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lisac2k Oct 18 2010, 3:34am replied:

Well, yes. It was released soon after the "Beth, the old hag" mod, but then again, it's not really anything new, since this mod is more than 3 years old.

I just had to move it to ModDB recently, because my ISP was polite enough to remove my homepage from their server without notifing me (luckily, I made a backup of all stuff there).

You were playing "Vault Rats" back in the days, don't you remember? Here:

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lisac2k Oct 1 2010, 11:31am replied:


+1 vote   article: Beating information out of someone
lisac2k Jan 14 2010, 4:57am says:

This game is also known as Van Buren, it was developed by the team who created Fallout and Fallout 2, i.e. Black Isle Studios. It has been never finished and all that ever leaked outside the development facilities was a tech demo which can show you how the game should looks like in general. You can find the tech demo on the net and download it.

Now, I seriously ask myself why this has a profile on ModDB. It is a tech demo, there is no code source, no tools to support modding, nothing, nada, zero. If there was the slightest chance to do anything with Van Buren, trust me - I would do it a long time ago. Like this, it has been only a bitter reminder of what may have had happened with the Fallout 3 as it was originally meant to be (and not turning it into an Oblivion mod).

All I can presume is that someone, according to the profile information pretty uninformed, had a dream where Van Buren was resurrected. I have no intention to insult anyone, but when I say uninformed, then I mean it (there is "Single & Multiplayer" in the profile, while Van Buren was strictly a single player game; referring to the tech demo and label it as a game; call for modding and extensions when there are no means to do so etc.)

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lisac2k Nov 13 2009, 12:22pm says:

Congratulations to Mr. siread for this! Working on it all alone, spending his free time to bring us this funny indie game... Reminds me of the old days of garage games.

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lisac2k Aug 10 2009, 6:47pm replied:

We just implemented that feature yesterday. More complex crafting recipes bring more XP.

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lisac2k Aug 3 2009, 6:26pm says:

It will be finished one day, and it's not that far.

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lisac2k Jul 14 2009, 2:51pm says:

Here's the better video quality: (Just click on the link)

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lisac2k Jun 28 2006, 6:50pm says:

I see noone bothered to comment this. Well, as an old JA geezer, I'll do it ;)

First of all, I was playing the 1.13 mod a few months ago, but there weren't all these cool features (weather, yeah!), however it was really cool to play it the way it was. There was a bug with high-res in Meduna (Tanks->CTD), I hope you fixed it :)

1.13 mod must've been even better now :D too bad I got no time right now for it... But one day...

Congratulations! Keep on working!

+1 vote   article: June 2006 Release of the JA2 1.13 Engine Mod Now Available!
lisac2k Feb 22 2006, 6:54pm says:

I'm glad there's still people interested in modding RvS. Sorry to see your homepage down and rebuilding...
I'm into modding that game myself, too.
When the forums will be available?


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lisac2k Jun 18 2005, 7:13pm says:

Yep. 'Twas'bout d'damn time, boy! :D

+1 vote   article: Fallout 2: Survivor MOD released!
lisac2k Aug 7 2009, 6:22pm replied:

Very simple. You pay a trapper to find you a nice location (your future base of operations), choose gang name and that's it. You'll find a working computer there with a faction database - there you can enter all important info about anyone in the game (faction members, enemies, ranks etc.), maintain radio channels, promote members and much, much more.

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lisac2k Aug 3 2009, 6:25pm says:

These are the first days of The Unity, the group that existed during the last beta test. They just took over the Cathedral from another group and are regrouping... 18 people is a nice group, pretty powerful if you ask me.

+1 vote   media: Screenshot Set #2
lisac2k Aug 3 2009, 6:19pm says:

Most of these screenshots are a bit old, made during the last open beta test in December 2008. Expect some updates and make-up in the latest version which will be used in the next, and that is 3rd, open beta test.

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lisac2k Jul 15 2009, 11:33am replied:

The engine won't be released any time soon, I believe.

You could join us and start working on FOnline: 2238 if you want, we are still looking for dialog writers, quest designers and scripters. Feel free to contact me via PM, if you're interested that is.

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lisac2k Jul 15 2009, 5:59am replied:

The game already has implemented both combat modes, Turn-Based and Real-Time.

While the RT mode is forced in towns, because of the game design and the game genre (MMO), the other mode can be used in all other occasions (encounters, faction bases etc.)

Some compromises had to be done, but we tried to preserve as much as possible. Action Points (AP) are still there, so even in RT mode you won't be able to run around and shoot all the time, the pause must be made from time to time (which is very close to TB).

I encourage you to join us during the next open test and experience the game yourself.

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lisac2k Jul 14 2009, 3:47pm replied:

Well, it's based on a whole new engine: (link to FOnline Engine)

It's really hard to tell the difference, but the project is surely both, a kind of mod (content) as well as a kind of indie project (engine).

