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letteralex Apr 24 2012, 3:33pm says:

Oh my Grandpa what big teeth you have.

Dunno why that popped into my head... might aswell share ;D

+2 votes   media: More great Artwork from Diablo III
letteralex Jan 2 2012, 9:17am says:

Hey. I watched some median xl vid on youtube and the guy who made it had this neat advanced character info thing (you could see detailed info like mf%, crushing blow % etc).He just pressed C and there was additional info button of some sort... i downloaded the mod and cant seem to find it.. Is it some separate mod or am i looking in the wrong place?

+2 votes   mod: Median XL
letteralex Oct 8 2009, 2:14pm says:

Otherwise works great (nice quality and everything), but even though i constantly have good fps i still get lag spikes every 10 seconds... the game just freezes for 0.5-1 second and then continues like nothing happened :D shouldnt be my computer specs, maby its vista (64-bit) dont know.. hope it will be fixed for the full release.. GL looks awesome so far.

+1 vote   download: Renegade-X v0.35 Beta Full
letteralex Aug 26 2009, 2:55am replied:

Translation: Is this a model? Exquisite, at first i thought it was a drawn concept :).

Nice textures you got on him :)

+4 votes   media: Character model
letteralex Aug 6 2009, 4:18am says:

Ur lying, its impossible!

+1 vote   media: GoldWave
letteralex Aug 3 2009, 9:04am says:

yea but why make this much detail if your gonna decrease the quality anyway ^^

0 votes   media: crossbow update
letteralex Jun 23 2009, 4:03am says:

I vote vor 7 and 8 ^^

+1 vote   media: Soldier Thumbnail Concepts
letteralex Jun 3 2009, 4:18am says:

Yep.. The big plate looks a bit silly though (hard edges and looks completely flat.. also it would look better if it were shinyer ,doesent matter if its ceramic or iron), good textures on the food.

+2 votes   media: Food
letteralex May 24 2009, 9:49am says:

A Realist Fantasy Project :D trust me.. you could compare this to for example high quality weapon models: they look awesome but without the skin its pretty much worthless. decals will add a lot depth into the game .. and im not talking about decals only for the streets and walls, also weapons, armors and other props...
you may not notice them when you play a game for the first time but after a while all those small things start to matter :=) dam that sounded like marriage counselor

+2 votes   media: Over-street House Update
letteralex May 22 2009, 3:49pm says:

..shiny :D needs more details :) otherwise pretty decent

+1 vote   media: Warthog Model
letteralex May 22 2009, 3:44pm says:

Heh, if your gonna judge game models based on strategic design then youd have to scrap half of them :D

+1 vote   media: Main Battle Tank "Panther4"
letteralex May 22 2009, 3:39pm says:

nice, clean texture... I like it :)

+1 vote   media: Laser Rifle
letteralex May 19 2009, 7:32am says:

ok nvm i figured it out :)

+1 vote   download: Archasis II - Alpha 0.48
letteralex May 19 2009, 6:17am says:

cant run the game at all... installed it in c:\games\archasis2, after the installation sais could not find ut3 path or something like that.. i checked the readme and i should "simply run UT3.exe with the following command line switch:" where do i input the mod path... iv never installed any mutotors nor mods on ut3 so im pretty noobish :)

+1 vote   download: Archasis II - Alpha 0.48
letteralex May 18 2009, 7:22pm says:

Hmm thats a good model but i still get the feeling that it wouldnt fit the game... dk 1 had this wicked sense of humour and ***** was perfect and suited it well.
Maby if you removed the lower hornd and made the upper ones curve a little and made the forehead smaller, made him look more funny than scary
(like your chiken model, i always ROFL when i come to see if the mod has any new updates)

+1 vote   media: Hi-Definition 3D Models, Intro/Cutscenes/3D Model
letteralex May 17 2009, 4:57am says:

heh he looks awesome ^^ nice work

+1 vote   media: Concept art
letteralex May 17 2009, 4:52am says:

pretty good, clean textures

+1 vote   media: More Texture Updates
letteralex May 9 2009, 7:05am says:

Hey, im back :) sorry, i havent been commenting on the pics in a while..

