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Classic Doom 3

Mod review

What Doom III should have been.

This mod brings the original Doom to ID Tech 4. The visuals are not only impressive to look at while you're gunning down Cacodemons or chainsawing a group of demons, it gives you the impression of "Hey! THIS IS DOOM. DONT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. NOW SAVE THE EARTH, YOU PANSY". Yes, the re-design is quirky but the lighting is where the treat really is.

The gameplay experience has a tough time replicating the difficulty of the Doom series but you can fix that by choosing a higher setting. Other than that, it is what it is. A conversion and it satisfied me even if the mod was really short.

In conclusion, while this mod replicates the Shareware version of Doom, you cannot pass up this gem of interest.



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Great laughs were had. I've met some strange people. Incompetent folks who accidentally team-kill the most competent player on the server who was taking down a chopper which fell down upon unsuspecting players. I saw trolls yapping on the mic entertaining us with great commentaries and trash-talk. I don't know how it is now but for me, that part is over. Maybe I'll come back to it, I don't know.

This mod gives emphasis how wacky we are in the online world and it does so in an entertaining way. The players will do their job, you do yours and this mod will become the best comedy you have ever seen.


The Stanley Parable

Mod review

Research and Development

Mod review

Nightmare House 2

Mod review

Missing Information

Mod review

A deeper look through Valve's eyes during the beta stages or scrapped textures, creatures, or maps of Half-Life 2.



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I don't what to say but I think it did its job effectively at parodying Half-Life 2 or a rather short part of it. Not something you want to come back to after playing it once fully but its something for quick laughs.


Dear Esther

Mod review

This game is a true experience for the emotionally-inclined. The eerie atmosphere and isolation gives way for the narrator to present you some diary writings which further drive you to figure out why and what are you searching for. A long yearning for something unexplainable. After finishing this mod, I felt something was missing. Not from the game but from my own life. It made me "aware".

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