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lisac2k Jul 14 2009, 2:52pm says: (better quality video)

+1 vote   media: FOnline: 2238 Developers Video #1
lisac2k Jul 14 2009, 2:46pm replied:

It should.

All you need for the game are CRITTER.DAT and MASTER.DAT files. If you've got those in your Fallout 2 directory, then you're ready to go.

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lisac2k Jul 7 2009, 6:36pm says:

FOnline: 2238 uses SVN, IRC and forums. We also meet on the server to test bugs occasionally.

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lisac2k Nov 11 2008, 5:01pm replied:

Gunsalesmen won't sell you stuff if you don't pass level check. Think of it this way - "Rookies" (low level characters) won't impress them much...

+2 votes   mod: Survivor
lisac2k Sep 18 2008, 4:45pm says:

Nice to see you guys still working ;)

Keep up the light!

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lisac2k Dec 3 2007, 8:39am says:


Now, onto a commercial project ;)

+1 vote   article: PARANOIA is released!
lisac2k Jun 12 2007, 6:05pm says:

custom build. unfortunately there's not enough money to upgrade it currently...

+1 vote   poll: My home computer is
lisac2k Apr 3 2007, 4:55pm says:

Hectoliters of blood... Unfortunately.

+1 vote   poll: What's the key to a great mod?
lisac2k Jan 29 2007, 6:31pm says:

I expected more of the winner... And the whole competition was more-less about FPS mods. More categories and winner for each of them plus the global winner(s) would be the way to go I think. I gotta positive feeling about the next MOTY, though.

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lisac2k Oct 16 2006, 4:25pm says:

Nice feature :D Thumbs up!

+1 vote   article: Mod Newsletter!
lisac2k Oct 7 2006, 4:04pm says:

I totally agree with Bluedrake, gore is going to attract kids today rather than to repel them to SIMS or something similar.

Cool review Ippo.

+1 vote   article: Merciless Mod
lisac2k Jul 19 2006, 5:07pm says:

Really nice! I've been playing today and all I can say is: I agree with Mr. Methulah completely. Good job, people! One wish only: better single player (a campaign a la Rainbow Six or some other tactical shooter)...

+1 vote   article: TO:Crossfire 1.2 Released!
lisac2k Jun 29 2006, 3:30pm says:

Weather conditions are AWESOME! I love it! I adore it! Hell, I'm gonna die in this storm!!!

+1 vote   article: June 2006 Release of the JA2 1.13 Engine Mod Now Available!
lisac2k May 29 2006, 8:44am says:

Default. Simple.

+1 vote   poll: Mouse Inversion
lisac2k May 21 2006, 12:57pm says:

Where's the option "make mods all by myself"???

+1 vote   poll: What is your primary expertise?
lisac2k May 11 2006, 4:37am says:

One word only: ingeniously! Can't wait to play it!

+1 vote   article: New graphic features!
lisac2k May 5 2006, 7:00pm says:

OK, i've just done with it. I must say the end came somehow unexpected, but it's OK. The mod could be a bit longer, but I guess it wasn't simple make it the way it is either. Someone complained about the maps - well, they could be a bit better too, but considering there were 5-6 different people working on them they're quite satisfying. Some are rather inventive and interesting, others are repetitive and claustrophobic. It doesn't hurt the gameplay much - good music and sometimes funny russian comments combined with well-known Black Mesa atmosphere make this mod enjoyable. One more positive thing is that I finished it and encountered almost zero bugs! Once I had the problem with loading next map, but after loading my previous saved game everything was fine. Problems with cross-hair (someone mentioned it) didn't bug me, my weapons were precise.

There is so much to say about this mod, but I'll leave it to others. As a fellow modder myself, I know how hard it is to make a mod like this one. That's why I'm going to recommend it and give it 9/10 as a final rating. The people which made this mod deserve applause.

+1 vote   mod: Cleaners Adventures
lisac2k May 4 2006, 8:15pm says:

I've been playing it for 4 hours and the NPCs said nothing important. It's usual way of expressing themselves, like "Have you seen that shot? (Security guard)" or "I'm staying here until help arrives (Scientist)" etc... Someone said the voices are bad, but I think they are from original russian version of HL, and I don't think they're bad at all. In Russian, they sound rather normal.

I'm giving it 9/10 so far.

Continuing tomorrow.

+1 vote   mod: Cleaners Adventures
lisac2k May 4 2006, 6:01am says:

I've played it for an hour and must admit - this mod is very good. Story about the cleaner is a good base for it, and the gameplay reminds of original HalfLife. At this point I'd give it 8.5/10, but the final score might change, depending on further events and analyses. However:

Cogratulations! Great job!

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