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Fallout 2

100% - Survivor

3 years ago Released Apr 2, 2007 Single Player Role Playing

It's a weapons/npc/items/critters/maps/scripts/dial ogues/fixes/car mod. All in one. The main idea is: you can go through the whole game using only one...

Shattered Destiny
Fallout 2

95% - Shattered Destiny

6 months ago Released Oct 9, 2007 Single Player Role Playing

The modification "Shattered Destiny" is the first of three chapters, that (I hope) will bring back the old Fallout feelings. In this mod, the player isn't...

Back to Kosovo
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon

88% - Back to Kosovo

7 years ago Released Apr 3, 2007 Single & Multiplayer First Person Shooter

This mod is about small number of VSCG members which are getting back to Kosovo after 7 years. After short period of time, they are attacked and being...

Commandos: BCD - Mission Pack
Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty

100% - Commandos: BCD - Mission Pack

4 months ago Released Mar 3, 2014 Single Player Puzzle Compilation

Welcome, Officer! This mission pack for the 1999 released Commando: Beyond the Call of Duty adds 6 new missions to the game, sending you to various fictitious...

Vault Rats
Fallout 2

90% - Vault Rats

3 years ago Released Jul 28, 2007 Single Player Role Playing

Vault Rats is a unique short TC (total conversion) mod for Fallout 2 released on July 29, 2007. It includes 12 different endings, a lot of parody and...

Vintage Firearms
Fallout 2

80% - Vintage Firearms

3 years ago Released Apr 20, 2007 Single Player Role Playing

Wounded Ronin's Vintage Firearms Mod with Lisac2k's vintage firearms graphics is a weapon/ammo mod for Fallout 2 based on the old (vintage) weapons.

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