The night environment looks awesome, shadows and the lightning are perfect :)
however theres still not enough litter,dirt and other decals on the streets and they look pretty empty.. the "market district" looks good but you should add a lot of crates and some random stuff to other parts of the city.. id recommend checking oblivion or gothic 3 for some tips ;)

+1 vote   media: A New Darineth Streetscape
letteralex Apr 30 2009, 5:20am says:

Nice textures.

+3 votes   media: House with shadows
letteralex Apr 18 2009, 4:51am says:

Very nice texture improvements! :=)

+2 votes   media: Updated Ilsamir Grey Plaster/Stucco
letteralex Apr 16 2009, 4:11am says:

ah dam didnt save my edit... about the light pole. I dont think that there were those in middle ages. main sources of light were candles and torches .. so instead of light poles you should make ppl carry torches at night.

Would look awesome and realistic

+1 vote   media: New Cobblestones
letteralex Apr 16 2009, 3:52am says:

lol funny model.. Perfect
Loved dungeon keeper1 and still do :) 2nd sucked hope this will be awesome

-1 votes   media: Chicken
letteralex Apr 16 2009, 3:51am says:

Evil ^^ looks good but the face is a bit more human like than demonic

+1 vote   media: Hi-Definition 3D Models, Intro/Cutscenes/3D Model
letteralex Apr 16 2009, 3:48am says:

Whoa awesome job! very detailed and smooth.. nothing compared to the bile demon you made :S

+1 vote   media: Horny?
letteralex Apr 15 2009, 4:47am says:

Sorry dood.. but whoever drew that has no drawing skills :S

+1 vote   media: -WIP- Experiemental Gauss Assault Rifle
letteralex Apr 15 2009, 4:44am says:

rabbit poop on a plate :)

+2 votes   media: E1M1
letteralex Apr 15 2009, 4:31am says:

that stepping stone or whatever that thing is that separates the main road from the sidewalk is just plain gray.. same goes for the light pole base.

also the ground seems still a bit buggy.
You have good models .. now you should concintrate on texturing

+1 vote   media: New Cobblestones
letteralex Apr 10 2009, 4:41am says:

Holy sheet ... Custom textures, models, guis, maps,skills - Dam guys thats a lot of work! Ambitious project.

Lets see how you pull it off ^^

+1 vote   mod: Legends of Azeroth
letteralex Mar 31 2009, 2:41am says:

Looks pretty fun..

+1 vote   game: Naruto : the ninja of konoha
letteralex Mar 21 2009, 4:32am says:

Thic pic is in completely diffirent league than the other maps (in a good way) ;D

+1 vote   media: New Temple
letteralex Mar 21 2009, 4:26am replied:

have to agree with stormarn about the body... the angle in this picture is pretty tricky though

+1 vote   media: new trex
letteralex Mar 16 2009, 6:34am says:

Looking good :)

Tough the textures are a bit too bright and the weapons look too simple :/

+1 vote   media: The Stall of a Smith and a Bowyer
letteralex Dec 24 2008, 5:39am says:

Whats with his feet ? .. otherwise nice job

+2 votes   media: Concept images and logos
letteralex Dec 21 2008, 5:18am says:

Looks like something that orcs use ^^ I think it wold look better it would be thinner

+1 vote   media: Renders
letteralex Dec 18 2008, 6:25am says:

yup the middle one's the best :/ first one looks a bit too CoD like and the last hmm just dosen't fit...

+2 votes   media: Titles
letteralex Sep 8 2008, 12:49am says:

hm looks more like unreal 2k4 engine than ut 3

+1 vote   media: Demo Real
letteralex Sep 6 2008, 3:18am says:

Walker is hard to make look cool .. good luck ^_^

+1 vote   media: Walker_Head_Finished
letteralex Sep 3 2008, 1:49pm says:

i Think it would look better if the body would be bent foward a bit ..
Anyways good model.

+1 vote   media: Update 6
letteralex Aug 12 2008, 1:44am says:

very nice.. the nose looks a bit weird but maby its just me :) good job

+1 vote   media: Von Ravenstein WIP
letteralex Aug 12 2008, 1:38am says:

uh one muscular woman ^^. nice job

+1 vote   media: Tsunade - The 5th hokage
letteralex Aug 8 2008, 8:30am says:


+1 vote   media: The Hippo Character
letteralex Aug 2 2008, 3:03am says:

shell skin could be better, otherwise looks nice.

