Hey guys, I'm Australian. Love games and music. I skate and play guitar. A great guy, also enjoy partying!. I'm also up to test your games/mods! Just hit me up with a message asking what game it is and you will most likely get a YES :D But if its a mod there might be a 50/50% chance of a yes or a no depending if I actually have the game. Either send the message to my Moddb account or to my email address.

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Waddlesticks Dec 13 2013, 4:39am says:

Looks interesting!

+2 votes   game: SkyRogue
Waddlesticks Feb 24 2013, 4:51pm says:


I'm not sure about you guys, but when the guild Black Cats of the Full Moon died and then Sachi gift arrives to Kirito... I teared up.

+1 vote   media: Have some anime
Waddlesticks Oct 13 2012, 7:52pm says:

The only downside as to doing it as a LAN server is other players will get a high latency.
An easy solution is to simply do the usual, do a VS (Virtual Server) using hamachi or something along those lines.

+1 vote   article: Codemasters pulls the plug
Waddlesticks Jun 8 2012, 8:24pm says:

Thanks for the games!!!

+1 vote   member: ElBaron
Waddlesticks Jan 17 2012, 2:39am says:

Da dum

+1 vote   media: It costs OVER 9000!!!!
Waddlesticks Jan 3 2012, 6:42pm says:

Wow :D That is all!

+1 vote   media: Survival Arena Preview #1
Waddlesticks Dec 20 2011, 8:29pm says:

As fragfest stated, is quite correct.
But you kind of picked a bad time to start it, Christmas = people broke ):

Anyhows good look on it though! Best of luck!

+2 votes   article: Subvert Kickstarter Round 2!
Waddlesticks Dec 15 2011, 1:45am says:

Looks nice!

+1 vote   media: Shooting Range
Waddlesticks Oct 3 2011, 8:19pm says:

Really really good! Keep it up, I can't wait to play the demo!

+2 votes   media: Subvert Update Oct 2nd
Waddlesticks Sep 11 2011, 4:51am says:

Nice as!

+2 votes   article: Faction Spotlight: Delta Hotel Bravo
Waddlesticks Aug 30 2011, 3:48am replied:

Dude... Get your *** out of the repetitive series of COD and get into the classics
There is a Call of Duty 3 -_-

+1 vote   media: Google is Wrong
Waddlesticks Aug 18 2011, 4:48am says:

I'm liking it. The game itself was looking golden! Now even the music is looking golden!
Keep up the good work!

+3 votes   media: Audio track - "Legacy" (full version)
Waddlesticks Aug 2 2011, 11:13pm says:

Looking pretty sweeet!

+1 vote   media: Player Ranks
Waddlesticks Jul 18 2011, 9:21pm replied:

I'm sure that that is just a basic texture for them, I would believe it will end up a lot more eye friendly type stuff.

+1 vote   article: Ground Zero reaches 100 Trackers, and Other Cool Things
Waddlesticks Jan 3 2012, 6:51am says:

A empty chest... Why are all chests already emptied? ):

+3 votes   media: Secret upcoming feature!
Waddlesticks Jan 1 2012, 6:59pm replied:

Those words were stolen from my mouth!

+1 vote   media: 0.6.0 Images
Waddlesticks Dec 29 2011, 6:08pm says:

Loved this game! Still have it on a floppy ;D
Oh and also a CD :DDD

+3 votes   game: Jazz Jackrabbit 2
Waddlesticks Dec 29 2011, 3:12am replied:

Or... Rob some of it and leave a bit to make a trap...

+1 vote   media: Fuel Station
Waddlesticks Dec 26 2011, 6:09pm replied:

Zombie apocalypse isn't meant to be easy.

+2 votes   mod: No More Room in Hell
Waddlesticks Dec 15 2011, 1:49am says:

Marvellous game! Amazed you's aren't going to make it cost to buy. Heaps of potential in it!

+1 vote   game: Zombie Grinder
Waddlesticks Dec 15 2011, 1:47am says:

That is probably the neatest armoury in any game I've seen!

+2 votes   media: Armory Sneak Peak
Waddlesticks Dec 15 2011, 1:47am says:

Looks like a great VARIETY!
How will the guns be like? Kind of like Battlefield Pay 4 Free, Combat Arms ect?
Were you use the credits you gain from leveling up?

+1 vote   media: Weapon Chart
Waddlesticks Dec 10 2011, 7:39pm says:

Should make it that when they hit the barricades they keep their velocity and jump over it rather then stop, climb over.

+3 votes   game: The Afflicted
Waddlesticks Dec 8 2011, 3:39pm says:

In my honest opinion, the armory demo was not something I cared about :)
Enjoy making the game some more!

