I am LizardGamer(also known as Alyx or Alexander) I was born in Australia, I love all types of videos games, I am even creating my own Game Engine which is going to be very similar to some modern day engines used by developers. I have done modeling, a little bit of programming and I beta test games. ::: Some games are pieces of art, sometimes they don't always have beautiful looks, but they have a meaning for people to have fun with and play. ::::

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1. ModDB

Official group with 3,907 members, open to all members

If it's information about ModDB and ramblings about mods in general that you are after - then you have come to the right place. Welcome to the official...


2. IndieDB

Official group with 2,092 members, open to all members

Indie games are changing the world, one giant pixel at a time. With Indie DB we aim to support independent developers and their games, by providing them...

Level Design Group

3. Level Design Group

Hobbies & Interests group with 599 members, open to all members

Are you a Level Designer? Are you looking for help/support or other level designers? Then this is the group for you! Doesn't matter what you map for...

CryENGINE  Developers

4. CryENGINE Developers

Fans & Clans group with 402 members, open to all members

Welcome to the "CryENGINE 3 Developers" group . The CryENGINE 3 Developers group is all about creating levels, mod, Total modifications, addon's, machinima...


5. Desura

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Desura is a community driven digital distribution service for gamers, putting the best games, mods and downloadable content from developers at gamers...

Linux Gamers

6. Linux Gamers

Fans & Clans group with 2,906 members, open to all members

The group for gamers dedicated to Linux. No matter if game developers or game players all are welcome interested in Linux as a gaming platform.


7. design3

Educational group with 44 members, open to all members

Welcome to the design3 group! design3 is a game development training portal that offers thousands of video tutorials that will teach you professional...

The Indie Game Mag

8. The Indie Game Mag

Hobbies & Interests group with 75 members, open to all members

In short: Indie Game Magazine is an independently owned, developer-centric, video game magazine. IGM strives to highlight the artists and community behind...


9. Miasma

Hobbies & Interests group with 5 members, open to all members

Community for UT2004 modders and players. Join at Miasma.org

Dead Pixel Indie

10. Dead Pixel Indie

Developer & Publisher with 2 members, invitation only

Dead Pixel is a new indie development group which is learning to create games/mods for PC. This developer group is made by a person who loves video games...

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