+1 vote   media: TurtleTank
letteralex Aug 2 2008, 3:01am says:

epic lazer.. looking good

+1 vote   media: Plasma Turret - Art Picture
letteralex Aug 2 2008, 3:00am says:

heh, sounds fun..
good luck with this ^^

+1 vote   mod: TurtleMod
letteralex Aug 1 2008, 4:05am says:

looks good.. as always :)

+1 vote   media: concept
letteralex Jul 26 2008, 1:54am says:

nice.. looks better than your newer concept art

+2 votes   media: Images!
letteralex Jul 15 2008, 3:58am says:

nice concept ...

+1 vote   media: Lt Otto Mueller Concept
letteralex Jul 15 2008, 3:56am says:

the model could be diffirent colour than the background ... cant see the model properly

+1 vote   media: Untextured Daggers
letteralex Jun 19 2008, 6:18am says:


+2 votes   media: June Release
letteralex Jun 18 2008, 2:35am says:

Umm he's immune to everything ?? lol

+2 votes   media: Median 2008 - Uberboss #4
letteralex Jun 16 2008, 10:48am says:

Umm how's this releated to the game exactly ?? :P

+2 votes   media: nVidia
letteralex Jun 14 2008, 2:17pm says:

nice job! the muscles seem to be little flat .. or is it juust me?

+2 votes   media: Character model - Bane
letteralex Jun 9 2008, 5:34pm says:

Wow.. I think this is the best model so far.. now you need to get some skins to make it complete :) GJ

+1 vote   media: Untextured Assets
letteralex Jun 9 2008, 5:25pm says:

Looks like gaming mouse from t3h future ^^ just kidding, nice job!

+1 vote   media: Motion Detector
letteralex Jun 9 2008, 5:23pm says:

Looks Great.

+2 votes   media: Stake Render
letteralex May 29 2008, 7:00am says:

nice quality .. what kind of camera are you using xD heh just kidding

+1 vote   media: Amy in-game Model
letteralex May 28 2008, 12:03pm says:

nice drawing^^

+1 vote   media: Patient # 105765
letteralex May 28 2008, 5:42am says:

Wow, looks great.. i like the armor on him ^^ shiny...

by the way is this mod like might and magic or like heroes of might and magic ?

+1 vote   media: Phantom Mage Teaser
letteralex May 22 2008, 10:26am says:

YAY pacman cookies :D

+1 vote   media: Slither runeword
letteralex May 22 2008, 9:36am says:

Heh much better.

+1 vote   media: fundament
letteralex May 21 2008, 4:23am says:

sounds good.. this will be a big project

btw pogostick action? heh wonder what you mean by that :)

+1 vote   article: Airborn Featureset
letteralex May 21 2008, 4:19am says:

Good model. looks kinda old and modern at the same time :)

+1 vote   media: messenger
letteralex May 21 2008, 4:16am says:

yay first comment ^^ umm its a piece of what ?

+1 vote   media: modular piece
letteralex May 21 2008, 4:06am says:

Head looks a bit too small.. otherwise nice anime look

+1 vote   media: Model 002
letteralex May 21 2008, 4:03am says:

Nice pic. Very original look :=)

+1 vote   media: Some Concept Art
letteralex May 14 2008, 4:42am says:

Looks interesting and original.. good job

+1 vote   media: Rise Alpha Footage Showing Light Armour Game Play
letteralex May 9 2008, 5:01am says:

Umm does the sounds bugg for everyone or just me ?

+2 votes   media: Preview of the latest Version of HSR
letteralex May 5 2008, 11:47am says:

Well made armors..
first comment ^^

0 votes   media: First Strike Teaser
letteralex May 4 2008, 9:53am says:

nice model. looks just like him :) cant say the same about naruto though :P

+1 vote   media: Kakashi 2
letteralex May 4 2008, 9:20am says:

Very good models! looking foward to this

+2 votes   media: MAIR-40 New
letteralex May 3 2008, 5:49am says:

Heh Sounds interesting.. Good luck

+1 vote   mod: Medal of Honor: The UT3 Edition
letteralex May 3 2008, 5:27am says:

Looks nice, good job.

+1 vote   media: Beretta 93R WIP (2)
letteralex Mar 30 2008, 4:36am says:

Dam one good looking model, one ugly monster :P

+1 vote   media: Creature no. 2 in the works
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