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Lito.LV Jul 20 2013, 4:54pm replied:

Hah, that was a tricky one. First floor, somewhat in the middle of the building a blue steel box. You will find it. Remember, first floor, not the basement.

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Lito.LV Jul 7 2013, 7:02am says:

Oh it was for the scientist quest right?

+1 vote   media: SGM Geo (Important info)
Lito.LV Jul 6 2013, 5:44am says:

Thanks a lot David, will definitely go for it.

+2 votes   download: SGM 2.0 Geonezis English All-in-one
Lito.LV Jun 21 2013, 5:10am says:

Well it is something you didn't thought of, happens to best of us.
I also remeber that merge patch fiasko. However it was solved back than as you said thanks to Cromm Cruac. :)

+1 vote   media: Geonezis All-in-one
Lito.LV Jun 18 2013, 9:21am says:

Ah I remeber this quest. It was a bitch, pardon my French.
What made it hard was that I had cleared all the stashes which had Veles detectors before, thus getting them after that was pretty darn hard.
As I remember got a couple from Owl and the rest from zombified stalker bodies.

+3 votes   media: SGM Dawn faction quest info
Lito.LV Jun 18 2013, 9:18am says:

And there is the screen I wanted, with detector. Looking good, except when you go artifact hunting in night + chemical anomaly + nightvision. Easy way to become blind. ^_^

+3 votes   media: Evening in the Cordon
Lito.LV Jun 18 2013, 4:13am says:

FoV changed? How does the artifact detector look at that FoV? :D

+1 vote   media: Cordon Screens
Lito.LV Jun 17 2013, 9:26am says:

David making competitions? Since when? :D

This is amazing, good luck to all who are participating, I am not interested as I would gladly spend the free time I have playing Stalker not FC3. :)

+1 vote   media: Competition
Lito.LV Jun 16 2013, 5:09pm says:

34 completely new suits? You got my attention right there.

+4 votes   media: Redux v2.0 - Suits and Upgrades
Lito.LV Jun 15 2013, 4:09pm says:

Will there be a all-in-one edition with translation integrated?

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Lito.LV Jun 11 2013, 6:59am says:

Congrats winners. :)

+3 votes   media: Winners
Lito.LV Jun 8 2013, 1:45pm replied:

Yes I was translating it, but I will admit I did maybe 40% of the work. (and even that was mighty large pain in the ***) I can't imagine doing it all myself as you are now... Utmost respect for your work.

+2 votes   news: Translations
Lito.LV Jun 8 2013, 3:23am says:

Understandable. It is your work...

+6 votes   news: Translations
Lito.LV Jun 5 2013, 6:40am says:

I raise my vod..., uhm (I don't drink), my Stalker energy drink to that. Congrats.

+12 votes   media: He's taken
Lito.LV Jun 3 2013, 3:03pm says:

Has been here several times. Never the less, awesome video.

+7 votes   media: George Carlin - Religion is Bullshit
Lito.LV Jun 2 2013, 5:31pm says:

Does this mod have new quests?

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Lito.LV May 27 2013, 8:36am replied:

Understood. Thank you.

+2 votes   media: Something about weapons
Lito.LV May 27 2013, 7:04am says:

How about attachments like scopes, can they be attached to any version, that is to Standart, Neglected and Commando or no?

+2 votes   media: Something about weapons
Lito.LV May 25 2013, 11:10am says:

Congrats mate. :)

+2 votes   media: Happy Birthday, Cromm Cruac!
Lito.LV May 25 2013, 4:43am says:

Just got back after looting bandits, about 30 pistols in my bag, better sell them.
Overcucumbered(misspelled just for kicks), can't move an inch.
Oh look, the barkeep has a free energy drink.

Pretty much synopsis of my first Clear Sky playtrough. Just as I see free stuff laying around, grab all of it. :D

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Lito.LV May 25 2013, 4:39am replied:

Totally this. :)

+4 votes   media: Competition (Alpha Access)
Lito.LV May 21 2013, 2:08pm replied:

Don't forget the term "graphical fidelity" can be added to constant overuse.

Anyway, I don't really care about their war, I have my PC, my mods and I love them.

+6 votes   news: !Console war is started!
Lito.LV May 18 2013, 3:57pm replied:

There is a machine translation provided in the description...

+5 votes   media: S.A.T. Alien Time mod
Lito.LV May 9 2013, 10:22am says:

I will totally have to do this too... After finishing sgm 2.2 haven't done much in Stalker world.
You can send some stuff via PM if you can't understand something david, maybe I can help.

+1 vote   media: Duty Shock squad
Lito.LV May 8 2013, 1:17pm replied:

Your or AI tanks?

+3 votes   download: Blitzkrieg-Mod v4.70 Open Beta Hotfix #007
Lito.LV Apr 27 2013, 8:07am says:

Certainly looks a lot better. :) Plus opening that gate, hell yeah, always wanted to get trough there somehow. :D

+4 votes   media: Jupiter Plant - Redux vs Vanilla
Lito.LV Apr 26 2013, 12:49pm says:


+2 votes   media: 26th of April, 1986
Lito.LV Apr 25 2013, 9:02am says:

Hah, I was wondering in the vid you posted, is that like on purpose or they failed a bit. :D

+1 vote   media: It's the little things that matter
Lito.LV Apr 8 2013, 8:41am replied:

That better not be the Librarian. :D

+2 votes   media: Wallpaper 2 (The Red Forest)
Lito.LV Apr 4 2013, 6:23am replied:

Thank you dear sir!

+3 votes   download: The way to Pripyat, English All-in-one.
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