Hello, my name is Alejandro Gorgal (everybody calls me Alex or Linfo though); Im the character modeler and animator of "Depth", making divers so you can tear them apart.

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linfosoma Jul 3 2009 says:

I think Im going to wait a day or two before I even try this mod.
I imagine that both the download mirrors and the servers will be hammered to hell so I don´t want to ruin the experience by playing the game right after the released (something which sort of putted me off playing America´s Army 3 on release).

Well, good luck on release and I hope you all have fun playing it. I´ll probably join you tomorrow or in Sunday!!

+1 vote   mod: NEOTOKYO°
linfosoma Jul 2 2009 says:

Apparently, patience is a virtue not attained by many..

0 votes   mod: NEOTOKYO°
linfosoma Jul 2 2009 replied:

Great thing that nobody cares about what you think!
Or can you do any better?

Anyway, instead of posting negative crap I´ll just say that Im really exited!!

I´ve been waiting for this mod for a loooong time, I can see it becoming big.

You guys are my mentors and inspiration in my nights of despair trying to make my character models not look like retarded aliens!

+1 vote   mod: NEOTOKYO°
linfosoma Jun 27 2009 says:

Well congratulations, if you wanted to get me all hyped about the game and to track it then you got it.
This is so awqesome in so many levels.

+1 vote   game: SNATCHER (remake)
linfosoma Jun 25 2009 says:

This is by far one of the most anticipated games for me in the whole year, and Im including retail games on that list.

+2 votes   feature: NEOTOKYO° - The Shadow War
linfosoma Jun 18 2009 says:

OH Im so happy, I've been following this mod since it was announced for the Source engine (I missed the UT2K4 mod).

I can't wait!!
Good luck and I hope you have a smooth release!!

+3 votes   mod: NEOTOKYO°
linfosoma Jun 17 2009 says:

Well, I've been put into shame, that concept art is incredible.

+1 vote   feature: NEOTOKYO° - Humble Beginnings
linfosoma Jun 16 2009 says:

In response to your post, it was this mod.


I made the character models and designs.
None of my teammates have replied to any of my messages in a long while so I take it that it's pretty much dead.

+1 vote   member: MrMattWebb
linfosoma Jun 16 2009 says:

Doing good, it seems the mod I was working on is now dead.
Im trying to start a new project for Natural Selection 2 but the game isn't out there so well...you know.

How's AHR doing?

+1 vote   member: MrMattWebb
linfosoma Jun 12 2009 says:

What exactly is wrong with Source?

+14 votes   media: ROFL UR ON SOURCE
linfosoma Jun 10 2009 says:

Love the skybox =P

+5 votes   media: Battle Map: Pipe Plaza
linfosoma May 28 2009 says:

I want the crazy special edition black armor thingy but I also want this on steam.
I don't know what to do =(

+2 votes   news: NS2 teaser trailer, new website and pre-orders!
linfosoma May 25 2009 says:

Great skills, and he actually looks like a normal person!

+1 vote   media: Pudgy Manager by Stefan Hansson
linfosoma May 9 2009 says:

Yeah, CSS has a ton of new maps now and still play de_dust and office.
Who cares? If the maps are good you don´t need more, they also stated that new maps were in the works, Kick3r also said that his map "The Hive" was ready to be ported and that it would be available a few days after release.

Even without updates and the SDK, for $15 you just can´t complain.
Quality > Quantity.

+2 votes   feature: Killing Floor Interview - Alex Quick
linfosoma May 6 2009 replied:

Yeah, I noticed that too, but I liked the design and I wasn't trying to reinvent the wheel so I just went along with it :p

+1 vote   media: Media update 2 (or is it 3?)
linfosoma May 6 2009 replied:

Mmmmm...Not a bad idea. We'll see once we setup a website.

+1 vote   media: Media update 2 (or is it 3?)
linfosoma May 5 2009 replied:

Thanks, I didn't use zpheres for this one, I donwloaded a free human model someone posted on the zbrush forums (I'll post a link later) and worked from there.

Yeah, Im so cheap, I know.
But in my defense I had to do a lot of editing.

+2 votes   media: Media update 2 (or is it 3?)
linfosoma May 5 2009 says:

I added some screenshots and a wallpaper.
Im too lazzy to post a news summary just for that, hope you like it!

+1 vote   mod: The Invasion
linfosoma Apr 24 2009 says:

The final model won't have the crazy arm-into-chain though.
but I'll keep the idea and probably recycle it in a future title XD

+1 vote   media: The Invasion
linfosoma Apr 24 2009 says:

Lol, what do you think of my idea of making the pinky finger smaller?
My idea is that they are evolving towards loosing it.

+1 vote   media: The Invasion
linfosoma Apr 24 2009 replied:

Thank you all for the support!
Im working on an actual 3D model now, I'll post pics as it progress.
You should also expect a color illustration of both the humans and the aliens over the weekend, or maybe on Monday.

+1 vote   news: Media Invasion!
linfosoma Apr 7 2009 says:

Help me, my nose is bleeding!

+2 votes   media: Animation still being worked on!
linfosoma Apr 1 2009 says:

One of the best upcoming mods I've seen in a while.
I LOVE the Silent HIll-ish look of the game and the concept of having no weapons.
You even have a clock puzzle, sweet.

+2 votes   mod: Flesh
linfosoma Mar 30 2009 says:

The shotgun in game looks great from a first person perspective.
One of the best looking models I've seen actually.

+1 vote   media: Shotgun V2
linfosoma Mar 24 2009 says:

Oh god I could kiss you right now.
I just started working on a grenade launcher for the AVPGOLD2 mod.
Your videos will increase the quality of my work by a very large degree, which hopefully should help you all getting rid of those evil aliens ;)

+1 vote   tutorial: Creating a Weapon For Source - Part 2
linfosoma Mar 22 2009 replied:

Well, as far as I know, Tripwire seemed to get into the development to when they purchased the game.
Just look at the screens, you can clearly see an improvement from 2.0 to 2.5

+2 votes   news: Tripwire Interactive Announces Killing Floor
linfosoma Mar 21 2009 says:

Wow, finally someone was able to include this in a game.
I know that they forced Starbreeze studios to remove the ***** out of their zombies because it was "offensive". WTF?

I do hope that thing is ragdollized lol!

-1 votes   media: High Def Clot
linfosoma Mar 21 2009 says:

Wait, the word co-op is included in the feature list?
I don´t need to read the rest, Im buying this as soon as it comes out!

+2 votes   news: Tripwire Interactive Announces Killing Floor
linfosoma Mar 16 2009 says:

That's ZBrush right? I started working with that last week.
Your work is impressive.
Are making the eyes an mouth separate or are they part of the mesh?

+1 vote   news: Left 4 Dead First Blood - update
linfosoma Mar 10 2009 says:

Hi I sent you a PM, I would like to help as a character artist and prop modeler.
Great mod, I love racing games.

+2 votes   mod: SHIFT
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