+1 vote   article: A Change of Direction for Subvert
Waddlesticks Dec 1 2011, 3:05pm replied:

Yes Imma PUMPED!

+1 vote   game: SUBVERT
Waddlesticks Nov 19 2011, 10:28pm replied:

Just downloaded the installation, will install onto my computer later tonight!

+3 votes   game: Roko's Bane
Waddlesticks Nov 16 2011, 3:52pm replied:

Yes I just cannot wait till this gets released!
I love how you can do some building and stuff in it!

Bringing the barricading in is what I love about some zombie games!

+1 vote   game: Rise of the Infected
Waddlesticks Nov 16 2011, 3:51pm says:

Okay just from the pictures this is how I viewed it.
It looks great! But the side bar bit kind of makes it look as if it doesn't match the game.

But that's about it! :)

+1 vote   article: First Impressions and Getting Your Opinion
Waddlesticks Nov 16 2011, 3:32pm says:

When I have time either tonight or tomorrow, I will do some testing on this for you!

+3 votes   game: Roko's Bane
Waddlesticks Nov 16 2011, 3:30pm says:

Get Pumped!

+2 votes   article: Subvert Armory Demo Coming Soon!
Waddlesticks Nov 13 2011, 1:43am says:

Looks nice Ray!

+2 votes   game: Luz
Waddlesticks Nov 11 2011, 5:43pm says:

I was about to ask for one!
Thank you :D

+1 vote   media: Towns 0.35 tutorial (part 1)
Waddlesticks Nov 7 2011, 2:12am says:

Sounds a bit like the game "Zafehouse/Zinfection" :)

+1 vote   game: Rise of the Infected
Waddlesticks Nov 2 2011, 2:35am says:

For me and my brother (Different computers)
When we open the game it sits on the loading and crashes, the mouse has the loading sign then stops.
Click any button and it closes.
Any idea how to fix this?

+1 vote   mod: No More Room in Hell
Waddlesticks Oct 31 2011, 8:24pm replied:

It had the timer...

+1 vote   mod: No More Room in Hell
Waddlesticks Oct 31 2011, 1:32am says:

of cause... The game gets released when I have decided to go to bed ):

+1 vote   mod: No More Room in Hell
Waddlesticks Oct 28 2011, 11:35pm replied:

If I knew how to write great stories... I would help out!
I guess I will just stay with basic testing! :)

+2 votes   game: The Long Way
Waddlesticks Oct 28 2011, 7:50pm says:

This seems like one of those mods that are going to become a Stand Alone Game... :DDD

+1 vote   mod: No More Room in Hell
Waddlesticks Oct 21 2011, 5:24am replied:

Wouldn't it be funny if the guy put the go-codes when the guys go in the door? >.<

+3 votes   game: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
Waddlesticks Oct 19 2011, 2:02am says:

To bad SpaceDude has pretty much stopped developing this for work!
But just to tell you guys, he helped make Crysis 2.0 Multiplayer :D

+1 vote   game: Kong
Waddlesticks Aug 21 2014, 8:25am says:


I applied for the Q/A position and was wondering approx how long it takes roughly to get a reply? As at the current moment I might be stuck offline here and there due to unforeseen assignment change dates.

Thank you,

+2 votes   game: War of The Servers
Waddlesticks Jul 11 2013, 2:49am says:

Watch it, at first it doesn't make sense but further down the line it explains it! I'd recommend it to anybody!

+1 vote   media: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni series
Waddlesticks Jan 2 2013, 7:29am replied:

I got to admit, I must thank you for all the games/mods you've introduced to me in the past month! And I must ask... Hows the pants going at the moment?

+1 vote   game: Pesadelo: O inĂ­cio / The Beginning
Waddlesticks Sep 13 2012, 5:43pm says:

Sounds good! Multiplayer is what some of the best survival games lack!

Keep up the good work!

+1 vote   article: Forging Life as MMO?
Waddlesticks Jan 15 2012, 10:03am replied:

Sweet thanks!

I'm not sure but I don't think thats supported ):

+2 votes   engine: jMonkeyEngine
Waddlesticks Jan 10 2012, 7:45pm says:

Is this going to be a free engine, pay once (Cheap), pay once (expensive) or like a yearly fee?
Could you please pm me?

+2 votes   engine: jMonkeyEngine
Waddlesticks Jul 15 2011, 5:26am says:

To save people some time and annoyance for asking for the song name...
Here it is! Game on by Disciple

+1 vote   media: [FAN-MADE] so_ext_chernobyl
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