yesterday I ordered my tablet, SO im actually getting it before Christmas YAY! Finally god damat, suffering without it sucks, i know alot about color so im going to just dive right into the instruction manuel and hope for the best :D.
More about my (lame) works visit my noob sketchbook

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