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letteralex Mar 21 2009, 4:26am replied:

have to agree with stormarn about the body... the angle in this picture is pretty tricky though

+1 vote   media: new trex
letteralex Mar 21 2009, 4:21am says:

Looks better :P seems like the blade is dull though.. maby its just lightning effects playing :S

+1 vote   media: Sword of a Southern Officer
letteralex Mar 21 2009, 4:17am says:

Yep almost done.. Except theres still small abnormality on the ground next to that latern. Im not sure though from this angle.
Also why are the ground textures darker in some spots ? It looks like their in shade and the dark ereas that are in shade are as dark as the lighter ones ones.. looks confuzing @_@

The buildings are well made that i have to say :) in most medieval games,that have cities that you can walk in (at least the older ones), the cities consist of like 3 building types that they copy around :)

+1 vote   media: Ilsamiren Street Lantern - with Normals
letteralex Mar 21 2009, 4:00am says:

I think the older one looks better :/

+1 vote   media: Rusty Axe
letteralex Mar 19 2009, 12:38pm says:

good mod.. i think it would be better if you could increase jumping height a bit, disable headshots with bayonets and also you could interrupt reload. Its really stupid when you start reloading and someone runs at you, your just standing there completely helpless :(

Also maby you could make both teams races a bit more diffirent from eachother. like british rifle shoots faster but the americans is more accurate or maby lenght of bayonet... also a close range and low dmg "shotgun" weapon would be nice :)

+1 vote   mod: Battle Grounds 2
letteralex Mar 19 2009, 7:27am says:

Reminds me of Dink Smallwood for some reason :D only in 3d

+1 vote   media: Bloodstone - First Gameplay Trailer
letteralex Mar 19 2009, 6:33am says:

Hm? Sorry i dont know what your talking about :P

+1 vote   member: letteralex
letteralex Mar 19 2009, 6:28am says:

Yea well by simple i ment partly what Ninjadave said.. but also that even though the swords in the screenie are diffirent lenght and have diffirent grips.. the guards look almost the same on every one of them .. the guard is an unique part of the blade so is the pommel.

When i looked at the swords i didnt get that "WOW" effect. I think if you could add some complexity and make each sword look a bit diffirent, you would get that "cant wait to test this weapon in-game" sentence from everyone... at least from me :D

Though it would be a lot more work for modeller/s and skinner/s i think it would be definetly worth it.

You can find some cool looking stuff in here (I know some of them are way too hard to make, but you can maby get some ideas from them) :

+1 vote   media: The Stall of a Smith and a Bowyer
letteralex Mar 16 2009, 6:34am says:

Looking good :)

Tough the textures are a bit too bright and the weapons look too simple :/

+1 vote   media: The Stall of a Smith and a Bowyer
letteralex Mar 3 2009, 4:23am says:

I wonder how long it will take to texture that model :P

+1 vote   media: Alien Enemy Commander WIP
letteralex Feb 23 2009, 2:59pm says:

Oh it has been released.. Didnt notice the latest news section :) Cant wait to get to play!

+1 vote   mod: Immersion
letteralex Feb 23 2009, 11:33am says:

Looks very nice... and you seem to have done a lot of work! :)

The custom weapon and menus look good and fit the diablo atmosphere better than in many other d2 mod.

Good job, hope you will release beta or demo soon ^^

+1 vote   mod: Immersion
letteralex Feb 5 2009, 2:11pm says:

Cant be a model ... the textures are way too realistic for source engine, also the lightning on the wooden part is unbelievable

+1 vote   media: Colt 'Python' .357 Magnum
letteralex Feb 5 2009, 1:51pm says:

very nice .. except the face is a bit.... scary :D

+2 votes   media: PUSH Mod Character Concepts
letteralex Feb 5 2009, 1:49pm says:

Its too shiny :D and the spare tire should be place a bit more up.. i think.
looks good otherwise

0 votes   media: 1923 Ford Model T
letteralex Feb 5 2009, 1:46pm says:

ah brings back memories ^^ didnt like dungeon keeper 2 so i hope this will be the second part that iv always wanted. Thanx guys...

+1 vote   media: Map Cycle Test
letteralex Jan 10 2009, 6:03am says:

hmm now i see whats wrong with it .... his boxers are diffirent colour in original mario kart .. yep thats it ....

+2 votes   media: [WIP] Wario
letteralex Jan 10 2009, 5:55am says:

...... doesen't mario always look a bit retarded? :D

+2 votes   media: Mario
letteralex Jan 10 2009, 5:54am says:

hahah this is awesome ^^

+1 vote   media: Wario
letteralex Dec 27 2008, 3:13pm says:

nostrils are a bit too ball shaped.. otherwise excellent model!

+1 vote   media: Edward's Head
letteralex Dec 24 2008, 5:39am says:

Whats with his feet ? .. otherwise nice job

+2 votes   media: Concept images and logos
letteralex Dec 21 2008, 5:18am says:

Looks like something that orcs use ^^ I think it wold look better it would be thinner

+1 vote   media: Renders
letteralex Dec 18 2008, 6:25am says:

yup the middle one's the best :/ first one looks a bit too CoD like and the last hmm just dosen't fit...

+2 votes   media: Titles
letteralex Dec 5 2008, 6:33pm says:

Topikanga sounds better :D

+2 votes   media: animal concepts
letteralex Nov 20 2008, 5:04am says:

Ripper from Fallout 3 ^_^

+1 vote   media: Weapon Updates
letteralex Oct 29 2008, 2:31am says:

How about The mods ? ... if both use the same mods will they work ?

+3 votes   download: OblivionOnline 0.4.5 Repack
letteralex Oct 23 2008, 10:57am says:

what the hell, the graphics are excellent.. dont let the youtube video quality fool you.

+1 vote   media: Far Cry 2 Game Immersion Trailer
letteralex Oct 20 2008, 3:01am says:

That space ship looks so in-game.
What kind of requirements does this game have .. on highest quality?

+1 vote   media: Argonaut
letteralex Sep 23 2008, 3:02pm says:

Its hard to make anything looks scary with source engine .. I think theyv done good job

+1 vote   media: Cerberrus
letteralex Sep 10 2008, 2:49pm says:

Probably neither.

+1 vote   media: Saturation Bombing
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