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leon.ladisic Aug 15 2014 replied:

Make a .rad file named exactly like your .vmf and put it in the same directory.

Then add lines: forcetextureshadow <model path>.mdl

add -StaticPropLighting -StaticPropPolys and -TextureShadows to your vrad.exe compile commands.

Your map now looks even better.
Also maybe a more saturated fog.

+1 vote   media: Lighting Update - WIP
leon.ladisic Aug 12 2014 says:

You should launch the game with the -dev command and look for messages in the console. Might give some clues.

+1 vote   media: All right,guys,we need reinforcement right now!!!
leon.ladisic Aug 12 2014 says:

This looks very impressive. One of the best hl2 mods I have seen. Keep up the good work!

Also it is great that you are making the mod in English even though it isn't your main language! I'm really looking forward to it.

+3 votes   mod: Red Requiem:Liberation
leon.ladisic Aug 11 2014 says:

You need to add dense fog that isn't white (generally the fog should be the same color as the skybox).

Also you need to color your environment light (blue).

This will make your scene look a lot better.

+1 vote   media: Tug Scene Improvement
leon.ladisic Oct 11 2013 says:

Its very flat and blocky. Tbh without the sprites it would look horrible.

+1 vote   media: Truth
leon.ladisic Sep 14 2013 buried:


You guys are trying way to hard. Sneaking? I mean really. And if you dare look someone in the eyes and say that the animations don't look robotic you have lost touch with reality.

The thing that threw me off completely is how the dev footage, witch is supposed to be shot in perfect conditions, lags and skips all the time. You have never actually shown a larger horde of zombies on screen so those probably lag or behave silly.

Also having seen some actual gameplay I gladly take back what I said about the game looking nice. I know its Source but really every level looks flat and boring.

Sure you can blame this on beta or alpha. But I wouldn't give money for something in this state.

-9 votes   news: Contagion Kickstarter & Full Trailer!
leon.ladisic Sep 1 2013 replied:

You got it!

+5 votes   news: Underhell Chapter 1 Released
leon.ladisic Sep 1 2013 replied:

Thanks! Downloading as we speak!

+6 votes   news: Underhell Chapter 1 Released
leon.ladisic Sep 1 2013 says:

Does it have good subtitles? My headset broke yesterday and I dont want to wait a day before playing it.

+9 votes   news: Underhell Chapter 1 Released
leon.ladisic Aug 28 2013 replied:

This looks so much better than Contagion. Not entirely sure why, It just has more soul to it. Really imaginative levels and such. And yet the devs ask absolutely no money for it whatsoever.

I would just like to thank the developers for making this unique mod, setting a entirely new bar in source modding and giving us so many hours of fun to come. Not asking anything in return really shows their dedication to the players and the mod itself rather than just making money off a overdone genre.

Thank you.

+16 votes   news: Beta v1.07 Teaser
leon.ladisic Aug 24 2013 replied:

Thats every developers excuse while they are in beta. What they have shown will hardly change in any significant way that would make what I said untrue.

+1 vote   news: Contagion Beta Teaser Trailer, Screens, and more!
leon.ladisic Aug 24 2013 replied:

Yeah sorry this looks like a prettier but shittier(in terms of gameplay) no more room in hell clone. (While I know it isn't.)

Seriously the game play looks boring, way to sharp and robotic. The zombies act dumb and their animations are horrible.

Survivors killing each other? COD with zombies? Creativity at its best.
I will rather pay nothing and play NMRIH on steam.

Seriously the only compliment I have is that it looks very nice. And you have some innovative interactivity with the world going on.

+3 votes   news: Contagion Beta Teaser Trailer, Screens, and more!
leon.ladisic Aug 8 2013 says:

Great animations!

+2 votes   media: Lee Enfield No.4 Mk1 - First Person Preview
leon.ladisic Jun 25 2013 buried:


Sorry but it looks absolutely terrible. Not to mention it doesn't fit with the whole mafia thing.

How about you just work on the ship?

-5 votes   media: Texture update
leon.ladisic May 25 2013 replied:

I remember a long time ago someone pretended to be or actually was a coder and caused several source mods to die by sabotaging stealing assets or something (i cant remember exactly).

I might be mistaken but I am quite sure it was holymac, i think he was banned from moddb too! If I'm right you should be careful with this guy.

+3 votes   news: WWI: Source - May 2013 Update
leon.ladisic May 25 2013 says:

The art style looks unique (read: awesome), cant wait for this.

+3 votes   mod: Haven Falls
leon.ladisic Feb 23 2013 says:

Looks terrible.

-4 votes   mod: Black Snow Coop
leon.ladisic Jan 27 2013 says:

Uhh, those zombie placeholder animations aren't looking promising.

The shaders, however, look great.

+1 vote   news: January Development Update
leon.ladisic Jan 10 2013 says:

I have a question:
Will parts of the game be set in the past? Or will the entire game play out in 2060?

+2 votes   mod: The Ark
leon.ladisic Jan 9 2013 replied:


+1 vote   game: Ivan's Secrets
leon.ladisic Jan 1 2013 says:

This is soo awesome! Unfortunately I always run into problems while using ENB, might be my graphics card or something but i can never get, for example, AO to work in any of the games...

+2 votes   media: Enb Series graphic tweak Follow up
leon.ladisic Dec 29 2012 says:

You never told us you switched to cryengine...

+3 votes   media: New Funnel Texture
leon.ladisic Dec 17 2012 says:

Or you could... you know... learn how to make actual models?

+1 vote   news: Test tutorial Hammer "Propper"
leon.ladisic Dec 8 2012 says:

The hud font is terrible.

+9 votes   news: Ravenholm World: Update 1
leon.ladisic Dec 2 2012 says:

10/10 would vote moty again.

+6 votes   news: Underhell Chapter 1 : Features Showcase Video
leon.ladisic Nov 1 2012 says:

2 dark

+1 vote   media: Halloween upd
leon.ladisic Oct 28 2012 replied:

I know there are quite a few people like myself, who prefer to install everything manually and make sure everything is exactly where it should be.

Thank you for the rar download. I hate when some developers get stubborn about this.

+3 votes   media: Triptych Demo Coming soon
leon.ladisic Oct 28 2012 says:

Why Desura?

I refuse to download useless software!

+4 votes   media: Triptych Demo Coming soon
leon.ladisic Oct 26 2012 says:

This looks perfect! cant wait to play it.

+3 votes   news: Dev Blog #8: Ain't no sunshine
leon.ladisic Sep 27 2012 says:


+1 vote   media: WIP Map
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