I'm a hobbyist game maker who likes to lone-wolf a lot of my projects. After several years of using the FPSC engine, I've been able to use the engine to my liking and produce some cool side-projects. I've released several unfinished games in my time but I'm devoted to having my next game out in a completed state. I'm just a 1 man show so I can't respond all the time and I can't do EVERYTHING the way I might want to. I try to get things done with these restraints however. I enjoy playing indie games and learning some useful designs from them. I might derive likeness from several games but I'm not out to completely clone any game I've ever played. I like to cherry-pick ideas so I can create an amazing low-budget title.

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The Figure: Prelude
The Figure: Prelude

The Figure: Prelude Indie

2 days ago TBD Single Player Adventure

After a long drive into the outreaches of the country, a gruesome accident drags you into a doomed reality.

Diablo Château (Development on Hold)
Diablo Château (Development on Hold)

Diablo Château (Development on Hold) Indie

1 month ago TBD Single Player Adventure

The end is near for the Nazi regime. The Iron Curtain moves ever closer to Berlin after a crushing defeat in Stalingrad. After a hasty retreat, a new...

Escape the Bunker: 1944
Escape the Bunker: 1944

Escape the Bunker: 1944 Indie

1 year ago Released Apr 12, 2012 Single Player Adventure

Something has chased you deeper down into the bunker. You lock the door behind you. Whatever it was, it cant get past the door but, you only THINK you...

The Lighthouse
The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Indie

1 year ago Released Jun 4, 2012 Single Player Adventure

A camping trip takes a turn as nightfall approaches and a new light illuminates the lighthouse. Discover for yourself what the ocean has been hiding.


Dusk Indie

2 years ago Released Aug 17, 2011 Single Player Adventure

You play as a private eye, investigating the where abouts of a man who was reported missing over 2 years ago. You personally knew him for 20 something...

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